‘Stop the Steal’ Run entirely by FBI informants, from Trump himself down – Source


VT: Ever wonder how rape and assault allegations against Trump always turn into “civil cases” when people like Cosby and Weinstein are in jail?  We know.

What we do know is that when Donald Trump decided to move into Atlantic City in the early 1980s, he was already well established as an FBI informant used against his mobster friends.  Trump, through Roy Cohn, became a “mob groupie” and clownish fixture.

He also put more mobsters in jail than Hoover.

Don’s dad, Fred, had become part of the Genovese “family” in 1947 with his Shore Haven development.   Don inherited his mob ties from his father who was a top tier mob capo in New York despite his Swabian-Jewish heritage.  Do remember, the real boss, Meyer Lansky, was Jewish too.

Donald began his life as a rat when he partnered with ‘Big Paul” Castellano and ‘Fat Tony’ Salerno.  He was already in with the Genovese family and this added him to the Gambino’s as well, as a capo. Behind them all was Roy Cohn and behind them all was the FBI.

There would be no Trump without Fred and Roy Cohn elevating Donald into New York’s organized crime and there would have been no casino in Atlantic City without the FBI moving in with him.

Similarly, when Trump went bankrupt in the 1990s, he had, since 87, been a full-fledged Russian asset.  Thus, when the CIA began looting Russian assets, mysteriously laundering them through Trump, why would the FBI be surprised when Trump abandoned his Italian mafia friends to join the Russian run Kosher Nostra with its new banking capabilities, first in Cyprus, then Astoria, New York.

The network of high level snitches J. Edgar Hoover used to either watch or protect the mafia, stories differ here and we are steering clear of them, eventually led to a Russian takeover of crime in the US and their eventual control of the US Presidency through a Russian asset who was also a lifelong FBI asset as well.

VT is warned it can’t publish the specifics but it can get close, quite close.  We now know the Proud Boys is peppered with FBI informants, Tarrio for sure.  Reuters published this one for us only a week ago:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the Proud Boys extremist group, has a past as an informer for federal and local law enforcement, repeatedly working undercover for investigators after he was arrested in 2012, according to a former prosecutor and a transcript of a 2014 federal court proceeding obtained by Reuters.

Now we can add more to the list.  This will ‘pop’ in many brains, of course.  We have all seen the pattern of “non-arrests” for coup plotters and the pattern of undercharging while murder and sedition are on the table for everyone arrested, all of the “chickenfeed” suspects picked up.  This is what we are told is the FBI’s “dream team” that guides their failure on January 6 and for years before as well.  The names, sort of:

  • Two new female members of congress were put there by the FBI because of their ties to extremist groups
  • Think the “fat man with the megaphone” peddling male enhancement remedies
  • Think the overdressed buffoon
  • Donald Trump…oh yes…ratting on New York gangsters since the early 80s.
  • Roy Cohn
  • So many more…


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  1. So, bleed the country dry, blame everyone else, get them at each others throats, have your spies watch the threat meter, when the needle swings to red get out of Dodge, Lear Jet, Golden Visa Tax Haven. If things get really hot Plan B, Getty Museum style subterranean des res, press the Big Red Button, shrug and crack open the Bolly.

  2. If you were to observe the most secret high council of worldly powers in action; you might want some of Alex Jones’s boner pills. It’s going to be a long night.

  3. At some time 1930’s I guess J.E. Hoover must have told…If you can’t beat them, join them… was not accidental that 1943 Allied invasion, aka Operation Husky, was in Sicily but because included the help of italian mafia thanks to close ties with Lucky Luciano head of Genovese family and the New York Office of Naval Intelligence was onboard as well that’s why they were part of assault troops on Sicily. The FBI-mafia friendship comes from that times.

  4. This is important information to know and realize for the voting public as well as those in ‘charge’ and anyone in a position to protect and defend. We are at a point in this information age where agreed upon facts and information are entirely subjective. Information is a commodity to be bought and sold and it has become close to entirely manipulated by those with an agenda.
    I was listening to NPR Noel King interview Philippe Sands on his new book The Ratline. Understanding agencies in the US the UK and Vatican conspired to Utilize war criminals in the Nazi party to fight the “communist threat”, is the take home message I got from the interview. I don’t really care what anyone’s opinion is on the Holocaust, spy agencies, religions or governments and parties, the key point is everything is corruptible and there will always be corrupt entities seeking advantage. Anyone who thinks that working toward ‘the greater good’ is the most virtuous means to govern ignores the fact that ‘the lesser’ or fewer,will suffer.
    We are getting back to the good old days. The WW2 era when ‘right and wrong’ was only a Tribal truth, not to be shared Universally with ‘the others’. Back when human misery, massacres and menaces abound. It certainly feels like we are treading on thin ice, hopefully we can collectively follow our light. And hopefully VT can keep it shinning.

  5. Wait, so Trump was an FBI informant, going back to the 80’s, in addition to being a Russian asset, going back to the 90’s? I smell a syllogism: The FBI is a Russian asset.

    • Hoops, I’m gonna stick the fifteen foot jay on you all day long. Then, when you come out to guard me, Ima blow by you, take it to da hoop, ain’t nothing you can do to stop it yaw!

    • The other way around, I get it. In light of the enormous damage Trump left in his wake, the policy of federal law enforcement to protect some provable criminals for their value as informants must be rethought. Someone in the Justice Department, earlier on, had to see the potential here.

  6. Is this why the Southern District of New York is taking its good old time about charging Trump with money laundering and tax evasion? Is this why the real perps of 1/6 will skate while the crazies who stormed the Capitol will take the fall? Is this why the real perps of 9/11 were sent back to Israel within weeks of the attack while Muslims by the millions died in the subsequent “war on terror”?

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