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[ Editor’s Note: This was published January 10th in Iran and was part of a series for the Tehran Times. The repercussions of the attack on Soleimani will be with us for some time, as Iranians to not make idle threats when it comes to dealing with the assassination of an accredited diplomat.

The cover story of tagging Soleimani as the master terrorist organizer is worse than a B-grade movie, as the US and NATO have a long history of using terrorism.

After all, Gladio was one such terror operation that had anglo murderers visiting European supermarkets to walk around and shoot four to six people, including kids, and just walk out the door, not one of whom was ever caught to my knowledge.

I won’t bother to mention the US Coalition’s use of proxy terror forces in Syria and Iraq, something that is well know in every country that has at least one qualified intelligence officer.

The Soleimani killing, of his team actually, was a big mistake. If the Iranian military was hardened against the West before that happened, they could be ten times as hardened now, which I cannot image how the Pentagon viewed that development as beneficial to the US.

In the Intel business, in general, it is considered a bad thing to make people want to kill you, as in at the top of their list JD ]

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First published in Iran … February 01, 2021

The year has gone by quickly since the assassination of the Soleimani party arriving at Baghdad’s airport at the invitation of Iraq to discuss a new development to deescalate Persian Gulf tensions.

Yet, despite this critical item being included in the Iraqi Parliament briefing the next day, Western media censored much of the information. VeteransToday was one of the few to report it.

Despite General Soleimani knowing he had long been targeted by the US under President Trump, he had continued his work. The US has constantly tried to frame Soleimani’s work as supporting terrorist forces in the region, a common ploy used against those resisting regime overthrow and co-option. However, the US claim is easily debunked.

The anger of the US and Israel was focused on Soleimani’s successful counter-terrorism efforts, which helped Syria and Iraq resist being Balkanized. The dismemberment of these two countries was also a grievous threat to Iran’s national security, due to the regional Shia culture that they share.

Saudi Arabia was looking to carve off the Sunni western part of Iraq, to add to its own land mass, with the bonus of blocking Iran’s land bridge with Syria. There are major oil reserves in the area that outside forces want to control and exploit.  Additionally, with a collapse of the Baghdad government under an ISIS onslaught, the Kurdish region could also have been chopped away. The Kurds have long been assisted toward that endeavor by Israel.

General Soleimani and Iran spoiled the plan by entering in a coalition with Iraq to defend it from being seized by the same coalition trying to take over Syria. The former FM and PM of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani revealed in his famous Charlie Rose interview that Qatar had been part of the US coalition trying to take over Syria by spending $160 billion, and he admitted “we made some mistakes with the groups we supported”, which was surely an understatement.

As it turns out, those groups were ISIS and the jihadi terrorists. The fall of Syria and Iraq to terrorists would have put Iran directly in the crosshairs as the next victim.

Just as the US justified its entry into WWI under the slogan “Better to fight them over there, than over here”, Iran wisely viewed both the Syrian and Iraqi front lines as their own. Accordingly, Iran began a huge counter terrorism effort to support both governments.

Intelligence support, weapons, ammunition, and training were supplied to the newly formed Popular Militias in Iraq. While this support received a lot of publicity, the western media portrayed the effort as a Shia sectarian one, which it was not. After all, some of the major regions recaptured were Sunni.

One of the secret reasons why the US coalition hated Soleimani was due to his success at countering the Coalition’s ‘divide and conquer’ strategy by building his own anti-terrorism coalition, which in Iraq included Shias and Sunni tribesmen, plus Christians and Yazidis.

The ISIS strategy to take over Iraq was the classic ‘death by a thousand cuts’ effort, to cut off and destroy Iraqi units piecemeal, which would eventually lead to Iraq’s collapse. Iran’s assistance gave Iraq the strength to go on the offensive, with the Baghdad regular army and the Popular Militias assigned areas to re-capture from ISIS, and they did so by destroying them piecemeal, with the horrible battle for Mosul becoming the turning point for the war.

ISIS lost, and Iraq was saved. The Russians intervened in Syria after its intelligence analysis that ISIS might be marching into Damascus by Christmas. VeteransToday was there, a month before the Russians moved in, and we were briefed by the Grand Mufti on the situation. He was one of the most impressive people we had met in Syria, even sharing the story of his youngest son being murdered, to spite him.

The Russian intervention with its air support, weapons shipments, and extensive training of the Syrian army, gave it the ability to go on the offensive. Syria’s army had been losing due to being dispersed in a static defensive mode, and its units were being destroyed one by one. Iran’s support for Syria, with Soleimani leading the effort, helped build up the Syrian National Guard to perform static local defense duty, while regular Syrian Army units were rearmed, retrained, and began their effective offensive campaign.

This effort turned the tide of the war in Syria and Iraq, with General Soleimani having played a key role, which in effect formed a defensive coalition between Syria, Iraq and Iran against the proxy terrorist forces. In return, the Western coalition began its psychological operation to demonize the General, as draft dodger Trump, who had once called American troops losers and suckers, claiming credit as the man that got Soleimani.

So, here we are. Israel has nuclear weapons, and has threatened to use them, and still has suffered no sanctions. Soleimani played a key role in defeating the US coalition proxy terrorism war in the Mideast at its most critical juncture, but the struggle continues.

The American Continental Army had the French fleet help it win a victory over the British at Yorktown. I had an ancestor in General George Washington’s army. I am the beneficiary of outside assistance that helped to birth a new nation.

It is an irony that we see the US coalition playing the role of wannabe conqueror in Syria and Iraq while demonizing Soleimani, who could claim the George Washington role of fighting for the independence of those two countries to be free from foreign domination, including the little country always threatening to use its nuclear arsenal while playing the victim.

Soleimani does not need to be defended. His record speaks for itself. And for those who have brought endless death and destruction to the Mideast, they are well known and cannot escape history’s true judgement for their acts.

While the Trump pardons of the military contractors who slaughtered Iraqi civilians in an orgy of killing in Baghdad is condemned all over the world, the perpetrators of the regime change wars in the Mideast have yet to be brought to justice. Trump will soon be leaving office in shame, and the exposing of his crimes in office, and earlier, will begin.

However, General Soleimani’s record is carved in stone and will live on.  And Trump will forever live in his shadow, as in who in their right mind would ever be willing to die for Donald Trump?

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  1. As has been noted very clearly here – justice was not served, has not been served and will not be served in the Middle East. All caused by the Satanic Zionists takeover of Palestine and those that have been forever their slaves. Biden and a number of previous presidents may talk the talk and try to justify the unjustifiable, the truth is they are responsible for murders and genocides of many millions of innocent people. As such these countries have brought about the judgement of God on their nations – so nothing will save them from what is to come.

  2. I think the thing you are missing on this story is that really the deceived husband he not was the killer of his wife but the butler. 🙂 ….. On Soleimani killing maybe there is more than just what seems it, to some persons in short time he would be more dangerous inside Iran than outside there, on a few months there’ll be elections at Iran and he would have become a serious competitor to the preservative side in opposition to the economic Iran elites reformist movement represented by Rohani for which there is a deep letdown on iranian people particularly in young people.

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