Will America’s Jews Take Responsibility for Trump’s Murderous Regime?


by Gordon Duff

There would have been no Trump, no COVID, no coup, and, according to The Lancet, at least 200,000 dead Americans so far without Trump’s massive Jewish support.

Jews didn’t vote for him.  What American Jews did was look the other way, just exactly like Germans did during the holocaust, when Trump went on a rampage of murder, theft and hate-mongering that deeply parallels Adolf Hitler.

Jews should be used to it, after all, Benjamin Netanyahu, the man who led Israel to two decades of apartheid and mass murder is, except for Trump, the most Hitleresque figure of our time.

Do remember, never cross “the Jews,” they control so much, but do they?  With the vast majority of American Jews voting for Joe Biden, with Jews making up much of the Biden administration, how can it be that Jews put Trump in office and then supported, in every way, his racism and, above all, his virulent anti-Semitism?

Are Jews that stupid?  Of course, they are.

It is time someone told the truth.

  • There was a rock-solid nuclear deal with Iran but Jewish hate scuttled the deal and led to a round of sanctions that led to the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent Iranians.
  • Syria defeated ISIS, not Trump or the US, yet American Jews pushed for the Caesar Act sanctions that led to the starvation of tens of thousands in Syria and pushed for American seizure of their wheat crops, their oil, and open aid for ISIS and al Qaeda terrorists.
  • Trump’s push to put corrupt Saudi Arabia with corrupt Israel was a marriage intended to push forward a wider bombing war on Yemen where 250,000 had already died of starvation and disease, will the full approval of American Jews.
  • American Jews also support Israel in her role in the Myanmar/Burma military coup
  • The money behind the coup and near civil war is largely from Jewish billionaires who bankrolled Trump’s criminal empire

Now that a gang of up to 200,000 heavily armed thugs is roaming America’s streets looking for Jewish blood, organized and financed by the same Jewish billionaires, and this is NOT conjecture, that pay for the ADL, AIPAC and sit on the boards of these organizations (simply Google “the billionaires who support Trump), openly Nazi thugs who now blame Jews for everything…

including California wildfires set by “Jewish satellites”…

So, let’s define the problem.  It’s simply two-faced gutlessness.  America’s Jews are gutless, they don’t stand up to the racism of the Likudists, to Zionist-owned Fox News (Murdochs are Jews…attend synagogue with friends of mine…part of a maternal line of prominent Australian Jews under the name “Greenbaum”)

Try researching this.  See how powerful censorship is.  Try researching Murdoch’s role in Israel’s apartheid policies as well.  More censorship.  But then who owns Google or Facebook or Twitter or or or or?  But then telling the truth is anti-Semitism.

Wait a minute.

Isn’t the current problem an American overrun with Nazi anti-Semites who are run and inspired by a 100% Jewish financed Hitleresque asshole named Trump who is led around by the nose by Benny Melikowsky, a former Philadelphia furniture salesman (find the origin of this and what happened to him….murdered)?

What’s the truth?

Politically aware American Jews who bought in on Trump, after doing their part to totally destroy the US through their silence and complicity are now, some at least, fixing the problem.

Thanks…sort of.

What they aren’t doing is policing their own.  Kick the gangsters out of their positions running Jewish organizations.  Yes, gangsters run every Jewish organization.

We don’t need their money, nobody does.  Anyway, it’s all stolen.

Then we can start dealing with our other assholes, the White Supremacist Nazi assholes, once their billionaire backers are shut down.



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  1. Mr. Duff,

    Evangelicals believe through the writings of Paul that his followers are grafted in to the Jewish biosphere as their God is an old one. We do revere Israel however, many policies that have been put forth are not in our dear 51st states favor. I for one take responsibility for that however, if you bash an Evangelical I shall become angry but if I say the same and bash them heartily then its ok. LOL

    Maybe the followers of that Abrahamic God need to police their own. Just a suggestion.

  2. The other thing American Jęws need to start doing is condemning their self-appointed “leadership” for deflecting all criticism and hard questions with ad hominem attacks of Antisemitism™. Otherwise, they are de facto collaborators with the worst of the worst, and have no right to complain if they become victims of backlash from the oppressed and exploited gơyim.

  3. Mr. Duff,

    The next time the FBI comes a visiting please tell them to go after those lovely neighbors of yours those Amway billionaires whom probably funded the “trailer trash” patriots that put on their Duck Dynasty costumes for the party. LOL

    If the Joo’s are smart they shall blame them….LOL As our Federal family needs to pay much more attention to them.

  4. Israeli soldiers wore T-shirts with a pregnant woman in cross-hairs and the slogan “1 Shot 2 Kills,” adding to a growing furor in the country over allegations of misconduct by troops during the Gaza war.

    “The smaller they are, the harder it is,” says another shirt showing a child in a rifle sight. Soldiers wore the shirts to mark the end of basic training and other military courses and they were first reported by the Haaretz daily.

    The military condemned the soldiers involved, but it was not immediately clear how many wore the shirts. They were not manufactured or sanctioned by the military and appear not to have been widely distributed.

  5. Money, and obscene amounts of it, are what feed the beast. We have to find a way to redress or obviate the disastrous “Citizens United” decision. The GOP argument that it was a free speech principle is a prevarication. I don’t hold out hope for publicly financed campaigns, but there must be limits.

  6. That’s exactly how westerners lost their will to call a spade a spade, by following your advise. Now tell us how JFK blah blah …
    Go on PressTV and bone up otherwise you sound like ADL.

  7. As Elvis Costello wrote to Jesus, ” I sincerely hope you’re coming cause you really started something. ”
    The evangelicals have been thoroughly reversed from the Carpenter who threw the money changers from the temple.

  8. One should notice how they can smell trouble and immediately jump from one side of the aisle to the other and wash their hands out of where they’ve been. AFAS anything for a shekel.

    My zionist friends are extremely quite these days. They only started singing the tune of “this is just ridiculous” as soon as Tucker Carlson slammed Sidney Powell for not providing evidence. But up until then they were all ready to publish the Q-Anon theories as facts in the GQ Magazine.

  9. It wasn’t just the Ashkenazim who gave us Trump, Gordon. Millions of so-called Christians were the willing foot soldiers of Trump’s crazy base, especially the Christian Zionists. Pastor John Hagee, the founder and chairman of the Christian-Zionist organization Christians United for Israel, claims there are 50 million Bible-reading Christians who all stand with Israel and who all voted for Trump in the last election. As Steve Pierce, chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico, said back in December, “[Trump] will be our President FOREVER and no one can take that away from us.” You can’t reason with logic like that.

    • Remember this Mr. Duff as I am an Evangelical and my family is royalty in that Church as we don’t take kindly to what has been done to His message. Please do keep that in mind as we believe that we are Jews only grafted in as that is discussed in the writings of Paul.

      Proper Evangelical teaching says what is a Jew? A Jew is one that is run by the Heart as that heart is led by the Spirit. Not to preach here but to instruct upon proper Theology. With respect.

    • @ Tommy, Jimmy Carter is the only stand up guy since JFK. His head is still spinning from all the bullshit. Especially down on the Wye river, (Aspen Institute) for all you not familiar with the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. Where he tried to resolve the Palestinian problem. He stated that the Jews agreed and then broke every resolution. Jimmy was Navy, just like JFK.

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