Solving America’s Jewish Problem


    The Senior Editor

    On July 22, 2006, Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal published a story about the war between Jews and Arabs in Detroit over the Middle East.  The entire story is fabricated of course and Murdoch is a longtime supporter of right wing Nazi extremism though Fox News and Sean Hannity.

    Jews and Arabs in Detroit could care less, they have other problems.  Murdoch, however, would love to see them fighting in the streets.  After all, he had a major role in the January 6 coup.  When Americans destroy each other, who profits?

    With the death of Sheldon Adelson, architect of right wing minority rule in the US, America’s Jews are now coming back into focus.  The love affair between neo-Nazi’s in the US and Zionists was largely driven by Adelson’s massive donations to extremist politicians who expressed their supremacist tendencies through hatred of African Americans and Muslims.

    Now they are safe to return to hatred of Jews.

    Two generations of American Jews have been raised as “worst of the worst” gentiles, identifying with the “hillbilly right” much the same ways as German Jews too often identified with their Nazi persecutors.  However, it took pretty much less than 15 minutes for the Nazis to give up on communists and trade unions and focus on Jews.

    It has taken several decades for Reagan’s coalition of “raised in ignorance” lower and middle management types and evangelical Christians to move from their hatred of “Messicans and Nigras” back to their real tradition, Jew hating.  Now they are back and Jew hating is at the absolute heart of the GOP where it belongs.

    Backing the Jews was a great pastime for America’s unwashed right when the Palestinian genocide was at the height of popularity.  Whatever group controls the media and Hollywood with shows like ‘Homeland’ and ‘FBI’ had stirred up a multi-decade frenzy that led the US into two decades of war on Islam in response to a nuclear attack on New York by Israeli and Saudi intelligence aided by American and Canadian gangsters.

    Yes, it takes a few gallons of kerosene (jet fuel is kerosene) to vaporize hundreds of thousands of tons of structural steel and flood a square mile of New York with ionizing radiation, killing thousands with cancers.

    Beirut went the same way, flattened by lawn fertilizer than won’t burn when hit by a blow torch. Lying to idiots is so easy.

    So, who are the Jews anyway and will it be necessary, once Biden is gone, to lock them up in camps again?  Well, what I remember from the 1950s, having grown up with Jews, is prettymuch this:

    Jews held jobs, worked in factories, but many if not most held second jobs, buying and selling.  They also saved their money and sent their kids to school.  Then, later, by magic, their kids who became doctors and lawyers or stockbrokers and business owners, started “sucking the lifeblood” out of poor American workers.

    This line of thought began well back into the 19th century, even the 18th century, based on “blood libel” and “they killed Christ” traditions.  When American conservatives, during the 30s and beyond, fell in love with Hitler and his American populist cohorts, hating Jews became hating “communists.”

    Then again, so many Democrats were Jews and didn’t FDR start the war against Hitler who was finally going to give Jews “what they had coming?”

    Problem now, even with Adelson dead, the real father of America’s powerful Nazi right, there are still powerful organized crime figures, most Jewish, who have hard wired themselves into such secure positions in American society that they find Nazis and Jew hating amusing.

    So, are America’s Jews really vulnerable?  That answer is sadly a resounding YES.

    The Jewish traditions that had led to political influence through supporting social justice, supporting organized labor and supporting  a free press are a thing of the past.  The press is dead, beyond dead.

    Let’s look at Detroit.  Detroit has a huge Islamic community and a huge Jewish community.  Both are, today at least, politically conservative and financially prosperous.  Though they live in slightly separated areas of the metropolitan region, there has never been an iota of hostility between Islamic and Jewish communities.  In fact, they often act as one in both commercial and cultural developments.

    Yet, if one were to believe TV, Jews hide in their homes from Muslim terrorists while armed Jewish gangs hunt down hapless Palestinian’s in the streets. In fact, both communities have little or no crime other than Medicare fraud and legal malpractice.

    Of course this is what things were like in Palestine at one time as well.  Jews and Arabs are, to an extent, culturally identical.  Then again, aren’t we all? So, who profits on peddling hate?

    Nazis do and America now has 200,000 armed Nazi extremists, led by Oath Keepers, Proud Boys and the police union, funded by, by whom?  We know they get money but where does it come from?

    It comes from powerful Jewish billionaires, some of whom run the ADL, AIPAC, the JDL and SPLC, among others.  So, what’s their game?  Is it profit from social unrest?

    Is it looting America blind while chaos rules? Are Jewish billionaire gangsters really “Jews?” Do you really want to know how much Rothschild cash went to Adolf Hitler? History can be cruel and confusing.  Stick with us.


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    1. The queen of England holds U.S. Patents for COVID/corona-SARS procedures and wrangled having the WTC twin towers fitted with the Kellogg nuke demolition systems during developmental stages. Unfortunately, you guys’ neckties are squeezing off the blood flow to your heads so you cannot express dissatisfaction with royal administration. Or maybe ‘Nuke Blackmail’ from members of the ‘British royal Egyptian Death Cult’ affects the resolution of this, the Fukushima issue, and other demonstrations of Darwinian Unfitness. I got drunk last week so I may be a bit loose with the chatter today. Who appointed the WTC sabotage judge, and who ordered Fukushima to be sabotaged? Religious twits. A knowledgeable poop flinging smelly screeching monkey would not blow up a nuclear plant, let alone 4 with 40 years of spent fuel. I was told by American ‘Christian’ Evangelicals working at the Trojan Nuclear Plant in Rainier Oregon in 1975 that the Trojan plant, itself, built on a major fault line, was part of “The End Times” campaign. Not my schtick.

    2. Nobody called me in to testify, and I can add that without doubt, The Rockefeller brothers Nelson and David, cut a deal with queen Elizabeth, herself, in 1965 to 1966, that they could use her Idaho State ARCO Nuclear Testing Reservation to build a prototype WTC tower to work out all of the engineering problems which might crop up later in Manhattan, and use the facility( a high security no-fly zone) for FREE, IF they allowed the Kellogg corporation to fit the structure with their experimental nuke demolition system, so it would not even be necessary for the project to disassemble the edifice and pack the scrap back to Seattle for recycling. The Kellogg system would just vaporize it. I ALSO am the guy who at the time suggested NASA’s supplier for exploding bolts for Nelson Rockefeller who stated these bolts would be used “for future jet pack commuter hangar doors” as the reason for the request. At the time, we did not believe this stated reason at all, because exploding bolts only work once. They at the time were ‘NOT meant for use as a means to quickly remove exterior perimeter panels for a quick escape’. The judge making threats needs legally applied behavioral modification. I can do that.

    3. It was just on full display that christians are not Loyal to America unless it is their America, which is not a fascist autocratic religious Oiligarchy.
      It was pretty much the same for the Loyalists during the revolution. I understand a lot of people may not know, but religion is essentially a foreign military psychological operation, particularly Christianity. A Roman made a Jewish guy god, and that is who they worship one day a week, and claim is the devil the other six. There is no truth or consistency in any of it. The book is mythology collected and amalgamated from many cultures, with names and places added. Ver-batim entries from the I-Ching even, which is much much older.

    4. The US jews are predominantly KHAZARS, the robbers of the Silk Roads of Asia, the powerful force that was terrorizing, burning the southern Russian agro-land for non-payment by its farmers to this m=ia. Wikipedia. These khazars are the bottom leftover bandits of the 10K jews that the Babylonians (busted Jerusalem and took this many with them). They become slaves in Babylon, and later, with Persia destroying Babylon, it took in most of them… some decided to return to the Middle East, but many raided the Russian South near the Caspian sea, and established their Khazaria (ala Palestine and the USA today)… only to be beaten up by the Attila and Muslim armies in the VI century AC. This is when these bandits took up judaism for a cover and fled to Europe, robbing the continent, accumulating enormour wealth again, establishing their banking center in London, trashing it out, and later, moving to and occupying the US. These are NOT jews, these are the khazar bandits, with German, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian names… the robbers through history… and this is the core conflict between the Israeli jews and these khazar scum, calling themselves same.

    5. I am again relieved to know I can eat a bagel from a deli without guilt. I however remain suspect of farm raised salmon for lox. There is need of an investigation. You’ll have a hard time, here in Baltimore attending the arts or the hospital without the benefit of a dead Jew’s bereavement donation. They truly understand that you can’t take it with you.

    6. The perceptions of lack, separation and exceptionalism are constructs and should be considered the most complex problem with the easiest fix.
      It is soo, so simple. but it can’t come from government. It’s not really in their job description, and we don’t want it to be. There is a common structure, template and source for the two books, and nearly every cultures sacred stories. Just get it out there. This way they all lose credibility at the same time and the science advances with new ethics also.

    7. You’re right Gordon, history can be cruel and confusing. Myself, my eyes were opened wide by Michael Hoffman’s Discovering Judaism about 2009. I was tempted to take the Nazi reaction as so many do but exhortations by the Apostle Paul in his writings regarding Jews who don’t believed constrained me.

      As the years went on and I studied the Jewish community more in depth, I discovered a huge spectrum of opinion on religion, politics and just about any other subject. Today I probably have more respect for them than any other single ethnic group. 25% of all Nobel Prize winners are Jews. They excel in every area of endeavor because of the simple rabbinic value put upon study. How can anyone argue with that?

      I find Jews littered throughout journalism, politics, academics, the legal profession and many other areas. They all are articulate, informed and experts in their fields. The vast majority have made it their business to champion the Enlightenment and its values upon which the US democratic experiment is built. I have no idea how much worse off the world would be without their accomplishments.

      Conversely, among my own people the evangelicals, most of what I find is rank ignorance and a sense of entitlement. They are ripe to fall back into that pre-Nazi days trap the Germans fell into. Watch the Netflix documentary, Hitler, A Career and you’ll see where Trump gets his inspiration from and why this man must be stopped now.

      • Lol. Classic. Why don’t you change the parameters and compare them to us for instance the Eye Rainy Inns instead of comparing apples and oranges.
        Oh wait … that’s right Israel cannot stand the Persians and if they could they would assassinate all of them instead of just a few. And it has nothing to do with the religion nor the mullahs nor the IRI, it’s the Persians and their potential. And they know it. Next time when you come across a students from let’s say Sharif University let me know. Or pay attention to how many Iranians run Silicon Valley ?

        There is a large Jewish population in Iran with 63 synagogues open right now. But they are a population without as much white color crimes like what they do in the rest of the world, unchecked and well funded in the crime that they are set in.

        Yes give them an inch and they take a whole mile. But give Persians the same inch and they will GIVE you a full mile. Very different.

        Incidentally their roots dating back to 3000 years ago can be found around Yazd Iran. And somehow the most shrewd business minds spread around the world come from there. Now you’ll will probably say we rubbed against them ! Lol.

        Cyrus (Kourosh) made a mistake in my opinion. Esther must have been one hot babe.

        And finally these Israeli sanctions designed to keep 85 million Iranians under the radar started during the Pahlavi era. That’s when Israel knew that they have a Persian problem in the region.

    8. FWIW, the administration of US President Joe Biden has appealed a British judge’s ruling against the extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, a Justice Department official said Friday. Also, according to NBC News, as of yesterday, President Biden still has not yet called Netanyahu, “raising fears of a frosty four years to come”.

    9. Gordon,

      Do you stand by your story of the Mossad chief being assassinated? And how do we free up the grand jury evidence against Israel for the September 11th nuking of the WTC? Can’t something be done?

      • It’s already been to the grand jury in Texas, where everybody that knew anything was brought in to testify and when it was over they were told if they ever uttered a word they would be put under the jail. It is a very effective tactic.

      • Not only have the security orgs stood down, but their affiliates. For example, none of their ‘alumni’ organizations have contacted us for briefings or asking for more information. Those we interface with are individuals (deputy directors, chiefs of staff, etc), and a number of pockets of people, most often where there have been a relationship for multiple decades. As for political people, forget it. Their plates are full and no one is looking to take on high risk projects with anyone especially cannot pump a lot of dough into the campaigns. They dream of Shelly Adelsons, which we are definitely not.

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