Disasters Everywhere! Is God Punishing America for Supporting Israel’s Genocide of Jesus’s Family?


By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

America is suffering a series of disasters of Biblical proportions. Political chaos reigns, and possible civil war looms, in the wake of the January 6 Capitol insurrection. Half a million Americans have died of COVID—the worst death toll in the world. In Texas, America’s biggest hotbed of Christian Zionism, millions of people have been left without electricity and drinking water after the Polar Vortex hammered the Lone Star State. Hurricanes, wildfires, tornados…the list seems endless, and it’s getting worse.

Is God angry with the USA? That’s what Christian Zionist preachers love to tell us. After 9/11, Jerry Falwell said God had blasted New York and Washington because He was angry with abortionists, feminists, and homosexuals. Mr. Falwell has also insisted that America had better keep ponying up trillions of dollars in tribute to Israel or God might really smite us: “To stand against Israel is to stand against God. We believe that history and scripture prove that God deals with nations in relation to how they deal with Israel.

But wait! The US government just handed Israel Jerusalem on a silver platter! It just defied the international community and blessed Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Golan Heights! It just launched an undeclared war on Iran for Israel, trashing the JCPOA and murdering Gen. Soleimani! Never before in history has there been such an extremist pro-Israel government in Washington, or in any Western capital. (Biden is in essence continuing all of Trump’s ultra-extremist pro-Israel policies, after appointing nearly an entire cabinet of pro-Israel Jews.)

God’s response to America’s rabid pro-Israel turn has been to dump a worsening series of disasters on our heads. Paging Jerry Falwell! Please answer your phone and tell us what’s going on!

Since I can’t seem to get through to Jerry—I understand he’s at a Motel 6 watching his wife take on the local high school football team—I’ll offer my own theological opinion instead: Namely, that Jerry Falwell has it backwards. Here is what he should have said:

“To stand against Palestine is to stand against God. We believe that history and scripture prove that God deals with nations in relation to how they deal with the Palestinians, who are Jesus’s family.”

That’s right: Sick, demonically-possessed “Christian” Zionists like Falwell have been cheering on the genocide of Jesus’s family. The Palestinians are the descendants of Jesus’s people. They are being exterminated by invaders—Sabbatean-Frankist satanists and atheists from across the seas.

The first Christians were Palestinians. Born to the Jewish religion, they became followers of Christ, many by way of Jesus’s brother James—who, along with Jesus’s other brothers Joseph, Judas, and Simon, as well as a number of sisters, undoubtedly passed down genes that are shared by today’s Palestinians.

Though most Palestinians two thousand years ago were of the Jewish faith, the vast majority gradually converted to Christianity and Islam, both of which recognize Jesus as the true Messiah. The Palestinians today are Jesus’s people.

Today’s Jews have virtually nothing whatsoever in common with the Palestinians of Jewish faith of 2000 years ago.  Jews today are mostly of Eastern European descent. The Jewish faith spread throughout Eastern Europe partly through the conversion of the Khazars in the 8th century. But the main factor driving conversion to Judaism has always been the extensive trade networks linking urban Jewish communities.

There was never any “exile following the destruction of the Temple.” Schlomo Sand summarizes the available evidence and concludes that the Palestinians, formerly of Jewish faith, gradually converted to Christianity and Islam, while the Jewish diaspora emerged from trade networks. There is no evidence of any mass migration of Jews out of Palestine following the destruction of the Temple in 70 a.d.  Moroccan Jews are Moroccans. Iraqi Jews are Iraqis. Russian Jews are Russians. Polish Jews are Poles. Spanish Jews are Spaniards. Ethiopian Jews are Ethiopians. Dutch Jews are Dutch. And Palestinians, whether Muslims, Christians, or (occasionally) Jews, are Palestinians. Anyone with eyes can see it. But somehow the myth of a “Jewish people exiled from Palestine” has taken hold—and driven the genocidal “return” that is crucifying Jesus’s family in Palestine.

The United States of America has long been supporting the crucifixion of Jesus’s Palestinian family—and getting hit with major disasters. But it wasn’t until Trump tore up the international consensus and offered full, rabid US support for Greater Satanic Israel, a policy continued by Biden, that God really started smacking us. Unless the US radically reverses course and throws its weight behind Jesus’s crucified family—the Palestinians—disaster will follow ever-worsening disaster, until the former USA finally goes up in flames.

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  1. Thank you for an outstanding article, Sir. However, Jesus (real name Esu Immanuel), his family, and followers were never part of the “Jewish” faith. Jesus was a Judahite by family lineage and a Hebrew, as well as an Israelite by way of Isaac i.e. a Saac-Son, as the group was eventually called. The names are bloodlines or families, not “religions”. There was no such term as “Jew” or “Jewish” at that time in history. This group of people (today’s Jews) referred to themselves as Edomites (and still do in religious books) and, alternatively, Idumeans (Idumea, the geographical hub of their religion leaders, dominion of Idom/Edom, who practiced Phariseeism). The word “Jew” did not emerge until the 19th Century. Based on bloodlines and families, not religions or states, contemporary Syrians are likely both Ishmaelites and Hebrews/sons and daughters of Isaac. Yes, they are likely part of Jesus’ family. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAMRvGWnybI

  2. Thank you Zigi & Harry. Way past time for religion to be relegated to the dust bin of history.
    Then maybe these self-righteous a**holes can start acting normal.

  3. Very good piece by Dr. Kevin Barrett but as Harry Haller says Jesus is “only make believe” but it is the greatest story ever sold.
    It been the cause of the “genocide & destruction” presently carried out in the Middle East.

    • While evidence for the historical Jesus is underwhelming, “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.” A minor stir caused by a prophetic faith healer can be quickly forgotten and—like 99.99999999% of what really happens, especially the important stuff— can get left out of what becomes the surviving written traditions. “History” is a very small sliver of reality. It’s just the tiny fraction of what happens that elite scribes happened to write about, often mendaciously. And even most of that gets lost. As Henry Ford said, “history is bunk.”

      But while a minor incident with a faith healer would almost certainly be overlooked, a mass migration of an entire population wouldn’t be. That’s why we know that there was no Jewish mass migration out of Palestine after 70 a.d.

    • A lot of collections of history books perished during the Arab and Mongol wars with the Persians, making the playgrounds fertile for historians to make up stuff. Then there is the burning of historical places that even till today it continues like in Syria and the rest of the region which is wrongly associated with Islam or Muslims but every religion does it to erase history. Mongols would burn literally everything. They would even dig up the bones out of the cemeteries like around Isfahan and burn them. There is a Persian expression on that that comes from that era. Fertile grounds it became !

    • Yes Kevin,
      But the chroniclers of Jesus Christ’s Life, death, burial and resurrection were not “elite scribes,” but mainly common, uneducated and humble men.
      Of course Paul was a special case. If one as learned and steeped in Pharasaic tradition as he, couldn’t sway his hard-hearted and stiff-necked fellow Jews of Jesus’s Messiah-ship, then it proved their intractable stubbornness.
      And no other “Religion” than Christianity was birthed in such persecution and affliction in its first 300 years, and yet it changed the course of Western civilization.
      I don’t believe a man-made ideology could accomplish such a feat.

  4. The way I see it, only thing that could prevent Israel from pursuing domination over world Jewry apart from selfdestruction is to have another Israel/Jewish country land elsewhere, where there is no so much local tension, like Russia or USA, literally give the land. But so is for the others stateless nations or nomads. Simply rename it as New, much like British or Dutch did it, that’s how it’s done, the good old British way.

    • If Jesus Christ “never existed,” then everything, and anything, that anyone does is just as righteous as anything else.
      Those who “evolve” from slime-pits can have no morals.
      We know there is a high calling to perfect morality, and it was only achieved by One.

    • I don’t see how Christian dogmas can be considered a “morality.” Their system is based on anticipation of reward and fear of punishment. This is not morality but merely self-interest.

      Jesus was not a great moral teacher. He only made arbitrary assertions. He never deigned to advance arguments for their validity, unlike the great philosophers of the classical tradition. For many of us, Christian beliefs are shallow and unsatisfactory. They do not reflect the true expansiveness of our human nature, and the faith is simply wrong in its interpretation of the natural world and the human place in it.

      And if this poor soul seriously thought himself to be the flesh-and-blood son of the creator of the universe, by whose death all mankind would be redeemed, well, today we recognize such grandiose delusions as symptomatic of a mental disorder called paranoid schizophrenia.

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