Maybe There Is No Planet Nine After All


New Study Knocks Theory of Planet Nine’s Existence Out of Orbit

by Elizabeth Gamillo/

The hidden Planet Nine first made headlines in 2016 when Caltech researchers Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin found evidence of a massive object ten times the size of Earth orbiting 20 times farther away from the sun than Neptune. Using computer simulations and modeling, Planet Nine was found based on observing six “extreme” Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs) that appeared clustered together. The orbits of the TNOs were tilted and elongated towards the sun, leaving Brown and Batygin to suspect the TNOs were bunched together because of Planet Nine’s gravitational pull, reports Victor Tangermann for Futurism.

But a recent study carried out by Kevin Napier, a physics Ph.D. student at the University of Michigan, and his colleagues could challenge Brown and Batygin’s analysis.

Napier and his team suggest that selection bias led Brown and Batygin to hypothesize Planet Nine’s existence, and the “cluster” of TNOs may not have been caused by the gravitational pull of Planet Nine. Instead, Napier’s team suggest the objects appeared clumped together because Brown and Batygin only observed a small portion of the sky, during a specific part of the year, at a specific time of day, reports Daniel Van Boom for CNET.

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  1. Just like the Dark Knight said many times in Monty Python and The search for the Holy Graill..

    “None shall pass”

    The things that should be screaming past earth with a very intense and loud “OHM” chantlike sensation arent passing that close. theyve become the Asteroidbelt. after they left us here three additional planets of which Venus and Mars are well known.

    so.. to all who think that saviour of the books and prophecies still comming… your standing on it, it takes care of your drinks of fluids and oxygen. poetic justice of cause and effect will do the rest till those who need to see, see.

  2. Can someone explain to me that while our science can see celestial bodies really far away, in very distant galaxies but it can’t see objects for sure in our solar system? It is like I stand at my house, using a super telescope and saying that I can see houses in other cities and even in other states but I am not sure how many houses there are in my neighborhood.

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