Farce in Washington: They’re lying about not knowing an insurrection is coming

My bullshit meter is in the red. What we are drowning in isn't just DC ass covering, its complicity in sedition and treason. 


The Senior Editor

The FBI has and is filled with Trump supporters, at the highest levels.  Those in FBI Counter-Intelligence tasked with investigating Russian interference have blocked the mass of evidence against Trump and have, instead, become the problem.

The FBI, as we are seeing, is as guilty as the Oath Keepers.  How many FBI are Oath Keepers?

The Secret Service?  Drugs, women, corruption at every level…

DHS?  Who runs totally politicized DHS?

We all knew. I got dozens of emails, it was on InfoWars over and over and the Trump family warned us over and over as well, that the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, their Russian financed “subsets” would be in Washington, armed to the teeth and “standing by” to attack the Capitol.

The FBI claims they sent a report, only one day before but sent how?  Email?  Capitol police, and we find too many of them fully complicit, say they didn’t see it, too busy “standing down.”

It was DHS that was tasked with coordinating, they were on total stand down as well.

The FBI didn’t call to see if the report was read, didn’t call to find how they could coordinate either.  Mind you, the FBI report said an attack was coming.  In the end, it was the FBI that had to secure the Capitol but they were on stand down as well.

Then we have the Pentagon and National Guard, they were on stand down as well.

Phone records won’t fix this.

Does Rangel have a “burner phone” for contacting criminal backers?

How many others?  How many senators?  Representatives?  We suspect more than a dozen.

Then we have the failures of normal procedures, the kind of stand down we saw on 9/11 when planes flew around, planes that could have hit schools, stadiums, the things that brought about the “shoot down” policy that had been in effect for many years but was never mentioned in the 9/11 report.

Planes also had CIA based hijack overrides run through the engine management system, this is classified but if needed, we will publish everything about this.

The stand downs?  The failures to act?  The complicity?  The secret service watching it all put together and now accused of meeting with coup leaders, who was there in the secret service, who else was with the Trump family?

Why are none of those who did and said exactly what Trump did or worse, and Trump’s impeachment was for a criminally prosecutable crime which is still unresolved…impeachment is administrative, not criminal……………

What we are drowning in isn’t just DC ass covering, its complicity in sedition and treason.  The stand downs, the members of congress but what about their staffers?  We need phones from not just Rangel and Cruz and others but their staff as well.

We also need a read on all phones used, as some of them were quite probably members of congress using burner phones communicating with foreign intelligence assets during the coup attempt.


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  1. Why the surprise ?? It’s was clear from beginning that procedures to follow in any scenario that could to emerge after riots whether if had was successful or to cover up accomplices and bury any evidence if it failed, they had all that planned already.

  2. We see the government as this large machine. Ran by two parties that differ in opinion on the direction the machine should go. In reality there are many foreign infiltrators trying to take over and run things. They will try any approach to influence the people in charge. The problem is the two parties see each other as enemies and will accept help from any foreign power to gain an advantage on the other party. They are all just chasing money and will sell anyone else out for more of it.

    • Thanks for your not so cheery, but observations that have to be looked at. There will be a huge effort in the mutliple investigations going forward. One of the wild cards is what will the former Trump DoJ people say when they leave, or will they hold off to make some book publishing money to tide them over during slow times?

    • That’s a thought provoking analysis, putting a little more pronounced emphasis on the conventionally accepted scenarios.
      But I’m not so convinced the two political parties actually see each other as enemies.
      They can no more be enemies than one’s right hand can be enemy against one’s left hand.
      However foreign-allegienced “domestic” enemies could, and are working with sold-out factions from both parties.

  3. If indeed they really were intending to pull off a successful coup, it’s seems amazing that they failed.
    For that matter, if all those forces you named were involved along with the already seated Commander in Chief, then it seems that if they truly meant to retain Trump, they would, or “could” have devised a more a less illegal and more solidly guaranteed way of achieving it.
    Either the whole bunch were inept, OR they got exactly the outcome they wanted.
    Taking you article at face value, ineptness wins.
    The other option makes the crying Capitol cop a fraud.

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    Yours Truly

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