Major Story: Saudi’s Crown Prince is a killer. So why is Biden just shrugging? (VT: Killing done at bidding of Jared?)

The Biden administration flatly says that Crown Prince MBS ordered the killing of journalist and U.S. resident Jamal Khashoggi. But it isn’t doing much about it.


VT: There is a similar report, and Biden has seen it, that says Saudi Arabia, aided by Israel, is responsible for 9/11.  It seems, we have learned, that an FBI agent had gotten angry about the coverup.

We are told that the Khashoggi murder began with a meeting between MBS and Jared Kushner.  The discussion involved silencing billionaire Trump critic Jeff Bezos, owner of the Washington Post, the newspaper that employed Jamal Khashoggi.

This is the real feud, not between MBS and Bezos but between the very real “world’s richest man” and Donald Trump, who wanted to show Jeff Bezos how he could use the power of the presidency to openly butcher one of Bezos’ major assets, a Washington Post bureau chief, do it openly, and laugh about it.

Murdering Khashoggi was only a first step.  He had published a long string of critical articles about the Saudi government’s abuses, from endless fraud to it ruthless punishment of internal critics, which eventunally morphed into MSB sending ‘hunter-killer squads out to kidnap and murder opponents in exile.  Khashoggi’s paper, the WaPo, however, bashed Trump daily.

Khashoggi was simply collateral damage.

They then had the National Enquirer go after Bezos.

Trump also asked Netanyahu to have the Mossad hack Bezos social media, resulting in “dick pics) which, of course, the Enquirer, which is controlled by Trump,

This is the truth, the real truth that Biden is ignoring, that Congress ignored, full complicity in murder and not the only one by far. Trump’s list is huge and 500,000 plus dead Americans are only a part of it.

Daily Beast: One of the worst things you can say about a relationship is “it’s complicated.” At best, it projects a sense of futility about anything changing. At worst, it’s a disregard for your own self-worth.

If your partner literally kills and dismembers someone in your protection—and now everyone knows it for a fact—it says a lot (of the wrong things) when your response is still to shrug and say “it’s complicated.”

Yet that is the latest response from the United States in its longstanding, toxic relationship with Saudi Arabia. This affair has involved decades of arms sales, a co-dependence on fossil fuels, and covering up for the cruelties of the Saudi royal family, all in the name of dubious shared regional objectives.

Under the past president, the relationship reached new depths: mutual orb touching, group sword dancing, and having each others’ numbers on speed dial. Trump was so proud of this alliance that he openly bragged about saving the Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman’s ass from Congress.

That was after MBS killed Jamal Khashoggi, a well respected journalist and dissident living in the U.S., who was exposing the ugly truth behind the crown prince’s PR campaign about Saudi Arabia’s supposed progress as women and human rights activists were being imprisoned at home and critics hunted abroad.

In 2018, Khashoggi, looking to marry his Turkish fiancé, was lured to the Saudi embassy in Istanbul with the promise of the documents he needed to certify his marital status. There, agents reporting to MBS, killed him, sawed his body apart, and disappeared the remains in a calculated, brutal attack meant to send a message that no one should dare question the Kingdom and its rulers.

But Joe Biden heartily campaigned on holding Khashoggi’s killers accountable, stating that “there is very little social redeeming value in the present government in Saudi Arabia. They have to be held accountable.” He promised to “make them pay the price and make them the pariah that they are.” read more..

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  1. Bidens son died. Emotional stuff. Good for campaign. Doesn’t mean he has a spine. He used it a lot.

    Biden does not represent the people. He is an unacceptable transitional phase after a major catalyst. That is it , that is all. Blow all the hot air you want,. Banks, War, Status, Oligarchy, that is old Joe. Too old to change, and not what we need. But what we got. Old Joe.
    Best president for the US right now, is not running. Would never take the job.

  2. They sawed off his hands first while he was alive, then his feet, then his arms, then his legs, took a video of it and made quadraplegic jokes in video while he bled to death.

    Israel responsible for 911 attacks, not Saudis.

    • mmm,… Saudis and Brits cannot be escaped. Creators cannot disavow their creation and intention and action. Culpable is short of responsible, and Britain is both. Culponsible,.
      Yes, with new things come new words…

  3. I prefer to let the rats kill each other, but not those who wish to have a heart.

    In those cases, it is imperative that we keep track and execute a preplanned activity in the appropriate time under the correct conditions. A teachable moment.

    The small, have a propensity to do stupid things, and when they take a life, as it is growing beyond small, it is a crime, and requires a specific response which will be known as specific to the crime at the time of experience. However, all these things must be resolved in context of the progression of the species and not the individual. But, not in this case.

    • “They seem way too busy sucking up to Gordon or blaming a bunch of Conservative hillbillies who could not even tie their shoes,” Mihail, we have a long history of comment provocatuers here. They are generally ignored. No one is sucking up to Gordon, I can assure you. We have years of dues paid to proove that and no screen name entity can change that. And BTW, the hillbillies can vote, and due, and they show up at insurrections going shoulder to shoulder with veterans and police trying to take a short but to remaning in power. These folks are in process of getting their due, which for the top level will be 20 years. Then Trump can run on his pardoning them. But first we will get to see how the courts rule on the “coconspirator” pardons Trum already gave out, where all admitted their guilt by accepting the pardon.

  4. Saudis kill one of their own and looks like this one is more important that when another one saudi is killed just because Bezos was his employer and that event is politically useful for hidden intentions of Bezos and who knows who more ….

    • I can understand how Russians feel about hunting down one of their own (regardless of a new citizenship, regardless of a new employer) in order to eliminate dissent.

      But to do a bone saw job in an embassy with the terrorist trash prince watching and enjoying, that’s usually not the norm of Jeff Bezos, hidden intentions or not.

      The journalist was well known and respected around the world even with the Iranian academia who wouldn’t see eye to eye with him on issues.

      The way to dismiss free speech is telling.

  5. “VT: There is a similar report, and Biden has seen it, that says Saudi Arabia, aided by Israel, is responsible for 9/11.” Really? I’m sure Biden is fully aware, just as every president since 9/11 has been, that Israel nuked the USA on that day and got away with it. Why is VT absolving Biden of the responsibility for coming clean about those attacks by offering up a cover story that somehow Saudi Arabia might have been the real perp, not Israel? That is total BS and you know it.

    • What do you expect from the killer of Soleimani and al Mohandess ? After what we’ve seen during the elections is there still any doubt that the US is in fact a banana republic ? When a Wahhabi thug is the best friend of POTUS, the genocidal al Sissi et al type who are the extension of Pentagon killing thousands to satisfy “the system” are just moderates on payroll.

      I say the system because many Iranians refer to the US as a system not a country.

      And yes Adnan was peddling everything.

    • It is absolutely doubtful, that a person of US press would be killed in an embassy, by people of their own country, leadership even, in a third country, without US consultation and permission or even request. Very much less so, of someone from KSA. The UK and US bitch.
      A bitch, does act on a thing, … by itself in this manner,.. ever.

      The proper thing to do for the US, is to issue an arrest warrant. Full Stop. But, this is telling of what we are dealing with, that this is not the case. Canada and Australia could help by declaring independence, and the US to tax churches. Until then, we know who rules us, under their perception.

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