US militia group draws members from military and police, website leak shows

    Analysis: Membership list of American Patriots Three Percent also shows widespread network of people from variety of occupations


    A Guardian investigation of a website leak from the American Patriots Three Percent shows the anti-government militia group have recruited a network across the United States that includes current and former military members, police and border patrol agents.

    But the leak also demonstrates how the radical group has recruited from a broad swath of Americans, not just military and law enforcement. Members include both men and women, of ages ranging from their 20s to their 70s, doing jobs from medical physics to dental hygiene and living in all parts of the country.


    1. Who hasn’t had a fantasy about saving the nation in some kind of heroic endeavor?
      We were raised up on myths and legends.
      But I think many are now coming to realize, (or maybe I’m just late to the possibility) that likely most everything we believe about secular history is not necessarily true.
      The uppermost ruling class obviously now has complete control over every shred of information that is allowed to be commonly known. And they have probably had that power for centuries, if not longer.
      If I have a point, it’s dumbfounding how people could have bought into that insanely doomed-from-the-start lost cause of “storming the Capitol?

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