Lindsey Graham points to GOP’s reality under Trump: It’s a hostage situation

…from the Washington Post

[ Editor’s Note: If you did not know that Lindsey was a political animal, you have his confession below. VT has always considered him such, but the suckers in South Carolina seem to keep sending him back to Congress, proof that we definitely have an imperfect form of government.

His devastating line is that, despite the Trump led insurrection, which to him is simply a meaningless radar blip, he now advocates a Trump that could make the Republican Party stronger and more diverse (lying through his teeth on the latter) or he could destroy it. Where is Socrates when you need him?

Socrates – Never around when you need one

Only a sociopath could make a statement like that, turning both ends against the middle.

That said, this all looks like political staging to me. Trump’s retreat back into politics is primarily for him to find a safe haven against the prosecutions he knows are coming his way, while his financial empire comes crashing down around him.

He can use his running for president to claim that the prosecutions are nothing more than blocking him from saving the country from the ‘Biden communist take over’. I even heard this term used by members of a patriotic veterans org, to my shock.

The Koolaid is often more powerful than people’s brains, including those who take an oath to defend the country from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

What our fake American, Mr. Graham, revealed to us today is that he is just fine with supporting domestic enemies taking over the country. Democrats did not attack and stuff ballot boxes to win the election, but we know the Trumpsters were willing to kill to block the election certification.

The motivation for such a political position is plain for all to see. Lindsey does not see anything positive in crushing the insurrection movement, and neither does Trump. They are coming for us againJim W. Dean ]

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First published … March 08, 2021

Sen. Lindsey O. Graham’s relationship with former president Donald Trump has contained multitudes. He was arguably Trump’s biggest critic on the 2016 debate stage, saying that nominating Trump would deservedly destroy the party, but he later became one of Trump’s biggest Senate allies.

On Sunday, though, Graham (R-S.C.) described the relationship between Trump and the GOP in starker terms: as something akin to a hostage situation.

In a must-watch interview with Axios on HBO, Jonathan Swan pressed Graham on why he continued to stand by Trump. Swan noted that Trump is no longer in office, that he pushed lies about the 2020 election being stolen that resulted in the Capitol riot, and that Graham just won reelection — meaning his apparent 2020 considerations may no longer apply.

“He could make the Republican Party something that nobody else I know can make it,” Graham said, comparing Trump’s “magic” to what John McCain and Mitt Romney were unable to build with the party. “He can make it bigger. He can make it stronger. He can make it more diverse. And he also could destroy it.”

SOURCEWashington Post

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  1. The constitution is a solidly socialist document. Hence the phrase, “for the people, by the people”. Monarchy and Authoritarians, and Race based Religious Exceptionalism do not like the constitution. These who follow Trump are the Loyalists to those groups. It didn’t take much kool-aid, just an open window.

  2. It’s a wonder how Lindsey can have his head so far up his ass and still be able to kiss Trump’s. He must be a skilled contortionist. Guess that’s how he keeps getting elected.

  3. The article adds to the pile, though all I need to know about graham is something said years ago, don’t need to repeat now, point being how much vile has been ignored. Problem of course belligerance in claiming to take rights of people that goes without answer or change doesn’t disappear, becomes a pile, a big, stinking pile.
    It’s odd repubs complain about govt communism same time been fine with subsidies to poison gmo corporate farms all this time, and trump tax handouts to other mega corps, and other travesties.

  4. “The Koolaid is often more powerful than people’s brains…” – JWD

    The Trumpettes simply consider any fact negative to Trump to be false. Doubt anything short of someone they consider an extreme authority figure denouncing Trump will open their minds (a Duffism about being too stupid to live comes to mind here).

  5. I’ve just read your lead in Jim, but you may be on to something.
    I thought after the Jan.6 fiasco, Trump’s support would evaporate like fog under a blazing sunlight.
    I didn’t realize how strong the brainwashing of; it’s either “black” or “white” still is.
    There are many who are so roped in to supporting one particular party, they’d support the devil himself.
    In general I don’t think it really makes a lot of difference between Democrats and Republicans, but Trump is definitely a wild card.

  6. FOX news is now back to a Trump loyalist network. They dragged some ultra-light skinned, teenage kid who ‘fled Venezuela’ (rich parents left Venezuela a decade ago), to inform us that Biden’s Covid relief plan was … s-oooooo-cialism.
    Pathetic Republican talking points, Trump can run up $8T of debt and that is okay as long as most of that is given to Defense contractors, but if a nickel is given to Blue States that had to react to Trump’s negligence on Covid that is … sooooo-cialism. They even have to drag a teenage boy who is in some Republican Club to repeat these banal talking points. If someone responds by telling me that Venezuela is bad, that is not the point. You don’t prove something is socialism just by dragging out a prop.

    • BTW the only reason I brought up the issue of the kids skin color is that in Venezuela you actually do have a class structure with Indigenous people, African background, and those with a Spanish heritage and many in the U.S. are of the Spanish type who were upper class Venezuelans. FOX would have you believe that all of the Venezuelans in the U.S. were deprived refugees. Again, not justifying Venezuela’s governance, just telling you not to buy into what you see on FOX.

    • I hate to force Republican voters/supporters to be involved in any form of socialism with a $ 1400 check. That is why I am suggesting that no check be sent to anyone registered as a Republican for the past election or anyone supporting Repubs on their social media.
      It would be wrong to expect these people to go against their ” values” by sending them a check.

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