When white supremacist terrorism meets evangelical Christianity


According to the fantastical, anti-Semitic conspiracy theory known as QAnon, a secret cabal of Jews, liberals, Hollywood celebrities and foreign governments is kidnapping and sexually abusing children before eating them. This ritual grants members of the evil global elite special powers they use to manipulate the world and oppress (white) Christians and other groups.

Only Nazis can save us from ourselves, too often members of obscene evangelical cults that have spread across America peddling a twisted version of Christianity that, oddly enough, seems to worship Israel.

In QAnon’s alternate reality, a shadowy figure known as “Q” — who has been notably silent of late — sends out secret “drops” containing messages, clues and orders to true believers. As explained by Q, Donald Trump and his MAGA allies have led a resistance movement against the Deep State, preparing for a great cataclysm called “the Storm,” in which Trump will seize full power (or, latterly, return to power) and all will be revealed. Ultimately, QAnon is an updated version of the infamous anti-Semitic libel “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” a conspiracy theory which has existed since the early 20th century and played a central role in the Holocaust.

QAnon is also much more than a mere conspiracy theory. It is a cult that has destroyed families and relationships. It is a con that lures in the weak-minded and the vulnerable. It is a political force with ambiguous but substantial influence within the neofascist Republican Party. It could also be described as a live-action roleplaying game for lonely and socially alienated adults who are desperate for a sense of agency, meaning and community in their lives.  read more…no pay wall….



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  1. Where are we in the countdown to the apocalyptic Armageddon ?
    Most people don’t know & therefore don’t care .
    There will be , according to the “zealots” 7 years of Tribulations when 2/3 of all Jews will “perish”
    & 1/3 will convert to Christianity.
    BTW There are 285 Million Evangelicals in the plan.
    The Rapture followed by the return to earth of Jesus to lead their claim Jerusalem as theirs. !
    So far Bibi Netanyahu gets their support.

  2. Certainly a key issue of our time and one that has been constantly predicted for many decades. That as religion and monarchy are slowly exposed as archaic and false, those who cling to such things for whatever reason will become increasingly agitated. Any parent knows, that if no means maybe, then the pestering continues endlessly. Putting the foot down is nearly guaranteed to produce tantrums. The obvious next step, is limiting religion in politics, and incentivizing healthy religious debate in the education system, which has largely ignored the role of ancient calendrics in the creation of the text. Basic science can prove the validity of such calendars as far superior and beneficial, and even prove the precise manner and technique used to formulate the text, based on these. The US must assertively take the lead role in this, and reject all religious based domination schemes in our governance. Tax them immediately for starters and use the money for the education of those who need it. Until then, we are aiding and abetting the con game that is subverting these peoples growth. Let Britain handle Israel, that is their child, not ours. Not another American life.

  3. Christian Zionism has always been a death cult. As Pastor John Hagee once said, “50 million Bible-reading Christians, all standing with Israel” and, I might add, all voted for Trump in the last election. When he skates off to Israel to avoid prosecution for his crimes, his pal Netanyahu will most likely set him up in Trump Heights on the Golan. Tel Megiddo is right down the road from there, so his ReTrumplican followers can have front-row seats at the upcoming Armageddon. That will be the apocalyptic war where all unbelievers (mostly Democrats) are turned into cinder cakes, while they’re Raptured up to Heaven. Good riddance, I say. I’ll take my chances with the living God of justice, compassion, and truth.

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