Capitol Insurrection Shaman wants to go home to mother

"The Court finds none of his many attempts to manipulate the evidence and minimize the seriousness of his actions persuasive”


Deep Dive into Judge Lamberth’s Order Jailing Insurrectionist “Q Shaman” Chansley Pending Trial

‘Detachment from reality’

…from Glenn Kirschner, and Justice Matters

[ Editor’s Note: Glenn gives a good review of Judge Lamberth’s Shaman order. Glenn knows the judge well, having once tried a six month RICO case in his court.

I loved the irony where the grifter QAnon Shaman, with no visible means of support, ends up with a grifter attorney who uses his first Zoom meeting scheduled with his client to bring 60 Minutes in to showboat himself as the Shaman’s attorney. Mistake!

Brother Jake on the left, minus his theatrical grab

Said attorney later claims that one of the reasons he wants the Shaman released is so he can interview him properly to prepare his case, whereas the Judge eats him alive over not using the 60 Minutes showboating time to do so. Dear Shaman, you might want to consider reporting your attorney to the bar association for negligent representation.

These full opinions can have a lot of gems in them. The 32 pages can be covered quickly, as courts use double spacing. The Judge provides a lot of quote keepers, and this early opinion is a good indication on how the DC courts are doing to deal with frivolous defense tactics.

Besides having no visible means of support, Shaman Jake must have a home gym or membership to one. Check out the bod with the muscular arms and washboard tummy. But there is no mention of any girlfriends crying for him, or any defense funds being set up, which he may not need as the theatrical indigent.

I will bet that he catches himself a perjury charge if he ever testifies… Jim W. Dean ]

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Kirschner roasts the Shaman with Judge Lambert’s opinion

First aired … March 13, 2021

One of the leaders of the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, Jacob “Q Shaman” Chansley, filed a motion seeking release pending trial.

In the event there’s any doubt that the courts are taking these criminal cases against the Trump supporters who attacked the US Capitol seriously, Judge Lamberth’s 32-page order denying Chansely’s request to be released from jail pending trial should lay those doubts to rest.

Judge Lamberth’s order is must reading for those who feel frustrated and disheartened at the way justice seems to have ben elusive in recent years. Here is a deep dive review of how the judiciary is viewing the severity of the attack on our Capitol and our democracy.

“The statements defendant has made to the public from jail show that defendant does not fully appreciate the severity of the allegations against him,” Lamberth wrote. “To the contrary, he believes that he — not the American people or members of Congress — was the victim on January 6th.”

…“By defendant’s logic, knives would not be considered dangerous weapons due to their availability in government building cafeterias,” Lamberth wrote. “The Court declines to adopt defendant’s ‘readily-available-in-government-buildings’ standard for determining whether an object is a ‘dangerous weapon’.”

…“To the contrary, he quite literally spearheaded [the breach],” Lamberth wrote.

…“Defendant characterizes himself as a peaceful person who was welcomed into the Capitol building on January 6th by police officers,” the judge wrote. “The Court finds none of his many attempts to manipulate the evidence and minimize the seriousness of his actions persuasive.”

SOURCEGlenn Kirschner

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  1. Pat, I wasn’t debunking, I just continued your comparison. But, you are wrong about not trashing the capitol. millions of dollars of damage and over 100 officers injured or killed. many many millions more in security costs.
    And it wasn’t even close in the election. Hillary had a better case in 2016 than Trump in 2020, at least she won the popular. The whole thing was plainly dumb. Gore lost by 1 electoral vote after a USSC decision. For cryin out loud. And btw, all the pro 2nd amendment idiots who decided to protest with weapons are the greatest threat to the 2nd. Not what the 2nd is for.

  2. When the law takes something serious, they arrest the ring leader immediately.
    If the speakers and inciters had been minorities or less privileged, they would have been in custody on Jan 7, or even killed.
    So far, the treatment and privilege being afforded to insurrectionists has been very telling how deep the inequality and injustice goes, and how JustUs, is a Thing. And they are still whining, so that clearly depicts the perceptions that the privilege not only exists, but is demanded. He is getting organic food. Another is vacationing in Mexico of all places.

    • Amen, Can any of us remember a black defendent getting organic good, or wanting to be released to his mother’s custody so she can fix his organic meals for him and gloat at the hero she brough in the world. And one other thing. Notice how far we have come with what media never does any more. Where is the background on this guy? It is zippo. No highschool, what was he like back then, his last girlfriend, not one word of his employment in life. I only caught in reading Judge Lambreth’s full opinion last night that he is vet. Why, when the media has focused on the vets and cops involved, did they take a dive on the Shaman being a vet?

    • Background Derek as well. Background Trump, George Floyd is an angel in comparison. Don’t be selective.

  3. One group has a legitimate beef, and the other fell for a con to promote an election campaign.
    One group has been persecuted and murdered for hundreds of years, the other was promoting it. One group has discernment and knowledge of the workings of government, the other has half baked ideas about procedures and mostly have no idea how things work. One group has been protesting for 200 years, the other is brand new to it, because they have always had favorable treatment. One group fights back when elderly are tased for a non moving traffic violation, the other cheers for it and laughs at the victim. One group is by far the dumbest batch of protestors in history and have a very unpatriotic view of democracy. They should move to England.

    • Not an attack on the family, Harry. His mother is an aider and abettor. I would suspect he is a drug dealer using his Shaman gig is a cheap cover. If you read the court opinion this is a classic criminal mind dude, who feels it is his right to get over on the system if he feels like it, and accepts no rules. The feds saved a video to catch him in the lie of he was told “the building is yours” by a capitol cop. Expect to see the perjury charge added to his list. His attorney is well within having a disbarrment case opened on him already. Don’t be surprised to see the Shaman try to dump him for ‘incompetent legal advice’. The 60 minutes interview was brain dead stupid, as was the Shaman’s ever blabbering away publicly after the event. I had a mother, if I had done this, would simply have told me to rot in hell.

    • Harry you’re right, he have right to going home to be with mother and family. Also mother and family they can move to prison with him and be happy all together… 🙂

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