7 Tips Before You Buy Kratom


Kratom is a world-renowned botanical that has become a popular choice among anyone looking for a boost without the crash of caffeine. It originates in Southeast Asia but is now available in a variety of types and formats around the world.

It’s important to understand what Kratom is and isn’t before you try it. Unlike coffee, Kratom’s benefits can vary dramatically based on how it is dried and processed. It can be motivating, calming, or both, and its strength depends on both the quality of the Kratom and the overall blend used.

However, Kratom isn’t intimidating or hard to understand if you buy from a provider that genuinely cares about the product. Here are the essential tips for buying and enjoying Kratom.

1. Determine Your Goals

Every Kratom enthusiast has slightly different lifestyles and goals, so their motivations for trying Kratom vary. This affects what type of Kratom they try, when they take it, and how much they take.

Start by identifying the area of your life that needs a little more support. Maybe you’re struggling with staying focused at work when your mid-afternoon fatigue creeps in or stress is making it hard to unwind at night. If you love how coffee makes you feel at first but hate the crash, it gives you later, keep that in mind as you browse Kratom blends with a motivational focus.

2. Know the Strains

There are three main types of Kratom, but they all come from the same plant. The only difference is in how they are dried. They are identified based on the leaf vein color that appears after drying is complete.

White vein Kratom gives the most caffeine-like kick and is a favorite among busy professionals who need to power through their day. It’s great for first thing in the morning or as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. 

Green vein Kratom gives a motivational boost but is more subtle than White vein Kratom. It also has soothing undertones that can help you deal with the stresses of a busy workday.

Red vein Kratom promotes the strongest feelings of comfort and calm. One popular red variety is Red Maeng Da Kratom, an excellent choice for beginners who just want to unwind.

There are also yellow gold blends available, which provide a more nuanced set of benefits than using just red, green, or white Kratom. As a general rule, newcomers to Kratom stick to either green or red and then try the other strains once used to Kratom’s overall benefits.

3. Try the Tea

The two most common forms of Kratom for consumption in the West are powder and capsules. Kratom powder is made from leaves, but it’s in a format that’s easier to preserve and transport. You can make tea from the powder using hot water, or you can just swallow the powder with a mouthful of cold water or juice.

Many Kratom enthusiasts enjoy the ritual of making a cup of tea. However, since Kratom can be bitter, many fans prefer to add lemon, honey, or agave to their tea.

Try the tea a few times to see if you like the ritual and overall flavor. If you decide that you like the benefits but not the taste, it’s easy to switch to capsules from the same manufacturer.

4. Think About Your Schedule

There is likely an optimal time for you to enjoy your daily dose of Kratom. Red and mild green strains are great for inducing a sense of calm in the evening, but you may get much more out of a white vein Kratom strain during the day.

Your schedule can also influence which Kratom form is right for you. If you want to enjoy the benefits of Kratom at a moment’s notice and won’t always have time for tea, Kratom capsules are a better option for you than powder.

5. Choose a Reliable Vendor

Due to Kratom’s surge in popularity, some businesses have tried to jump into the trend without really understanding what makes Kratom so beneficial. Sometimes, producers’ lack of due diligence can result in fillers being introduced in the supply chain.

Testing done by a third-party independent laboratory helps you know that a manufacturer’s claims are legitimate and that no fillers are present. Third-party testing also helps verify that there are no heavy metals, pathogens, or other contaminants in the powder. Always buy from a company that is transparent about their growing process and testing results.

6. Understand the Dosages

The recommended dose for Kratom is 2.4 grams taken no more than twice in 24 hours. This is a small amount, and it means that your cups of tea may be relatively small.

If you’re worried about taking too much or too little Kratom, pre-measured capsules are the best option. These allow more precise doses in the pre-set recommended amount.

7. Ease Your Way into Trying Different Varieties

If you learn about Kratom from a friend, they may have emphasized a particular strain or method for consuming it. Although you should consider their advice, your needs and wants may differ from theirs.

A recommended tea recipe from a friend may contain too much Kratom for you at first, especially if your friend is a seasoned Kratom enthusiast. Pay close attention to the Kratom producer’s instructions and listen to your own body when consuming Kratom. 

Exploring Kratom 

Thanks to Kratom enthusiasts’ efforts worldwide, there are far fewer mysteries surrounding Kratom than there used to be. Manufacturers work closely with farmers in Southeast Asia to deliver consistent products with reliable results each time.

You can enjoy these benefits even if you’re not an expert on Kratom yet. Try a strain designed to meet your overall wellness goals and take notes on how it makes you feel. If you enjoy it but want slightly different benefits, try a similar strain or drink the Kratom at a different time of day. With a little experimentation, you can find an optimal Kratom strain for your lifestyle.

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