Scam: AstraZenica Vaccine Scare Right Wing Hoax

It’s human nature to spot patterns in data. But we should be careful about finding causal links where none may exist


Another Right Wing Hoax to Cover Up the Real Fucking We Are Getting

VT: We’re sticking our necks out here a bit but thus far, based on 5 million people vaccinated with Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, nation after nation are falling victim to a massive right wing hoax.

We already know that when AZ was tested in Europe, 38% of those getting the jab reported some side effect.  I had the Moderna and had 4 days of minor flu symptoms.  I think everyone does.

But here, you had a blind study and 28% of those who got just plain water complained of a reaction also.

Now we have NO data at all, we are vaccinating a very old population of heavy smokers and diabetics who live on sugar, salt and vodka.

This is the same group that live in Scotland, perhaps the unhealthiest place on Earth.

Quite frankly, on the whole, Europeans are far less healthy than Americans with some exceptions, maybe the French who do well on cigarettes, fried food and red wine.  Europeans, when you are really in Europe and not being bombarded by the liberal press, look like shit.

They live in sugar and bread and food additives while, at the same time, pointing their sticky little fingers at Americans, who can, in general, kick their cheese eating asses.

VT watches the vaccine programs carefully, starting in Russia, Iran, China and the US.  There are many going on now and there has been no blowback from the vaccines and no coverup.

When the rollout comes, however, the dying are vaccinated first, including those dying of COVID and the Kosher Nostra friends of Trump and company jump on this, using their massive Israeli paid for press assets.

Anti-vaxx is a Zionist disease.  Accepted and, if you are one of them, admit that you have been duped into playing with the lives of millions of people just because you were too stupid to pay attention in school.

So, let’s see if the vaccine is pulled or if all those countries now have to eat a bowl of dogshit for being duped.  I know where my money is.

Guardian: Stories about people getting blood clots soon after taking the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine have become a source of anxiety among European leaders. After a report on a death and three hospitalisations in Norway, which found serious blood clotting in adults who had received the vaccine, Ireland has temporarily suspended the jab. Some anxiety about a new vaccine is understandable, and any suspected reactions should be investigated. But in the current circumstances we need to think slow as well as fast, and resist drawing causal links between events where none may exist.

As Ireland’s deputy chief medical officer, Ronan Glynn, has stressed, there is no proof that this vaccine causes blood clots. It’s a common human tendency to attribute a causal effect between different events, even when there isn’t one present: we wash the car and the next day a bird relieves itself all over the bonnet. Typical. Or, more seriously, someone is diagnosed with autism after receiving the MMR vaccine, so people assume a causal connection – even when there isn’t one. And now, people get blood clots after having a vaccine, leading to concern over whether the vaccine is what caused the blood clots.

Call it luck, chance or fate – it’s difficult to incorporate this into our thinking. So when the European Medicines Agency says there have been 30 “thromboembolic events” after around 5m vaccinations, the crucial question to ask is: how many would be expected anyway, in the normal run of things?

We can try a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation. Deep vein thromboses (DVTs) happen to around one person per 1,000 each year, and probably more in the older population being vaccinated. Working on the basis of these figures, out of 5 million people getting vaccinated, we would expect significantly more than 5,000 DVTs a year, or at least 100 every week. So it is not at all surprising that there have been 30 reports.  read more…

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  1. Quite frankly I would like to know how did you get to the conclusion that Europeans are less healthy than Americans?

    • Other than COVID years…one thus far, I live part of the time in Germany, shuttling to the UK and Paris.

      Been doing this for decades. Last year in Scotland was the “last straw.” Most unhealthy place on earth.

      Europe is still suffering from the war. The US is a mix…with West Michigan, which is really Norway, old Germany and the Netherlands…far healthier than the European counterparts. NO smoking here…much exercise…little alcohol use….and a now moderating fast food diet.

      Some areas…like Bavaria…Austria…Northern Italy….much the same. The US has changed….for those who can afford it. That in itself is worth looking at. The big decline in the US was always smoking, booze and fried foods. That’s mostly gone.

  2. Problems I have with vaccines:
    1.) National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 gives vaccine makers…pun intended…immunity from prosecution for any reason. Might greedy executives cut corners on quality? Is third-party testing reliable or are these “third parties” like Facebook fact-checkers, funded by corporations that want specific results to drive business? Foxes guarding the henhouse? I wonder…
    2.) Allegedly, no vaccine was tested for over thirty years until COVID. Conflicting reports on this one.
    3.) Supposedly “independent” Italian labs found that most vaccines do not contain what the manufacturers claim. With immunity from prosecution, I wouldn’t be surprised if this proves accurate.
    4.) Doctors are provided financial incentives to push vaccines, like they do other drugs.
    My distrust largely is aimed at Big Pharma and their profit motive, along with distrust that government provides proper oversight. Some vaccines are good and necessary. See polio. However, I question whether the market has been inflated artificially to increase corporate profits…standard M.O. for Wall Street. Perverse incentives abound in any system. I’m no expert, but I’ve learned not to trust most “experts” because they will look the other way if it means keeping their income and providing for their families. What is the truth? Wish I knew…

  3. I do have a serious question regarding a vaccine safety related story re-posted on Drudge. It claimed that Marvin Hagler ‘DiedMarch 13, 2021 (aged 66)’ after getting a vaccination shot. This was purportedly from Thomas Hearns but Hagler’s widow strongly denies this. It would be interesting to know if he even got a vaccine or not.
    In any case, the Russians are really gunning for us. Even a small number of stories like this is going to encourage the anti-vaxxers.

    • Drudge is the same bullshitter he always was. Spend your time better…take up knitting

  4. Three days after my father got the AZ vaccination he was in the ICU at University Hospital Maryland with an extraor dinary team of talent working on his failing pulmonar system. Oh well, I got to stay up all night. Days later we got him home.

    • Harry, you don’t give a date for either the jab or the hospitalization. But how could he have had the AZ shot? In the US, as far as I know, unless you are part of a trial (my gutsy daughter was in the Pfizer trials) you can only get the Pfizer, Moderna, or J&J shots, as they have EUA. Maybe they did not tell your dad what shot he got? if not, he has the right to get that info.

  5. Laura Ingraham has all of the answers, ‘COVID IS LIBERAL A HOAX to control our lives!!!’
    ‘All the deaths reported by the CDC were car accidents attributed to Covid’
    ‘Masks don’t work, Denmark, Denmark, DENMARK!’ (forget all of SE Asia)
    ‘We will achieve natural herd immunity by August 2020’ (in wild agreement w/Dr. Atlas)
    ‘ZINC AND HCQ is a miracle therapy’ (Trump elected to use antibody therapy instead)
    ‘Any safety measure is a lockdown, open up like Texas, Florida, and South Dakota!’ (very high death rates)

    Why make Ingraham the poster denier?
    It’s that contemptuous way she shakes her head as she declares everyone else to be a moron and doesn’t while she spews the next Sock Puppet talking point. And the voice that sounds like a lawn mower destroying a food processor while it’s grinding rocks doesn’t help either.

  6. Mihail
    It is easy to recognize your material as coming from more than one person.

    We’ve seen this before…you were sent…and only one place sends them

    plus, some of your posts are rational…others are childishly ignorant…the kind that folks get paid for

    You are a paid troll. By you, we mean it in the plural…

    • learn to write in one style and with more uniform opinions. Your use of language changes so much from day to day that some of “you” are obviously using machine translation….
      Do note that ignorance, at times, and bad manners are always noted on behalf of those working for that “special country”

    • If you were who you would like to think you are…you might start listening more to those who ….

  7. Maybe the vaccine is safe. Maybe it’s effective. Or maybe it’s neither.
    Maybe covid 19 is a real pandemic. Or maybe it’s a statically manipulated one.
    Maybe the vaccines are experimental as reported, and not subject to lawsuits. Or maybe they real efforts to kill the virus.
    Maybe everything the powers-that-be tell us about the pandemic is true. Or maybe not.
    Maybe people should just take the vaccine and hope for the best. Maybe the worst thing that could happen is that it kills them. Or maybe not.
    Maybe people should be able to make their own decisions about the virus and the vaccines without being castigated as some kind of mentally deficient moron. That’s not asking too much is it? Maybe we’ve crossed the Rubicon into the land of the unfree. Maybe not.

    • Vaccine testing is exactly how it has always been, easy to check. 3 trials, then approval.
      When you are suckered into playing vaccine scare, you are playing into the enemies hands, which is common for those who go off half cocked or are paid trolls.

    • Ferdinand…fake information…fake group…bad science…for one purpose…to keep COVID going because those who made it are making tons of money and a “new world” for themselves…with us dead. Want me to prove that as well? I did a year ago and it was read by millions.

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