5 Fun Facts About House Cats

Smoky cat looking curious out of basket

Cats are extraordinary, beautiful, unique creatures and if you are lucky enough to have one in your home, you know just how great they are to have as pets. They make a wonderful addition for anyone seeking a companion to keep them company. While dogs are great for those that need more emotional support, cats are the pet for those that need a little space. But just because you hear people proclaim to be cat or dog people, it is possible to have both in the home. Below are five facts you may not know about cats.

There is no denying that cats are a very different animal altogether from their canine siblings. But you may not be aware just as to how different cats and dogs are. Dogs were bred throughout the years to be pack animals. Pack animals thrive when they are close to humans. Cats are the complete opposite so it can be hard to make the transition from dog to cat.

They Need Space

If you are a new cat owner, the biggest thing you have to learn is to give your feline friend a little space. Overwhelming them without excitement could have the opposite effect you want it to have on your pet. Also, cats are nocturnal and will sleep most of the day and come around at night. Dogs have sleep schedules that coincide with ours so it could be tricky to navigate the difference between the two if you have both as pets.

Even though you see your cat less and have to give them a lot of space, do not fret. They do like most of the humans in their lives and prefer to hang out with them more than anything else. So even though it may seem like they don’t want you around, cats will adapt to your behaviors. Cats can also sense our emotions and provide us with the support we need if they decide to do so.

There is No Proof That They Pick Favorites

Dogs can bond with one person but do cats have a favorite person? The answer is simple. It hasn’t been proven that cats have that same ability to pick a favorite person. While cats may have a stronger bond to you than your friend that comes to visit every few years, that doesn’t mean that they choose favorites. But the good news is there hasn’t been enough evidence to prove that cats don’t have favorite people.

They Need To Do Their Own Thing

You may wonder how to even bond with your cat in the first place considering all they want is space. But a way to get them to come and snuggle with you faster is making sure your cat has enough space to do their own thing. In other words, you should let them come to you first. And once they do decide to come to you, be sure to give them positive reinforcement instead of bombarding them with attention. Too much energy and attention could scare your cat away and give them anxiety.

It Can Help To Understand Their Body Language

Learning the body language of your cat could also play a huge part in getting them to bond with you faster. Considering every cat is different, no one strategy will help you understand what makes your cat tick. Studying their reactions and understanding the schedule they keep will help you also adapt to their behavior for faster integration into the house.

You Can Sense How They Feel Through Their Tail

One way to do that is by paying attention to the movements in their tail. If a tail is up, for example, they are perceived to be happy. If their tail is down they are more unsure of the situation. If they are speeding right by you, they are angry or if they are slow-moving they are annoyed.

Cats are wonderful amazing creatures and make perfect pets. But making sure they are happy could help them live long and fulfilling lives.


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