War Against Syria: Ten Years of Pain



  1. The intelligence agencies of the “WEST” + Israel have been working against Syria for many years.—- Why ????

    Because Syria has been a strong supporter of Palestinian rights.
    The “Christian Western Public ” could NOT believe that 9/11 was a false flag ( NEW PEARL HARBOR). The cry went out  “Who could think that certain Americans + Israel could have done 9/11 ???
    Certain people were clever enough to know ON 9/11 that 9/11 was totally beyond the reach of “Arab terrorists” as the whole operation , was such a technical masterpiece . 
    Public opinion was COMPELLED support the War on Terror & we were/are  STILL continually propagandized into submission. . 
    BTW the UK  also suffered their 7/7 attack also a false flag operation.The latest outrage IS the RECENT Nuclear attack on Lebanon which the Western Press has ignored .The worst result is that the Internet is being censored by FaceBook & Google etc.etc. 
    Please help humanity …

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