Breaking: Clinical Trial Results Prove Pfizer Vaccine 100 Percent Effective in Young Teens


CNN)Clinical trial results of Pfizer/BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine showed its efficacy is 100% and it is well tolerated in youths ages 12 to 15, the companies said Wednesday.

Pfizer/BioNTech plan to submit the data to the US Food and Drug Administration as soon as possible for expanded emergency use authorization of the two-dose vaccine.

In a Phase 3 trial of 2,260 participants ages 12 to 15 in the US, the vaccine elicited strong antibody responses one month after the second dose — exceeding those demonstrated in people ages 16 to 25 in previous trials, Pfizer reported. The vaccine is currently authorized in the US for emergency use in people 16 and older.

Researchers observed 18 Covid-19 cases among the 1,129 participants who were given a placebo, and none among the 1,131 volunteers who got the vaccine. The data has yet to be peer reviewed.

Pfizer/BioNTech added that the side effects seen in the young teens were similar to those seen among 16 to 25-year-olds. Common side effects include pain at the injection site, fatigue and fever. The participants will be monitored for protection and safety for two years after their second dose.

Those comparisons to the older population are important, because researchers are building off of the knowledge they gained in the adult trials.

Researchers can define a number of antibodies that are a correlate of the protection seen in adults, and then look for that level of antibodies in pediatric participants to know that the vaccine is providing protection. That’s why the Covid-19 vaccine trials in children and adolescents have generally required fewer volunteers than the adult trials.

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  1. ferdinand….man up to Trump. Of course Fauci told Trump what needed to be done. Trump ignored any information furnished by Fauci as well as any science. Trump blatantly denigrated science. This is how Trump started and now he ended. Yes, we have to live with the fact that Trump killed as many Americans as he possibly could. The vaccinations for the third world areas that Gates has furnished have cut deaths in children all over the world.

  2. Science is science and it shifts with the paradigms. We know what we know, until we know better. mRNA created vaccines have some risks. (I believe an extreme immune response could develop against a benign foreign body is what I read?) that is why up until now pharmaceutical Giants stayed away from them. Unless of course they knew the revolutionary mechanism would render their old patents useless. They needed time to get their ducks in a row and get the jump on the scientist(s) who developed the mRNA process and OWN them and be given a pass by the Government to experiment with them as has happened with Cofefe-19. That’s just my silly ass opinion Carol. I have a friend who had a bad reaction to the Pfizer Vaccine and of course she had some pre-existing condition that may have made her susceptible, certainly an outlier. Certainly we can’t fuck around with something that went from non-existent to the 3rd leading cause of death you are correct in advocating for the vaccines.

    • SouthThunder230, The BioNTech’s mRNA programs had been in the works before COVID-19 came on the scene. mRNA has been used to target various cancers as well as other diseases. That was the head start that Pfizer/BioNTech had in formulating a vaccine. Science and medicine is constantly tweaking older therapies as new discoveries come to the forefront. Medicine is basically not static but for that matter neither is a virus. The longer COVID-19 is infecting people, the more mutations/variants we will see. Vaccines is the way to stop this.

  3. Ferdinand, More baseless attacks against Fauci and Gates. You would have had an mRNA vaccine, not treatment……

  4. Karyn, We are using vaccines that have scientific and medical basis to them. What are you thinking? Historically a vaccine was made by using a small amount of the killed organism. We have seen reactions to this type of vaccine. The mRNA (Pfizer and Moderna) vaccines use a different process, in other words no DNA from the virus that they are designed to give immunity against. The mRNA vaccines give information to the cells to make a harmless piece of the spike protein which is found on the surface of the COVID-19 virus. mRNA vaccines do not use the live virus, thus they cannot give anyone COVID-19. Nor does mRNA enter the nucleus of the cell where the DNA is kept, thus it cannot alter DNA. As soon as the cell receives the instruction to make the antibodies, it breaks down the mRNA and removes it. Once the mRNA is injected into the muscle the instructions (mRNA) move into the immune cells and these cells use the instructions to make the protein piece. Then the cell displays the protein piece on its surface and our immune cells then recognize that the protein is an invader and starts to build an immune response by making antibodies. This process would happen if someone contracted the actual coronavirus, but a vaccine is a way to gain immunity without someone getting ill. With COVID-19, to contract this virus has killed over 550,000 Americans alone (how about the numbers in the rest of the world?), so this avoids continued deaths. I have explained this process in other articles. This is not voodoo, but real science. Science is real and I cannot state that enough. By the way, Trump, Azar, Operation Warp Speed had nothing to do with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. Berlin put up the money and Pfizer partnered with German scientists. I continue to unwaveringly believe that vaccination is the only way out of this pandemic. You can choose to not be vaccinated, but shame on your for stating lies about these vaccines. Stop talking about something you know nothing about.

  5. Almost half of EU spits from this vaccine. I don’t say it is bad, probably it is raw.

    • Andrew, How is the vaccination process going in Russia? Are people holding back from getting the vaccine or lining up for it? Are you masking, distancing?

    • Hello, Mrs.Duff
      The situation has changed since i described it months ago. After the lockdown in Russia (it was pretty severe) it is much better now. People wear masks only when they enter the shops or social transport. But not everywhere. The hairdresser saloons canceled masks while visit, in my city. All businesses are working, cinemas open.
      About vaccines i can’t tell for all. Usually Russians don’t mind about it, but this modern antivax info, spread by smb in internet, does its job, especially for young people.
      But, anyway, life routine goes ok. Just sometimes we have to put on masks, when visit smth.

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