The Masonic Judicial Mafia


Open letter to the Belgian Minister of Justice.

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“Nothing so much undermines public confidence in public institutions as the knowledge that some public servants are members of a secret society one of whose aims is mutual self-advancement”.[1]

United Kingdom, Commons home affairs committee (Report, March 1997).

Dear Mr. Van Quickenborne,

Brussels, March 6, 2021 – I am writing to you in your capacity as Minister of Justice of the judicial system which, in my opinion, is the most corrupt and the most criminal in the West (perhaps even in the whole world).

I say this after almost 4 years of suffering and exposing crimes, seeing how my complaints are ignored, or arbitrarily filed, or simply remain deliberately frozen in a bureaucratic limbo for all eternity. Are you not responsible for preventing such things from happening and for carrying out routine controls to ensure that justice is fair and not corrupt?

I have been denouncing the crime of torture (among others) for almost 4 years and the various corrupt Belgian institutions have systematically violated the United Nations Treaty Against Torture for the same period of time. Among the many corrupt institutions which violate this treaty (and the Belgian laws related to it) stand out the corrupt judges and prosecutors, who should be the first to comply and apply the law, but are nevertheless the first to corrupt themselves in order to cover up extremely serious crimes.

I have more than once encountered in my legal battles writings decorated with three small dots in the shape of a pyramidal triangle. Typical symbol used by the henchmen of the mafia sect of Freemasonry, to discreetly indicate to their accomplices that the sect has an interest in the said court case.

Paraguay: Former judge Juan RamĂłn Bueno Jara, current member of the Council of the Magistracy, asks that through the Code of Ethics it is required that Masonic magistrates leave the lodge. The judges who do not recuse from the cases of their brother masons incur in prevaricate. It only seeks to traffic influence through the brotherhood, accuses the counselor, representative of the lawyers… “It is known that for Masonic reasons the magistrate is obliged to help his ‘brothers’, harming the other party. It is something outrageous for justice”, said the counselor. Bueno Jara assured that “all the Masons know each other. As there are several lodges, they have their way of dressing (black suit with a certain color of tie), the way of greeting each other, the signature with three dots, or the signature in the shape of a pyramid. It is the way to present themselves”. He added: “If we don’t change this, we will always fall into influence peddling. I mean that there are people of integrity within Freemasonry, but most of them entered only to carry out influence peddling”. [2]

For example, in a legal action against three Belgian institutions, the Brussels Labor Court (15th chamber) violated the United Nations Treaty Against Torture, violated article 136septies of the Belgian penal code. After being informed of the allegation of torture and that the applicant was undergoing degrading treatment, the court did nothing about it.

In his request, the foreigner requests the assistance of an interpreter and declares that he wishes to represent himself. The court refuses the interpreter without any motivation, and using the resulting communication problem as a trick, IMPOSES the assistance of a lawyer (which the court itself processes directly).

The lawyer that the Belgian government imposes on the plaintiff secretly tries to benefit the opposing party (the Belgian government itself) by asking, without his “client” knowledge, that all defendants be exonerated from all liability. When the client discovers the maneuver and reports to the court what is happening, instead of sanctioning the lawyer, the court conceals it; they refuse to give the applicant a copy of what his own lawyer has filed on his behalf.

Trying to hide what she has done, the lawyer sends a hasty letter to the Bailiff and decorates it with three dots in the shape of a pyramid triangle. It is the only script in which she uses this symbol.

Faced with such a situation of total irregularity, I dismiss the lawyer and request that the court be challenged. The court made me wait for the next scheduled hearing and there they agreed to recuse themselves, but I witnessed a total irregularity: the court that was recused chooses the court that will replace them.

The new tribunal (13th chamber), chosen by the tribunal I challenged, again violates the United Nations Treaty Against Torture and again violates article 136septies of the Penal Code. I call on the new court to stop the crimes of degrading treatment, but they decide not to and set a hearing for six months later, promising I would have an interpreter at the next hearing.

Instead of continuing the trial where it was, the new court decides to set a timeline as if the trial has just started, artificially adding another 6 months of proceedings while keeping the plaintiff on a homeless situation and in absolute misery. After six months I have to attend a hearing again without an interpreter and the court says they have not had time to study the case, setting a new hearing for two months later (current situation).

When I protested this joke, the court told me that the file was not there and therefore they “couldn’t” hold the hearing that day. It would have taken them 5 minutes to retrieve the file (in the same building), but they preferred to prolong the degrading treatment of the complainant for a few more months.

In the meantime, I appealed to the Brussels Labor Court (8th chamber) against the Labor Tribunal’s decision to do nothing. This new court again violated the United Nations Treaty Against Torture and article 136 septies of the Penal Code, forcing the complainant for several months to continue to suffer degrading treatment for racist reasons. When I go to the hearing (again without an interpreter), the judge says she hasn’t read the file, scheduling a new hearing for a later date.

During this new hearing (still without an interpreter), the court offers me the possibility of scheduling a new hearing for later date if I need an interpreter, which I reject, because it is a dishonest maneuver by the judges to extend more and more the degrading treatments. The Labor Court finally decides to do nothing and decorates their decision with the three dots in the shape of a pyramidal triangle.

Corrupt judges in Belgium prevaricate and commit crimes, knowing that other judges, just as corrupt as them, will cover up their crimes. It is precisely to prevent this kind of things that the Italian government fights against the underground maneuvers of this criminal organization, closely linked in Italy to the mafia, organized crime and corrupt politicians. The same is true in the UK, where organized crime uses Freemasonry to corrupt officials and judges.

Italy: “The subjects that belong to Freemasonry cannot be part of the government”, states the government pact agreed by the Northern League and the 5-Star Movement in Italy. The document, which lays the foundations for the formation of a government by the two most voted parties in the Italian general elections on March 4, places the freemasons on the same level as criminals, corrupt people and gangsters… At the end of 2017, a commission of the Italian parliament charged with investigating mafia infiltration in Masonic organizations presented the results of its investigation… “The question of the relationship between the mafia and freemasonry has surfaced in a recurring way in judicial investigations in recent decades, with an intensification in recent times”, the commission’s report said. [3]

United Kingdom: Revealed: How Freemasons are used to corrupt justice system… Secret networks of Freemasons have been used by organised crime gangs to corrupt the criminal justice system, according to a bombshell Metropolitan Police report leaked to The Independent. Operation Tiberius, written in 2002, found underworld syndicates used their contacts in the controversial brotherhood to “recruit corrupted officers” inside Scotland Yard, and concluded it was one of “the most difficult aspects of organised crime corruption to proof against”… Famous for its secret handshakes, Freemasonry has long been suspected of having members who work in the criminal justice system – notably the judiciary and the police… Project Riverside, a 2008 report on the rogue private investigations industry by the Serious

Organised Crime Agency, also claimed criminals attempt to corrupt police officers through Freemason members in a bid to further their interests. Concerns over the influence of freemasons on the criminal justice system in 1998 led former Home Secretary Jack Straw to order that all police officers and judges should declare membership of the organisation. [4]

The fact that little is said about the institutional corruption engendered by Freemasonry in Belgium, far from proving that the problem does not exist, shows that its infiltration into state institutions is so extensive that the few honest officials who do not work for the mafia sect, are afraid to talk about the problem. Here is an honorable example of someone who dares to point out this situation in Belgium:

Lawyer Roger Luyckx (former Belgian magistrate): “To promote their career, the judges, as Belgian business do, network with friends, family, politicians and power networks, just by way of example, Freemasonry… This allows them to make a career and to stand out from others to receive honors, appointments, promotions and state decorations. All this would be very legitimate, except that it can also affect by default the intellectual or operational independence of the Belgian magistracy by a kind of unconscious moral corruption”. [5]

Let’s look at a few more examples from other countries, so that it is clearly seen that wherever Freemasonry goes, justice is corrupted:

France: Dr. Maurice Caillet (from his book “I was a freemason”) – “The Venerable [the mason who directs the sessions and the work of the lodge] confided to me in secret that one of the presidents of the court of appeal who was to judge my divorce was our brother, but for reasons of discretion he did not come to our meetings, but attended a lodge in a neighboring town. He contacted him and, contrary to the regulations in force in France, the judge received me at his home, where we had a long private conversation. He studied my file, advised me on my defense and guaranteed me his support”.

Uruguay: Dr. Gustavo Salle Lorier (lawyer, politician, candidate for President of the Republic in 2019) – “The Attorney General’s office and the judiciary covered up Toma’s corruption. Uruguayan corruption is structural. The common thread of this structural corruption is Freemasonry. Freemasonry is the mafia”. 6

As it makes sense to anyone with a little common sense, the administration of justice cannot be in the hands of members of a sect that requires oaths of obedience from its members. A sect that also operates in secret, hiding its intentions behind the veil of mystery, hiding its members from the public light so that no one knows who they are. In the end, it is foolish to think that someone hides and operates from the shadows to do good.

What I have listed above is only a tiny fraction of all the arbitrariness, irregularities, illegalities and crimes that I have suffered for years. Crimes committed with complete impunity, without any Belgian institution doing absolutely nothing to stop them, investigate them or bring criminals to justice. In addition to all that has already been mentioned, I call on the judiciary to conduct an immediate, impartial and thorough investigation into:

  • Complaint to Fedasil for violation of the asylum law and the anti-discrimination law, causing, for racist reasons, degrading treatment and torture of an asylum seeker. Complaint ignored until today.
  • Various complaints before the UNIA for the crime of discrimination. Paradoxically, the anti-discrimination office has been discriminating against a victim of discrimination for 4 years.
  • Torture report of an asylum seeker to the CGRA. Ignored to date.
  • Complaint for crimes (including torture) before the federal police, by means of a formal lettersent by certified mail to Catherine De Bolle (who was head of the Federal Police). They said they weren’t going to do anything. Within a few months, Catherine De Bolle was appointed Director of Europol. Influence peddling for covering up extremely serious crimes?
  • Formal complaint before the King’s Prosecutor’s Office for very serious crimes (including tor-ture). To this day, several years later, they continue to ignore the complaint.
  • Complaint against the King’s Public Prosecutor’s Office for crimes of omission before the Super-ior Council of Justice. Along with the complaint, the said institution was urged to protect the victim and stop the crimes. They did nothing more than assign a file number (Magali CLAVIE, Ref.: F/2018/6/55/CB) and bury the complaint in bureaucratic limbo.
  • Complaint in front of the House of Justice, asking that it protect a victim of torture. They neverdid anything.
  • Formal criminal complaint before the criminal court (magistrate FrĂ©deric de Visscher, File N° 2018/123). The judge declined to investigate, didn’t move a paper, took no statements from anyone, and did not even ask for the information requested in the complaint. I asked the Council Chamber to challenge the examining magistrate and the prosecutor, for prevarication and concealment. The Council Chamber delegated the case to the judge himself and he kept it frozen for years. He neither recused himself nor accused himself of any crime. In civilized countries where the rule of law exists, when a judge is challenged, he has only two alternatives: he agrees to recuse himself or he takes the matter to a higher court to decide whether or not he should be recused. Ignoring a request for disqualification is not a valid option in a rule of law, and the judge who does make it clear that he considers himself above the law and that his conduct is not appropriate.
  • Complaint to the Federal Ombudsman on this real criminal orgy that the Belgian governmentwas committing. They didn’t do anything.
  • Report to the government of Brussels (President and copy to all members of the Cabinet), in-forming them of racist crimes, degrading treatment and torture. Complaint ignored to this date.
  • Complaint before the President of the Labor Court (Ms. Douxchamps), informing her of the corruption of the judges and asking her for immediate measures to put an end to the crimes. She refused to act.
  • I presented a copy of the challenge brief to the Superior Council of Justice, so that they knewthe REASONS for which I had requested the disqualification, and that they could see that the allegation of torture had been ignored, and that no one was stopping degrading treatment. They played the idiot and refused to act, affirming that it was not their responsibility to challenge the judges (Jean BOURTEMBOURG, Ref.: CAE-IV-2020-7). Once again, they violated the United Nations Treaty against Torture and article 136septies of the Penal Code.
  • Complaints presented to several Ministers and hundreds of Parliamentarians, both federal andregional. No one lifted a finger to stop the crimes, enforce the law or honor the international treaties. The last of these complaints before Ministers TRACHTE and MARON. Their assistant, Mrs. Valentina SILVA, answered me at the beginning of December 2020: “We are very sensitive to this type of questions”, so sensitive that they did not lift a finger and ignored my next message. A gang of unscrupulous criminals, from the first to the last.

The United Nations Treaty against Torture establishes, in its article 13, that: “Each State Party shall ensure that any individual who alleges he has been subjected to torture in any territory under its jurisdiction has the right to complain to, and to have his case promptly and impartially examined by, its competent authorities. Steps shall be taken to ensure that the complainant and witnesses are protected against all ill-treatment or intimidation as a consequence of his complaint or any evidence given”.

In addition, article 136septies of the Belgian Penal Code provides that when a public official is informed of degrading treatment and torture, he has the legal obligation to: “act within the limits of their possibility of action on the part of those who were aware of orders given for the execution of such an offence or of facts which begin its execution, and could prevent its consummation or put an end to it”. By failing to comply with their legal obligation to do so, they are committing a very serious crime of omission. A very serious crime which has already been committed in my case by 14 judges and 6 prosecutors and hundreds of other officials from a dozen Belgian institutions.

As Minister of Justice, I ask you:

  1. Take immediate measures to protect the victim from degrading treatment and torture. Otherwise, you yourself would be violating the United Nations Treaty Against Torture and violating article 136septies of the Penal Code.
  2. Remove the blockade of all my ignored legal cases and complaints, so that they are all dealt ac-cording to the law.
  3. Take steps to ensure that no henchmen of this criminal sect called Freemasonry, interfere in anyway in my legal affairs.

I am sending this same letter to all French-speaking journalists in Belgium, France and Canada; and to all lawyers in Belgium. If you decide to ignore the problem, to cover up the criminals, we will all know that you are also a corrupt member of the mafia sect of Freemasonry.


Gustavo Calandra


Telephone: +32 (0) 487 76 41 16

Brussels, Belgium

[1] Sparrow, A. (November 5, 2009). “Jack Straw scraps rule saying judges must declare if they are masons”. The Guardian (United Kingdom)

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[3] Esparza, P. (May 24, 2018). “Por quĂ© el nuevo gobierno de Italia no acepta masones (y quĂ© tienen que ver una logia clandestina y la mafia en esa decisiĂłn)”. BBC Mundo (United Kingdom).

[4] Harper, T. (January 12, 2014). “Revealed: How Freemasons are used to corrupt justice system”. Belfast Telegraph (United Kingdom).

[5] Luyckx, R. (September 25, 2018). “Justice belge et son plafond de verre”. 6 Twitter:


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