Aliens Attack the Navy? Navy Admits that Fleet of Tiny UFO’s Swarmed US Navy Off San Diego

The disturbing series of events during the summer of 2019 resulted in an investigation that made its way to the highest echelons of the Navy.


The Drive: In July of 2019, a truly bizarre series of events unfolded around California’s Channel Islands. Over a number of days, groups of unidentified aircraft, which the U.S. Navy simply refers to as ‘drones’ or ‘UAVs,’ pursued that service’s vessels, prompting a high-level investigation.

During the evening encounters, as many as six aircraft were reported swarming around the ships at once. The drones were described as flying for prolonged periods in low-visibility conditions, and performing brazen maneuvers over the Navy warships near a sensitive military training range less than 100 miles off Los Angeles. The ensuing investigation included elements of the Navy, Coast Guard, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The incidents received major attention, including from the Chief of Naval Operations—the apex of the Navy’s chain of command.

The following is our own investigation into these events, during which we discovered these events were far more extensive in scale than previously understood.

A Strange Story Emerges

Last year, documentary filmmaker Dave Beaty uncovered initial details about the events, centering on the Arleigh Burke class destroyer USS Kidd (DDG-100). That initial account described a tense encounter, culminating in the deployment of onboard intelligence teams.

VT: This is a major story, read it all here:

and from the Daily Beast, their synopsis…

Daily Beast: Back in July 2019, a swarm of technologically advanced drones buzzed around a fleet of U.S. Navy destroyers—and, despite multiple high-level inquiries into the incident, officials still have no idea who was flying them.

The encounters were first reported by The Drive website last month, which said the mystery drones managed to match the warships’ high speed, operated in low-visibility conditions at night, and flew for over 90 minutes—way longer than what commercially available drones can sustain.

Adm. Michael Gilday, chief of naval operations, was asked Monday if the Navy had identified the drones that flew near the ships off Southern California. He responded: “No, we have not.” Asked if the aircraft were “extraterrestrial,” Gilday said he had “no indications at all of that.”

According to NBC News, the flights sparked concerns of a serious security breach and prompted immediate inquiries from investigators in the Navy and the FBI, but it seems that their investigations hit a dead end.

Read it at NBC News

Read it at NBC News

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  1. And sometimes I just can’t help myself.
    (yeah yeah, probably will be told to let this one drown too…. Response to that still coming to email)

    Hey Captain, you see that?

    Yeah Scotty, what do you think?
    Gives me the creeps Captain (tense)

    Go faster.
    Ay captain.

    Still there?
    Ay Captain.

    Turn full starboard.
    Ay Captain.

    Still there?
    Ay Captain.

    Full port
    Ay Captain.

    Still there?
    Ay Captain.

    Damn, these things are sophisticated.

    How long have they been there?
    Think an hour or so, Captain.

    Call Jack and tell him to come up and have a look, and bring his binoculars. Tell him to get Sam too.

    Ay Captain.
    (and so investigative team 1 arrived on the bridge)

    Yes Sir?

    Any ideas?
    No Sir. Seem to be drones of some sort.


    Holy Sh*t, that one almost hit the antenna.
    Pretty brazen, don’t you think?!
    Those things are definitely sophisticated!

    News flash:
    DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 Quadcopter.
    Top speed: 44 mph. Burke class vessel: 36 mph (in excess of 35 mph, Wikepedia)
    Flying time: 30 minutes.
    Payload: in excess of 2 kg. About 7 more battery packs.
    Detects potential obstacles up to 49 feet away
    Drone will automatically follow a subject in ActiveTrack mode
    Flight Autonomy positioning with GPS/GLONASS allows super-accurate navigation
    Adapts to flight conditions with three flight modes.

    Anymore questions?
    And now back to Fred and Phil, who are playing with their smart phones on the back deck.

    • Top Brass is probably still living quite well off the 165 billion in gold they helped steal from the WTC 4 vault.

      Remember…, NORAD had no radar looking INWARD during 9/11.

      Having a functional radar over the Pacific would be far too much for them.

  2. Sounds like a cover story for a dumbed down population. There have been EBE battles in the Pacific for decades. A series of horrific battles took place off the Aleutian Islands of Alaska back in the 1950s between two EBE groups.

    Then of course there was the Battle of Los Angeles, where U.S. Artillery fired shells at Disk craft for several hours straight during WW2 with absolutely no effect whatsoever.

    My best speculation is that a small number of U.S. military personnel are going against the Draco and are fighting a war within the U.S. military itself. I believe this small faction has fully realized what Phillip Schneider realized back in 1995.

    He had stated back in 1995 that the Draco goal is to reduce the Human Earth population by 7/8 by the year 2029. He also stated that HIV was engineered using EBE DNA. Now in 2021 we have Covid and what will likely soon be mandatory vaccinations with mRNA chromosome modifiers. It doesn’t take an astrophysicist to see what is in store next.

    What’s very interesting about Phil, is that he quit working as a Geologist for Morrison Knudsen building DUMBS when he started attending UN Sessions. He learned that UN policies were dictated to the Rothschilds and Rockefellers by the ‘Group of 5’. The Group of 5 being 5 Tall Grey EBEs.

    Phil was very unhappy about this, and not only did he resign, but 40 others did also. He was a specialist in all types of explosives from conventional to tactical nuclear and notable shaped charge designs.

    • Here we go with that Covid Conspiracy Theory again. Don’t you know it will never get legs at VT although the logical extension from Fabio’s reporting would lead in that direction. Fauci is starting to morph into an alien every day. Oh, he got one of the vaccines? That explains it.

    • Hi Ferdinand,

      I’m not on here to ponder the complexities of political correctness, human discord, and social diatribe.

      I’m on here because there are other people on here that seem to have some links in the puzzle we are in. Until we put this puzzle together, and more people start getting off their ass, stop chasing skirts and start figuring things out, it will continue to get worse here in America and everywhere else.

      When I say ‘will sterilize 60-70%’ of the population, I’m not using my own words, I’m quoting head of the Vaccine department at Oxford University, Sir John Bell who stated in Nov. 2020: “….that in order to get a readout…. you need a certain number of controlled cases in the vaccine population…. That determines if the ‘real’ vaccine population has been protected… But then don’t forget, these vaccines are UNLIKELY to COMPLETELY STERILZE a population, they’re very likely to have an effect that works in a percentage, say, 60 or 70%. We will have to look quite carefully, and the regulators will have to look quite carefully to make sure it’s done what we need it to do before it gets approved. So there will be a delay between the outcome of the trial and a decision whether it can be approved as a vaccine.”

      The above spills the beans Ferdinand.

      There are some smart minds on here. If I’m wrong, explain why. If I’m right, explain why.

  3. 90 minute flight time, does not seem like much of an indicator. Also, being numerous does not indicate higher intelligence. My take is , it sounds like we were playing war games with ourselves. And this story is getting way too much play.
    It also seems like “ex officials” are enjoying the sales.

    The timidity in our gov press, is embarrassing. Far smaller issues are also handled with fear and reluctance…a terrible sign the people are not trusted.