A bad day for a cop, and his perpetrator – Officer Darian Jarrott

Cop killer Cueva had an extensive violent criminal record as a drug dealer


Dashcam Footage from Fatal Shooting of Officer Darian Jarrott, KIA

[ Editor’s note: Stops on major highways are very dangerous. There are usually no witnesses around, or anyone that can even hear the shots and know where they came from.

As Gordon can tell you, in a close distance shootout, especially with well trained people, whoever draws first wins 99% of the time. Survival rests not only on how quick your own draw is, but in spotting a giveaway sign that the other guy is about to pull so you get some adrenalin flowing.

And then there is the not inexpensive prep of bearing the cost of blowing through 500 rounds on the practice range regularly to keep your skills and confidence up that you have the speed, and the first shot will be on the mark so you are not rattled in a bad siuation.

Shooter does not look like a very friendly guy

Jarrott made a big mistake. The redneck looked dangerous, and when he asked him to get out he should have instructed him to come around the front. Because he did not the perp was able to screen having his weapon in his right hand and pull it up quickly for the first shot.

Walking around the front with the perp pulling a AR-15 up from his right side would have been more awkward and would have given Jarrott a much better chance.

But walking around to the back is standard procedure. But then with a pickup truck the back was a perfect blind for the shooter having his rifle in is right hand, who could see the Jarrot was not switched on, meaning his right elbow was not up as it would be for a fast defensive shot.

Jarrott of course kept his eyes on the perp all the way, but he was blind as to what Cueva had in his right hand.

At 3:31 you see the prep has already brought his weapon up level to Jarrott’s head, and Jarrott has not even begun to react. It’s game over for him and any other cop who lost that precious half a second.

The reality shock hits him and he reacts by covering his head, right hand going up versus going for his gun. These shooting situations have to be practiced to have a chance at winning. Jarrot tries to retreat to the front of the truck for cover but the big perp is pumped up and very fast

If he had ducked quick enough then the prep would not be sure where the cop would pop up shooting. Then he would be rattled with a big possibility of guessing wrong. Even then its a terrible situation to be playing pop up and shoot with a guy that has an AR-15.

If Jarrott had pulled his gun out sooner as the perp exited toward the back he would have had a chance. This is a sad training video. The only positive part of it was the dirt bag’s minutes were limited and there is one more less of them on the planet

It turns out that Cueva had an extensive violent criminal record as a drug dealer. No doubt, authorities want to know how someone with his history was able to get his hands on an assault weapon. Why didn’t his tag number bring up his history to warn Jarrott?

I just googled the incident more and it came up (from the dashcam) that Jarrott had spotted the weapon, yet after ordering Cueva to exit Jarrott did not pull his gun out to be ready, a fatal mistake unfortunately, leaving three kids behind and one on the way Jim W. Dean ]

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First aired … April 10, 2021

Luna County, New Mexico — On February 4, 2021, New Mexico State Police Officer Darian Jarrott initiated a traffic stop on a white Chevrolet pickup on Interstate 10 eastbound, near mile marker 102 east of Deming, New Mexico.

During the traffic stop, Officer Jarrott asked the driver, identified as Omar Felix Cueva, 39, of Deming to exit the vehicle. Cueva exited the driver’s side holding an AR-15-style rifle and fired at least one shot at Officer Jarrott as he was walking to the rear of the vehicle.

Officer Jarrott ducked and fell onto his back as Cueva ran around the back of the pickup toward Officer Jarrott. Cueva fired several more rounds at Officer Jarrott who was struck by gunfire and killed. As Cueva ran toward the front of the truck on the passenger’s side, he shot Officer Jarrott point-blank in the back of the head.

A Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) agent arrived on scene and notified New Mexico State Police dispatch that an officer was down. A broadcast was put out to state and local law enforcement agencies. New Mexico State Police Officers Lionel Palomares and Sonny Montes located Cueva traveling east on Interstate 10 near mile marker 116.

Cueva pulled over and fired at Officers Palomares and Montes. The officers returned fire at Cueva who continued to evade officers, traveling east on Interstate 10. As Cueva fled eastbound on Interstate 10, law enforcement officers from the Las Cruces Police Department (LCPD), the Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Office (DASO), and U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) assisted New Mexico State Police with the pursuit.

Near the Picacho exit on Interstate 10, (near mile marker 135), NMSP officers successfully utilized tire deflation devices on Cueva’s pickup. Cueva continued to flee east on Interstate 10. Various law enforcement officers engaged Cueva in gunfire as he fled. DASO Deputy Jerod Huston fired rounds from his department issued rifle near the mile marker 136.

DASO Deputy John Signore fired at Cueva near the mile marker 138 eastbound. Near mile marker 139, USBP Agent Oscar Delgado fired one round at Cueva as he passed. LCPD Officer Adrian De La Garza then utilized a Pursuit Intervention Technique (PIT) maneuver near mile marker 140.

Prior to the pickup coming to a stop, Cueva exited the pickup armed with a firearm and shot multiple rounds towards the officers and deputies. LCPD Officer Adrian De La Garza and DASO Deputies Diego Herrera and Obed Marte returned fire towards Cueva, who was struck several times by gunfire.

Officer De La Garza was struck by gunfire and was airlifted to a trauma hospital in Texas where he was treated and released for non-life-threatening injuries. Officers rendered aid to Cueva until emergency medical personnel arrived on scene. Cueva sustained fatal injuries and was pronounced deceased on scene by the Office of Medical Investigator.

This investigation is active and being led by the New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau. Officer Darian Jarrott began his career as a Transportation Inspector with NMDPS. He was certified as a law enforcement officer in December of 2014 and worked with the former Motor Transportation Division of NMDPS.

In July of 2015, he was sworn in as a New Mexico State Police officer where he bravely served until the day of the shooting. Officer Jarrott leaves behind 3 small children and was expecting his fourth child this year. Officer Darian Jarrott was laid to rest on Friday, February 12, 2021 at Shakespeare Cemetery in Lordsburg during a private burial.


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  1. This ‘cop getting shot by surprise during stops’ contributes to other cops sometimes being quick on the trigger, as a split second makes all the difference. I watched a bunch poice shootings of Youtube videos one night, and with young black kids especially. It was amazing after being told to keep their hands up they would continue to make moves just like someone going for a gun..and then the cop shooting them after the third time of telling them not to do it. We had the Detroit shooting last year where a black guy tried to do a quick draw head shot on a cop arresting his buddy, who missed, and then got riddled. Only the cameras of the incident saved the town from riots. The police ran over to the dead guy’s family to show the videos (from three angles) to prove they had a cop killing kid gang kid and they chilled.

  2. “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men”

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