Blockbuster: Former Aussie PM: Fox News and Murdoch coordinated in Moscow to raise Trump, Destroy America

...and every agency of the Trump regime joined in starting with the DOJ, DHS, Treasury...all working 100% for Russian intelligence


VT: By late 2015, we noted that Russian media giants, Sputnik and RT, had turned their editorial policies around.  They began backing right wing, neo-Nazi causes, criticizing civil rights activists and aligning with GOP presidential candidates.

By March 2016, we contacted the Clinton campaign through our shared legal staff headed by Thomas Mattingly and Bart Fisher, telling them that a foreign intelligence operation was working the election for Trump.  We were unaware that Trump’s people were in Ukraine, meeting with Russian intelligence on the election.

We tracked the activities of Google and Fox and found both to be coordinating with intelligence agencies, Israel, Turkey and Russia and with RT and Sputnik.

As time went on, increasingly Fox News and RT/Sputnik became partners, coordinating stories with Tucker Carlson and Hannity parroting news from Russia’s official outlets, views the Russian media took on that are repugnant to the Russian people or their domestic media.

It seemed that Murdoch and Putin had gotten together with Google and Facebook to put Donald Trump into office, by our assertion, to bring down the US and to give Israel a free hand.  As to why Putin, time and time again, seems to be controlled by Netanyahu is one of the biggest questions in the world.  He has backed down over and over.

Then by 2017, the Trump-Barr Department of Justice began a program of intimidation of the media, those not already under control.  Coordinated with Israeli owned Newsweek and others, articles tying VT, which had taken on a 100% stance against Russian media and its pro-Israel, pro-Trump stance, its racism, its “Blue lives Matters” slavishness, and tried to tie us to Russia.

It didn’t bother anyone, but the Washington Post, who actually followed up on the story, that were totally on the other side.  The Post picked it up and began partnering with VT.

However, the DOJ increasingly tried to work against VT, claiming that our support of Biden, including articles published in Russia alone, were actually an attempt to help Biden get into office…and that it was Biden, not Trump, that was working for Russia, despite the fact that the Russian media giants, working with Fox News, attacked Biden all day, every day.

But people did began to notice.

And today, former Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull puts a name on it, Fox News is the KGB.

Financial Times: Murdoch’s News Corp accused of undermining democracy Ex-Australia PM says media group is ‘most powerful political actor’ in country and has divided the US The storming of the US Capitol was a consequence of Fox News campaigns, said former Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull has accused Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp of eroding democracy in the US and Australia by dividing people and undermining institutions with lies and populist rightwing ideology.

The former Australian prime minister told a parliamentary inquiry that Donald Trump’s presidency was to some extent a creation of the media mogul and that the attack on the US Congress in January was a consequence of partisan campaigns led by Murdoch’s Fox News.

“What does Vladimir Putin want to do with his operations in America? He wants to divide America and turn Americans against each other,” said Turnbull, a trenchant critic of Australian-born Murdoch, whom he has known for 45 years. “That is exactly what Murdoch has done: divided Americans against each other and so undermined their faith in political institutions that a mob of thousands of people, many of them armed, stormed the Capitol.”

Turnbull, who blamed News Corp for his ousting as prime minister in a Liberal party coup in 2018, alleged News Corp outlets were “utterly liberated from the truth”. He also questioned whether Fox News’ relationship with Trump was comparable to state-owned media in an authoritarian country, by apologising for and not holding to account its favoured government.

“I’ve hung around billionaire media proprietors for a long time. I have never seen a politician as deferential to a media proprietor as Trump was to Murdoch, ever, in any country,” he said. “Murdoch’s media in the US had a symbiotic relationship with Trump.”

Daily Beast: Australia’s ex-prime minister, Malcom Turnbull, has long accused Rupert Murdoch of bringing his prime ministership down—and, at a parliamentary hearing on Monday, it was very clear that he’s out for revenge.

Turnbull, a former journalist who has known Murdoch for over four decades, delivered a furious takedown of one of his country’s most notorious sons during Monday’s evidence session. He accused Murdoch of doing more to divide America than Vladimir Putin, and blamed his media empire for causing the presidency of Donald Trump as well as the Capitol riot that marked the disgraceful climax of his time in power.

“What does Vladimir Putin want to do with his operations in America? He wants to divide America and turn Americans against each other,” said the ex-prime minister, who first met Murdoch in 1974. “That is exactly what Murdoch has done: divided Americans against each other and so undermined their faith in political institutions that a mob of thousands of people, many of them armed, stormed the Capitol.”

The former Australian PM was invited to give evidence to the inquiry that was launched after a petition calling for a probe into Murdoch’s media empire was signed by half a million Australians. Turnbull is the second former prime minister to rip into Murdoch in front of the inquiry.

Turnbull said that, although Murdoch has had far too much influence in the political processes of his own country, he was particularly sickened to see what the media mogul achieved with Trump in America. He went as far to suggest that Trump’s relationship with Fox News was similar to the the unwaveringly loyal state media in authoritarian countries.

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  1. Trump’s bogus deep state alternative reality imaginary opposition he allegedly fights and capitalizes on (look at RDS’s work) is similar to some of Stalin’s fake plots that he used to control the Soviet Union in the 30s and keep everyone riled up while destroying his perceived enemies or competition.

    Quite a few were accused of being agents of Japanese intelligence where such allegation were beyond preposterous. Now Q anon types have been saying recently that China was behind the alleged rigging of the election for Biden with no evidence.

  2. It’s… Deeper than that: ALL media anointed Trump “Tough on Trade”.
    Repeated it so much, you’d think it was his surname!

    Deep Shills for his #1 bugaboo: The trade deficit.

    #2: Bugaboo was Dem #OpenBorders.
    Exactly what America had “When It Was Great”!!
    (Also noncitizen voting #MadeAmericaGreat. #MAGA!)

    But all Trump shills witting & unwitting should have lost, (and I should’ve been wrong when I “predicted” before anyone that he’d win) however…

    #DeepState Comey saved his punk ass.

    • What American Idiots saw in exchanges like that above, is Trump winning.
      What it actually was, was the media showing Trump was their bitch, their WWE clown villain that they could sell infinitely better than DramaQueenDon himself.
      Like TNT says, “We Know Drama”. More importantly, how to sell it.
      It was a decent job selling the “Good Cop” as the Bad. But since nobody noticed, it was effectively a genius job.

      Another case in point being when DramaQueenDon [was told to] decreed Obama “Born Here, Period.”
      The media gave him smiley 😀 stickers & 🍭.
      “See, He’s Presidential!”

      Contrast that with their reaction to Liz Warren merely sipping a beer: “Inauthentic Pandering!”

    • … Another case in point was moron REPUBLICAN DramaQueenDon constantly admitting his only solution to bugaboo #1 was a TAX: The #TrumpTAX tariff TAX.
      A 35-45% TAX.

      The media never used the 3 letter T-word about it.

    • Trade war fake. Past decades US intentionally making Mexico and Central and South America failed states. Who benefits? Trump’s immigration policies were cruel but it did not solve the underlying problems. Meanwhile he continued to destabilize Latin America which is basically a narco-controlled dystopia with the state withering away.

  3. Australia , is a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy. It is not a true democracy, as the governor general can and has fired a sitting prime minister, at the behest of the Queen who is kept insulated. The US Sun, began media operations in synch with the arrival of Harry and Meghan. Coincidence, maybe,… but the constant barrage of articles selling US people on how democracy is the government of GB, is flatly false, and the royals enjoy an excessive amount of coverage here. Trump wanted to act like a king, and was reminded we don’t have those numerous times. If Russia is a problem also, it is because of Israel and Britain. The game of pretend is tiring. I would suggest Mr Turnbull, become active in seeking independence, and until such time, stay out of US politics. We need to clean our own house.

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