Blockbuster: NEO, The Nasty Truth about America’s Love Affair with Narcissism and Self Pity


by Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook of the Russian Academy of Science (Est. 1816)

There is a saying, “the crazy people have taken over the asylum.” They did that in the United States in 2016, a nation ruled by grifters, petty criminals and the delusional.

The sane and decent became the “silent majority” as the not just America but the world learned that the darkness of the American soul depicted so often by Hollywood is not fiction at all and that a reality TV actor had tapped into a cesspit of sewage that has seeped into every American community.

Then came 2020.

By sheer luck along and, yes, the votes of 81 million Americans lucky enough to survive voter suppression and intimidation financed by a worldwide organized crime cartel, the insane are now out of power.

The new “captain’’ of America’s “ship of state” may well, however, have something on his hands worse than the Titanic. The Titanic had the courtesy to actually sink while America, under this analogy, drifts lifelessly along.

Extremism is big money in America, climate denialism, race hatred, social discord and civil war, hate is both a product and an addiction.

It is also one of America’s biggest businesses. There would be no social media, no Google, no news organizations, no underbelly of device driven ecstasy, without fear and hate being marketed like cigarettes and CBD gummies.

Roots of America’s Politics of Fear and Hate 2.0

American extremism is not the result of poverty or oppression. It originates among the privileged, the “haves” who adhere to insane beliefs driven by boredom and generalized dissatisfaction at lives the rest of the word would envy, overpaid jobs, gas guzzling cars and trucks and fast food laden with fats and poisonous additives.

If you asked many millions of Americans to define “reality,” their brains would grind to a halt. Reality is based, not on experience or observation but on “beliefs” and strongly held “opinions” which are invariably those scripted for them.

Beliefs and opinions untested by the feedback loop of life has created a generation of Americans who are, essentially, living in a video game. This makes Qanon a AI program.

Collective delusion has become the norm for many, and by “many” we mean up to 150 million lost souls, caught in an RPG game or, for some, a “first person shooter.”

What does it make those who play? But then we have seen all this before, just without a population softened up to this degree by chaos theory conditioning. Some background:

The Roots of Fascist America

In 1940, Adolf Hitler was Time Magazine’s man of the year. The parents and grandparents of Trump’s supporters, following Huey Long, Gerald L.K. Smith, Father Coughlin and Charles Lindbergh sought to establish a “whites only” America based on the German model with carefully selected military leaders run by Wall Street pulling the strings.

There is something magical, even today, about being “white folks.” That magic originated in the 18th and 19th centuries with the “Sturm and Drang” movement. Extremes of emotion and subjectivity were exalted above rationalism.

Childish temper tantrums became a philosophy and eventually a political movement.

The movement, which failed in Europe, found fertile ground in the United States in a society that increasingly defined itself though ritualized slavery and degradation and oppression of “coloured races.”

This was a society built on the genocide that wiped out millions of indigenous peoples with the survivors now living on “reservations.”

Imagine land where nothing grows, and no one could live. This is an “Indian reservation.” From time-to-time oil is found or minerals or there is a need to build a pipeline. Then even the worst land on earth is taken away.

This was done in South Africa. It was done in Rhodesia. It used to be called “colonialism.”

By the 20th century there were no indigenous people left to imprison. America then turned to warring against the freed slaves and millions of “undesirable” European immigrants, Catholics and Jews in particular.

Curiously, this war was centered on banking issues, blocking trade unions, sustaining child labor and controlling farm prices. This created the alignments that exist today, the strong tie between Wall Street and homegrown extremism built of bigotry and race hatred.

You see, too many of the undesirables that fled autocratic Europe found that the long hand of international banking that maintained serfdom for millions, even in supposedly advanced Western Europe, had institutionalized the same in the United States under the guise of representative democracy.

Leading the way was the resurgent Ku Klux Klan.

By the 1920s national membership was estimated at over 8 million. Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and a dozen other northern and western states were governed by Klan controlled politicians who used the state militias and National Guard as a private army and local police as armed enforcers.

Behind it all, the banks that brought Hitler to power and the American corporations that made millions financing Nazi Germany’s war machine, General Motors, Dupont-Remington, Lockheed, Alcoa and General Motors.

Even Hitler Would Cringe…

The new American revolution, driven by Donald Trump and his televangelist backers, is the result of as social anthropologists note, generations being allowed to live the life of spoiled children, steeped in narcissism and self-pity.

The events of January 6, 2020 and how it tied to many American religious leaders has emptied churches across the US, with millions finding themselves humiliated with having followed “false prophets” in support of hatred and tyranny. From Salon:

“…these religious figures (Trump’s powerful televangelist backers) and the institutions they led (have become) hyper-political, the outward mission (has)seemed to be almost exclusively in service of oppressing others. The religious right is not nearly as interested in feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless as much as using religion as an all-purpose excuse to abuse women and LGBTQ people. In an age of growing wealth inequalities, with more and more Americans living hand-to-mouth, many visible religious authorities were using their power to support politicians and laws to take health care access from women and fight against marriage between same-sex couples. And then Donald Trump happened. 

Trump was a thrice-married chronic adulterer who routinely exposed how ignorant he was of religion, and who reportedly — and let’s face it, obviously — made fun of religious leaders behind their backs. But religious right leaders did not care. They continually pumped Trump up like he was the second coming, showily praying over him and extorting their followers to have faith in a man who literally could not have better conformed to the prophecies of the Antichrist. It was comically over the top, how extensively Christian right leaders exposed themselves as motivated by power, not faith.” 

Jerry Falwell Jr., who introduced Donald Trump to America’s evangelical Christians, is himself an enigmatic figure.

Falwell is typical of America’s religious leaders and stories such as this, from Fox News, are daily fodder for Americans:

“Jerry Falwell Jr. allegedly played games with his wife Becki where they’d rank Liberty University students, they most wanted to have sex with, according to one pupil who claimed to have been intimate with Becki.

The ex-student — who claims Becki initiated oral sex with him 10 years ago — told Politico that she bragged about playing the sex-ranking game while walking around the Virginia campus with her evangelical-leader husband.

‘Her and Jerry would eye people down on campus,’ the former student of the conservative school told the outlet.

Social Engineering Through Pandemic

Anyone who really lives in America will make this perfectly clear, this country has turned into a lunatic asylum. Our previous president told us COVID was a hoax, allowed over 40,000 from China enter the US while the threat of COVID was well known and turned his back while, today’s figure, 570,264 Americans died. Experts now cite that Trump was personally responsible for over 400,000 of those deaths. He is quite simply a mass murderer.

Do remember that only 900 died in Australia. Canada lost 23,000. 35 died in Vietnam. 440 died in Cuba.

One might wonder how a Hitleresque figure such as Donald Trump could have millions of followers while the legal mechanisms in the US are amassing evidence for both criminal and civil prosecutions which quite probably will never come to bear.

Groundhog Day, an Unending Nightmare

Let me tell you how I began my morning. As a journalist and intelligence briefer, I review incoming material, both open source and private intel. The big story overnight involves a revelation on a religious talk show involving theories on COVID 19 and vaccines.

The show is by Jim Bakker, an important religious leader and political advisor. In 1989, Bakker was sentenced to 45 years in prison for mail and wire fraud but served on 5 of those years. He has stolen tens of million of dollars from his congregation to support a wild and lavish lifestyle of utter debauchery.

In this area, he is typical of America’s evangelical Christian leaders.

The guest on Bakker’s show was Steve Quayle. I know Quayle as an advisor to President George ‘W’ Bush on Middle East affairs. I know of no qualifications for this post.

I do know of Quayle. After 9/11 he approached my staff in Amman, Jordan offering them generous payments to “launder” otherwise sourceless intelligence on Iraq into the Bush White House to justify an American invasion of that nation.

Two million people died, maybe many more, due to fake US intelligence on Iraq. No weapons of mass destruction were ever found.

Groundhog Day Two

Let us take the clock back a few years. I remember traveling to Kentucky, then and still a very backward area of the country, in 1956 to visit relatives. This was a presidential election year, and my father was working for Adlai Stevenson, the Democratic candidate that was opposing Dwight Eisenhower.

Even I, at a fairly young age, was flabbergasted at the dinner table discussion that day as my “hillbilly” relatives expounded on their political opinions and version of historical fact. This is how they laid it out:

  • We should support “Ike” because he killed Hitler personally after storming Berlin. They described a sword fight. What they described reminded me of the death of the Sheriff of Nottingham played by Basil Rathbone in the 1938 film Robin Hood starring Errol Flynn.
  • They then went out to describe how the US beat both Russia and Germany who were at war with the US. It seems Russia did not fight Hitler at all but was actually Germany’s ally. My father, a reasonably educated person and longtime friend of Russia, found this somewhat disturbing.
  • Next, we heard about how “godless communists” were going to take away our freedoms and destroy our standard of living.

I might remind you that my relatives in Hazard, Kentucky had no electricity or plumbing. One of my cousins lived in an abandoned car parked in a slag field.

During that trip, we visited my grandfather, a retired coal miner. He lived in a shack covered with tar paper along a railroad track. I loved my grandfather.

Life Lessons Do not Come Over the Internet

Over the next 60 plus years, I had shared tea with farmers in Vietnam, military veterans living in a small shack in the Khyber Pass and everything from heads of state to struggling farmers all over Africa and the Middle East. None would have guessed that there are Americans that live in not just utter poverty but steeped not only in delusional ignorance but far worse than that.

A current obsession with American “conservatives” is the fear of being overrun with transexuals, who, according to many, represent a threat to our freedoms. I have never met a transsexual. From what I understand, up to 10,000 currently serve in America’s armed forces.

Back during the 1960s when I served with a Marine combat unit in Vietnam, we probably had no transexuals, only gay or “homosexual” Marines and Navy. Absolutely nothing was thought of it as these individuals invariably served with honor and courage.

They existed in significant numbers.

Today aging “conservatives” who avoided military service in Vietnam continually harp about saving the rest of us from “homosexuals in the military.”

Voting and “Jim Crow”

Let us take another look at efforts by the Hitleresque racists and bigots to save the rest of us from ourselves, against our will of course. In Georgia, the legislature recently passed a law that makes it a felony to offer water to someone waiting in line to vote.

Water is an issue because, in Georgia and many GOP (Trump’s party) run states, polling places in areas where people of color vote have been closed causing day long lines. In 2020, volunteers offered food and water to those who would otherwise have either collapsed or left without voting. Now offering food and water can lead to being executed by racist police, quite literally, or spending 5 years in prison.

In 2020, voters in many key urban areas were threatened by armed neo-Nazi militias or openly threated in emails from Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, organizations deemed terrorist in Canada and now citied by the US Department of Justice as trying to overthrow the US government.

In January, during a US Senate runoff election in Georgia, 364,000 voters were challenged by the GOP in Georgia as “illegal.” All of them were African American. All 364,000 were qualified to vote and their votes were eventually counted, giving Georgia two Democratic US Senators.

The Federal Elections Commission is now investigating that this effort to rig the Georgia senate elections was secretly financed by illegal contributions from members of organized crime.

Groundhog Day Three

I live in a rural and primarily Republican area. I parked my car less than 30 feet from the door of a polling place, a local church, and voted in less than 3 minutes with no lines or ID check.

In order to limit mail voting, Trump ordered mail sorting machines destroyed with sledgehammers and over 40,000 mailboxes picked up and junked as scrap metal. Mail service in many cities simply ended. One letter I sent to Washington DC from Michigan took 45 days to arrive.

Hundreds of millions of pieces of mail, starting in late September 2020 simply disappeared, not just votes but government checks, Christmas presents and medications from pharmacies sent to Veterans.

All of this was not just publicly known, things are far worse than that. Those who so many decades ago believed the United States fought Russia in World War Two, would raise children and grandchildren with no respect for human rights, no understanding of democracy, no ethical norms nor any remote understanding of right or wrong.

This is the reality for those living in America, a reality that those who watch America from afar through the distorted lens of Google Corporation and the press, can never fathom.

Ah, but things are so much worse than that. It is not just having spent 4 years with a president who told us you could cure covid by drinking bleach or eating flashlights. It gets worse.

Groundhog Day Four

A few days ago, former Trump advisor Cirsten Welcon claimed that President Biden had been paid billions of dollars by China to let them test their newest “weather weapons” on Texas. Power outages there, now attributed to corrupt backroom deals by Republican politicians, led to many deaths and considerable suffering.

Little did any of us know of the role of the magic Chinese weather machines.

In another vignette, it has been a years since Trump advisor and televangelist Kenneth Copeland stood before a television audience raving like a lunatic. He then pursed his lips and blew at the television camera, the “wind of god” which he claimed destroyed COVID forever.

This effort by Reverend Copeland, who has millions of followers and a vast financial empire, led President Trump to announce that COVID 19 was going to disappear.


Some would like to believe that the institutionalized insanity of America’s right is restricted to the “Untermensch” substrata of rural poor whites. However, for decades now, the most radicalized and extremist elements of America’s society, the most ignorant, the most warlike yet cowardly, have gained control of the US military through service academies which espouse their conspiracy theories.

With the onset of Trump, they gained much more than a foothold in American politics, they now control many states “lock, stock and barrel,” and are involved in not just voter suppression but a general quashing of human rights and free speech.

The door to this turn of events began well into the 19th century. Laws, still on the books, are now being employed against Donald Trump, from CNN:

The Democratic chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee has filed a lawsuit against former President Donald Trump that cites a little-known federal statute that was first passed after the Civil War.

The complaint, filed Tuesday by Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, accuses Trump, his attorney Rudy Giuliani, the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers of violating the 1871 Ku Klux Klan Act. The lawsuit accuses them of inciting the Jan. 6 Capitol riot to prevent the certification of the 2020 presidential election.

These same extremist elements and calling them “extremist” insults al Qaeda and ISIS (banned in Russia) who are moderate in their beliefs and practices in comparison. These statements might sound extreme in themselves were it not for so many Americans, religious and military leaders, members of government and business leaders calling for wholesale murder of their political opponents citing their personal communication with a non-corporeal authority they said is “god.”

Americans hear this all day every day, the emails are unending, TV networks like Fox, OAN or Newsmax say little else, and that message is carried not just through media but lawn signs dotting the countryside.

Hundreds of thousands of American homes are festooned with paraphernalia espousing murder of public officials and their families. Americans see it every day driving to work. What they ask themselves when they see things like this is how many others hold these beliefs but keep it to themselves?

What if academics wrote papers on the issues, we discuss here? What if the BBC produced a documentary? Would things get better? The problem dates back not just generations but centuries.

It is not a moral problem; it is not a political problem. It is one of degeneracy. At some point we may be required to reassess our definition of sentience.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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  1. There was a great piece in the NY times regarding the religious stronghold on our courts, and the case can be made quite easily, that religion in general (in its current presentation) causes dispersion and erosion of sentient behaviors. The evidence of basic truths concerning the science of the invisible, was globally present and the highest level of science humanity had. This was attacked and destroyed to a large degree, causing a steep downgrade in sentience over the last couple thousand years. The average human even after 13 years of mandatory education, cannot survive in a natural environment, or even grow their own food or forage with any discernment. Our species has become completely overly fascinated with the game of pretend, which is over usage of deception and its role in the natural world. We are detached from the natural world in a very unhealthy way.

    • It not “religion” that “causes dispersion and erosion of sentient behaviors,” but the “13 years of mandatory education.”

  2. The idea of humans being the only sentient beings is largely a religious belief or basis for their pious fraud campaigns. Simians actually lag behind in many categories of sentience. The average human cannot navigate many physical conditions like a basic dark forest, and rates horribly when it comes to emotional control or social interactions. Selfishness, is an interesting aspect to study in various animals, loyalty, social ethics, perceptions of nature in general, none of which are categories humans lead in. It seems like we perceive our environment or surroundings in great detail, but the evidence this actually is true is scant. The US is the great experiment for humanity, although it could be argued we are not completely off the leash of the church and crown. If we were, the entire thing would a cleaner experiment. We just encountered a major catalyst, and now we wait to see how we compensate and learn.

  3. Oh man, classic Americana Gordon! I love the ancestry stories. They like to call it a melting pot here, but really we all know that shits for alchemy. You really only have to listen to a couple John Prine songs to understand ‘what pieces of work’ we invaders of the free world are.

  4. If this article written for Russia, then it goes to show Russia has had no interest or desire in influencing US politics or elections or even establishing pedophile rapist casino owner Rush Limbaugh’s as “assets” or blackmailed foreign agents.
    The US has collapsed all on its own doing. Russia only laughs what else can it do as it SO obvious and ridiculous what caused the collapse and it certainly was not Russian culture or weapons or communism or Russian spies..
    Russians always willing to help too in the analogy of calming down with logic and advice a paranoid delusional fucker with a gun in a grocery store.

  5. I’ve been observing America throughout my life Gordon – from the time I first met my maternal Uncles & Aunts who had emigrated during the 1920’s & 30’s and stories of my grandfather and his 3 brothers who travelled to mine in Butte in 1890 with my grandfather returning to Ireland in 1896. Their stories and my knowledge were extended through stories told to me of paternal relatives who had emigrated en masse to the cornfields of Iowa during the 1850’s with 3 of my great-granduncles fighting in the Union Army during the Civil War. My entire extended family encountered hardship, sorrow and joy as they fought against discrimination & Big Business, from the Railroad Barons to the Mine-owners with many finding upward mobility through education and service in the US Military. Nowadays, many of them remain within the higher echelons of the Air-force & Navy with more littering the Halls of Academia with all their achievements attained through the pursuit of & respect for education & human decency rather than money. To say that their overwhelming majority, both Blue & Red, are appalled at the depths to which America has sunk is an understatement. Fact is that America & the idea of America with its freedoms from Europe’s (continuing) ethno-religious fiefdoms has failed and failed miserably. No self-respecting Irish person considers catching the emigrant boat to America any longer for however bad things may be in Europe, it is clear that America has degenerated beyond redemption

    • So ….. tell the truth Gordon.
      America has degenerated beyond salvation. A Revolution by the dispossessed acting together with the squeezed middle against Rule by dual-Citizens, a bought & paid-for media, a political class, in both Parties whose strings are pulled from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Riyadh and the oligarchic plutocratic control of what little industry is left in America is inevitable and, I guess, there are many former and serving Military who haven’t yet been swept up by the plutocrat-owned mercenary class with their fake “private contractors” will be exceedingly happy to join that revolution.

  6. Have to say, Gordon, you’re painting the USA with a very broad brush. Yes, the Uncle Shmuel has been a white supremacist ever since the first European set foot on this continent hundreds of years ago. Manifest Destiny was always a racist ideology that claims Europeans were destined by God to displace indigenous people all around the world, rape and pillage them, and in the case of the former American Confederacy, own them. This is exactly what the Ashkenazim are doing in Palestine to this very day.

    To say most Americans are stupid is certainly not the case. Yes, fully one quarter of them think the Sun goes around the Earth. If you don’t believe me, Google it. But just like Galileo came to the realization that the opposite was the case and was thrown in prison by the Pope, so too, the vast majority of Americans realize that their founding myth, Manifest Destiny, was bullshit. But the Zionist Mighty Wurlitzer that gave us 9/11 and all the wars of this century just keeps belting out the lies… Turn the damn thing off!

    • Hey Hoops,
      I watched your video; very impressive compilation.
      To assemble such a collection as that, AND to make such a prescient prediction of Trumps initial election would seem to come from someone well connected; an insider maybe? Primary suspect” ADL?

    • “Childish temper tantrums became a philosophy and eventually a political movement.”

      Nailed it.

      One reason I publicly “predicted” DramaQueenDon winning before anyone.

      The Tea Party showed what was coming.
      See my vid:

  7. If Ed and Lorraine Warren were alive, we may ask them make a test in Kenneth Copeland, to know if he is possessed by someone evil spirit…. 🙂

  8. Ah, sentience. Who is human, who’s an agglutination, who is a loosh-sucking energy vampire or a djinn in human form. Only thing that makes sense.
    I need to invent a detector. Wait, I have one, it’s called discernment…

  9. Mike

    I had a beer and burger today…one beer…my limit anymore. It’s been awhile since you have been here. You don’t see the stupid everywhere but you do see it more places than ever before. If it weren’t the problem I say it is, and who would know better…I would simply not make the effort.

    This piece was written for russia, not the US and is translated into Russian. The racial issue here in the US is so utterly toxic…and it is so easy to buy in on racism…it has been sugar coated for all of us since the 18th century.

  10. Mr. Duff,

    There’s much in your article commentary that I can agree with, and even some that I can relate to, especially regarding ignorant and delusional friends and family growing up in America, coming from a military family. Nonetheless, there really are problematic moral and spiritual and cultural issues all across the spectrum in the United States, not just on the American ”conservative” (what are they ‘conserving’, exactly?) Right, but on the fake ”Left” as well. My own example; I am a devout and traditional Orthodox Christian, socially and morally conservative and pro-life, and also very much a Socialist. In America I’m a fringe outlier I understand and am realistic about that, but around the world outside the USA, lots of people similar to me exist. Like this guy Castillo running for President in Peru that the Plutocrats are afraid will win the elections there, I believe I have similar ideas to people like him, I think. I guess boiling down and getting to my main point; I don’t want to be lumped in by you as a typical Trump supporter, not a racist, don’t give my money to heretical fraud televangelists, don’t worship ”Israel” and abhor ”Christian Zionism”, but take my Christianity and it’s true traditional teachings seriously.

    I’ve been fighting these ignorant malignant turds all my life practically, but sorry, it’s a little demoralizing thinking I might possibly still not be among friends here either.

    Thank you sir.

    • I’ve lived and worked almost everywhere. There is nothing quite like America. One of my Russian friends back at MSU explained, this was 1970 and both of us had just gotten out of the military, that no people on earth are as stupid as Russian peasants.

      It took me a while to understand…but we are dealing with a unique kind of stupid here. If you can, catch this weeks Greys Anatomy. The COVID denialist character….quite realistic. TV can do wonders at times.

    • Gordon, I haven’t watched any “tv” for several years, so I guess that makes me “ignorant.”
      However, your phrase; “COVID denialist character….quite realistic,” brings me to ask “denial” of what?
      I’m pretty sure you would lump me into the category of “Covid denialist,” but I don’t deny that a Covid phenomenon has swept most of the world.
      I just don’t believe that anywhere near the “truth” of it, has been told.

  11. We were some time ago noted as a paid troll. Thanks for stopping by. How are things in Haifa?

  12. As for Moral Bankruptcy”, watch a couple of episodes of the American “Shameless” as well as just about anything being inserted into the American consciousness on the music scene. Check who promotes and profits. Did you gag yet?

  13. You’re worried about oath keepers overthrowing the US Gov. I worry because the US is under an occupation. We are occupied by dual citizens of a small genocidal state. Democracy is a joke. Both Parties and the Media are bought out and paid for. Our military fights their wars in the Middle East and they train our Police to treat us like Palestinians. The occupation tightened its grip with the Patriot Act and now choke us to death with Covid19 restrictions. The Biden admin is the most dual citizen of all and loves Covid 19 restrictions as a religion. What is a poor boy to do?

    • Mike, who the fuck do you think the oathkeepers are….they are the slaves of the dual citizens as are the proud boys and the other cop sucking traitors

  14. “climate denialism”!!! Come on Gordon, check the science. The climate is always changing. What parts are man made verses natural are difficult to quantify and therefore always subject to debate. What??? Do you want carbon credits?. TACKLE THE PROBLEM WITH THE CORRECT PERAMETERS. It is POLLUTION!!! Pollution is measurable and preventable. It is not so complicated. Let’s frame problems as they are not as they are defined by the greedy guys.

    • Mike, science denialism is dumb fuck. Please…save it for the girls on the bar stools. Save a place for me.

    • I find the word denialism offensive. Science today is just as corrupted as religion. HIV/AIDS, 911 official narrative, COVID, ADD, ANDD, Cholesterol, and etc. it’s all a fraud. There is no good side to join. The good guys only appear in movies. Do you think there was a Big Bang?

    • Stopped womanizing and drinking over ten years ago. But there is no one I would rather have a drink with than you. No booze allowed presently in the bars and the girls have all moved on. Restrictions end again May first. Take a vacation here. “The drinks and the laughs are on me”

    • – well, Mike, pro life thing, as a focus, still, how’s the food supply these days, did you know less than four percent of land on earth is aerable, meaning food land. The focus on reproducing has been a distraction, now, millions of years of earth changes, random, infinitely lucky, gone, do you know how many birds are gone, fishes, insects, the chemical soaking, polution destruction, and, may want to look into the artic, if you can find it, and did you know the ice and ocean cooling, beside keeping fish aiive, was as important to weather and existance of the sky, as the sun is to food.
      Just a few things.
      Will say, at least you have some energy, whereas many have none, about anything, so there’s that. Just saying weather is a thing, problems.

    • Hypefact,
      plenty birds and fish left, and a couple too many insects. The alligator dinasaurs that made it, are feared and hunted.
      “Life” on and in this world is still too numerous to name. Don’t worry. Things have a way of working out as planned.

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