Can CBD Oil Help with Anxiety & PTSD In Veterans?


Numerous veterans are suffering from anxiety and PTSD after all the things they’ve been through and witnessed during the war. PTSD appears after someone has had an experience with different traumatic or life-threatening events. The shock experienced often leads to anxiety and PTSD, affecting the life of the person in many ways. 

Out of every 100 Vietnam veterans from the Vietnam War, about 15 are dealing with PTSD. Meanwhile, 12 out of every 100 veterans in the Gulf War were diagnosed with this disorder. Living with this condition can be frightening for the individual and might result in the veteran refusing to engage in certain actions or go to specific places that remind them of the trauma. 

Is there a solution to this? Well, CBD oil has become increasingly popular and is thought to relieve the symptoms of PTSD and anxiety. Is that true? How can it help veterans? Let’s find out. 

How Can CBD Oil Help with PTSD?

Even though not everyone has come to terms with CBD oil, this ingredient is getting more popular, and it’s considered for the treatment of different conditions. One of them is PTSD. How exactly will CBD oil help relieve symptoms of PTSD and anxiety?

Back in 2016, there were different studies that tested CBD oil and the effects on those dealing with PTSD. A young girl was treated with this ingredient, and it was proven that the substance helped with the symptoms. Not only did it reduce the anxiety, but symptoms like insomnia were also decreased, improving her life. 

In the same year, the VA published the fact that cannabidiol helps diminish inflammation, improve the mood and reduce pain. It is also a remedy for different mental and physical ailments. 66,000 veterans went through treatment for opioid addiction, and CBD is considered an alternative for opioids. After all, the oil has shown wonderful results already. 

It turned out that CBD was able to decrease the effects of chronic predator stress. Furthermore, the compound prevented the apparition of increased anxiety that comes as a result of chronic stress from unpredictable situations. 

So, CBD is good at helping people handle their traumatic events and make them relax. This goes to prove that veterans can use the substance to relieve their traumatic symptoms. They can use it 1 hour after the experience to prevent any further negative effects. 

We should also bring up a medical paper from 2015, which studied whether CBD was increasing any unstable moments in people suffering from PTSD. The paper, named “Cannabidiol as a Potential Treatment for Anxiety Disorders”, spoke about people who were dealing with predator stress using CBD one hour after the issue. 

There was also a study at the University of Birmingham, UK, which was able to show some great results by testing CBD on rats. The rats that were administered CBD have shown a decrease in fear expression. The study has also shown that CBD can decrease fear for a longer amount of time. 

Why Does CBD Oil Work for Veterans?

CBD is derived from cannabis, but it does not contain THC. 

THC is the compound that is responsible for making you high. So, even though CBD is cannabis, it doesn’t contain the high element, making it safer.

CBD oil works for veterans as many studies have shown great results regarding anxiety reduction. The symptoms will not vanish forever with the use of CBD oil, but they will be relieved, making veterans feel more comfortable, relaxed, and able to enjoy their life. 

After all the horrible things veterans had to witness while in the military, CBD oil can help them be present in the moment rather than live with flashbacks and other trauma symptoms all the time. 

The substance will bring a feeling of peace, calm, and relaxation, improving the mental and physical state of the person. 

Can CBD Oil Replace Other PTSD Medications?

Whether or not CBD oil can be used to replace other types of medication for PTSD depends. Not everyone has the same experience with CBD, as the substance works differently for everyone. It may even not work as intended for some individuals. 

It’s important to seek an experienced doctor’s help before starting any treatment with CBD oil. They will tell you if you should remove other medications and stick to CBD oil instead. It all depends on how your body responds to the oil. 

Final Thoughts

CBD oil has shown that it can do wonders when it comes to symptoms of PTSD and anxiety. It can be an effective way for veterans to alleviate the symptoms and live a normal and better life as a result. It’s important to keep in mind that using CBD will not miraculously erase anxiety and PTSD, but rather help reduce the symptoms and bring a feeling of relaxation. If you’re a veteran looking for organic CBD oil to help you relieve PTSD and anxiety symptoms, visit this website.


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