The GOP’s Plot to Keep COVID Deaths in the US High


VT Editors

COVID 19 is the “golden goose” for the Trump family, big pharma and the GOP’s Kosher Nostra gangsters that hijacked the Fort Detrick biowarfare program and unleashed it, we believe, on the US

…and they aren’t done and they won’t let a vaccine stop them

New COVID variants are killing millennials, and death rates in the 40 to 60 age group have increased by a decimal point.  This is why death rates are static while half of Americans have at least one jab and the most vulnerable are entirely vaccinated, if they so desire.

What VT has found is a coverup, in the CDC, a coverup in the press and a conspiracy involving members of congress, Trump holdovers in government and billionaire backers of militia movements funding a COVID 3rd wave.

Their tools? Led by Tucker Carlson, spreading vaccine hoaxes, and using a biowarfare program to spread the most dangerous variants of COVID using the power and resources of the Republican Party.

If America unlocks and dying stops, Biden is a hero.  Sources tell us that won’t be tolerated even if they have to go to the secret labs and unleash “COVID22” and wipe America clean. 

Heavily funded organizations tied to “Stop the Steal” assembled databases of “typhoid Mary” COVID spreaders, asymptomatic COVID “infectees” who carry and shed the virus month after month.  The CDC cited a 3 month limit initially but a select few, dozens only, are far beyond that.

Locating these people and managing them are anti-Vaxx medical personnel working with GOP/MAGA/MEGA funders.

Our sources tell us that funding behind the hoaxes tied to fake vaccine deaths and the questionable medical experts that espouse anti-science for big cash also funds teams of COVID spreaders working directly with the groups that attacked the Capitol on January 6.

The deal is simple, with 85% of those likely to die of COVID 19, the group 70 and older, already vaccinated, why are COVID deaths only 3% lower now than they were one year ago, at the height of the first wave?  Moreover, why is there no reporting on who is dying, and how?

Jim and G were vaccinated some time ago, as with other VT folks.  Hanke got his jab in early January, Duff in late January and Jim in February.  There are, in fact, no senior citizens in the US who have not been vaccinated who have made any rudimentary effort.

Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and a dozen other chains not just have appointments open, their personnel are working phones to fill vacant appointments.  Their reefers have aging Pfizer that will be thrown out and they are back to doing J and J.  Inventories are high in every state, every locality.

Yet, this is the April 2021 COVID death chart showing no decline whatsoever even when the target population is entirely vaccinated and only one vaccinated individual in the US out of 150 million has died.

Math isn’t adding up and VT’s investigation into why is yielding results.  Many believe COVID is a bioweapon.  If it wasn’t then, it certainly is now.  Funds are pounding into GOP friendly “patriot groups” intent in discrediting Biden’s efforts to open up the US.

Without lockdown protests and the hate filled hoaxes tied to them, Trump would have lost by ten million more votes.  Many more white voters jumped on the “Trump Train” over lockdowns, or as disgraced Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan expounds (Google “Jim Jordan wrestling), “saving the constitution.”

The plan is to keep infection rates sky high through “Typhoid Mary” spreaders being shuttled from event to event with many purposefully arranged to spread COVID, managed through local GOP organizations.

The next question and perhaps the most serious one is “who is dying?” That one is easy, nobody knows.  The CDC website is still run by Trump people and Republicans in congress are blocking new appointees.

Thus, the CDC’s website that outlines Death by Age Group hasn’t been updated for months.  Here is a screen print from 3pm, April 24, 2021:

Only 30 million jabs were given when this table was prepared yet it is the most recent information the CDC has.  A simple internet search will yield everything you need to know, meaning it will yield NOTHING you need to know.

There is no data on who is dying anymore.  Data trackers now largely omit age of those on ventilators, who is in hospital and, as is so often reported, if no one is in hospital, then why are a thousand Americans a day dying of COVID when almost NONE of those who statistically are at risk of dying are unvaccinated?

Even correcting for “progression of disease,” the numbers should be averaging between 150 and 250 a day, not 800 to 1000.




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  1. Mihail appears to be the most accurate comment here. First of all, we know this was all planned beforehand, one smoking gun being Event 201 in Oct. 2020, as Plandemic Series and others have documented, and the video clips of it are readily available except on trigger-happy youtube. Second, has the scary monster Covid virus even been isolated? No, but at 40 or more cycles of amplification a “positive” result will come up, as it will for a goat and a papaya as it did in Tanzania when their skeptical president Magufuli had his own labs test the PCR Test. His subsequent public ridicule of the CDC and WHO soon led to his untimely death at the age of 57. It’s all a diabolical NWO fraud, bigger than 911 planes hoax, and as persecuted truth tellers like Dr Sherri Tenpenny at vaxxter and interviews on Bitchute make clear, the “vaccine” is a DNA altering “time bomb” which will help in bringing about the desired population reduction long sought after by the global elite, the same people who are heavily involved in child sex slavery and even child sacrifice to Lucifer, the same people who plan and promote all wars, destructive geoengineering, sexual and cultural subversion, the 1958 takeover of the papacy in Rome (white smoke 1958), the “disappearing” and “accidenting” of people in their way, a little know but very important one being Sister Lucy Truth, also those covered at The Corbett Report. Truth is stranger than fiction.

    • Correction: President Magufuli died at age 61 from “Covid complications,” in other words murdered. He was very healthy before mocking the PCR Test before the whole world. Look up realhistorychan magufuli dead and find out more about him, as well as how many other public figures who opposed the NWO have died mysteriously during the last 100 plus years. While you’re at it, get a good propaganda antidote of revisionist history by subscribing to that excellent site.

  2. Still believe continuing pandemic caused by intentional attack on Iran with much more deadly bioweapon-laden virus than what hit Wuhan.
    This Iranian virus is what spread around world, and not the Chinese one that fairly quickly washed itself out The Chinese virus somehow jumping across oceans overnight into Iran was used as a cover story for the bioweapon attack on Iran.
    The spread of the rapidly mutating Iranian-targeted virus was not intentional outside of Iran,
    it was a designer type bioweapon supposed to infect certain ethnicities and genetic types (Persian) but the death labs didnt do a good job making it anywhere near stable….so we are all collateral damage from a US/Israeli attack on Iran in February 2021. Thats how I see it …I might be crazy but not stupid look up on fucking wikipedia how 81 countries got their first cases from Iranian travelers. Look up Israel military bragging they have the shit that can kill arabs but not Israelis….

  3. obvious bioweapon. Look at all those OTO freaks out of Holly-wood providing cover for the fake and evil WHO..

    Can’t believe Tom Hanks turned evil. Seemed like such a nice guy.

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