There is no way that the guilty verdicts in the trial of Derek Chauvin can be allowed to stand. Judge Cahill’s with respect staggering decision not to sequester the jury meant that they were exposed to massive pressure. Matters were hardly helped when Congresswoman Maxine Waters went to Minneapolis, opened her big mouth, no offense intended, and threatened street violence if Chauvin were acquitted. I entirely agree with Alan Dershowitz, with respect. The Supreme Court will have to intervene. The left’s tactics have been taken straight out of the Ku Klux Klan’s playbook, although there are no reports of Congresswoman Waters joining the Klan.

Maxine Waters

Not sequestering the jury was Judge Cahill’s second big mistake. His Honor should have acceded to the defense request to move the trial from Minneapolis. Not doing so was just asking for trouble. Of course the DVD station in Washington may apply blackmail pressure to the Supremes, as they did following the presidential election, but someone (the NSA?) might just have worked out countermeasures by then.

The other problem, apart from jury intimidation, is that prosecution don’t have a case. The argument that George Floyd died as result of Officer Chauvin kneeing on him was demolished by Dr David Fowler, former Chief Medical Examiner of Maryland. Floyd had an enlarged heart, high blood pressure, narrowed arteries and suffered from small adrenalin-secreting tumors, paraganglioma. He had also taken what for most adult males would be a fatal dose of fentanyl, which causes respiratory distress, and methamphetamine. It’s no surprise that he suffered a fatal cardiac arrhythmia, sadly.

Then there was the carbon monoxide. The prosecution were so quick to cave in to Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the Democrats that they didn’t even check to see if the police vehicle’s engine was running, even though Floyd’s head was positioned right by the rear end of the vehicle. Brilliantly, David Fowler picked up on this. Floyd’s CO level was dangerously high and the vehicle exhaust provided an obvious explanation.

The prosecution experts didn’t do their job, no offense intended. They appear to have treated the CO2 reading as rogue, or ignored it because it conflicted with their case. The cross-examination of Dr Fowler was such a disgrace that it is bound to cause international concern. Every country with an extradition treaty with the United States should be reviewing its position.

Once Dr Fowler had drawn the blunder to their attention the prosecution should immediately have reviewed the tape and determined if the police vehicle engine was running or not. Testimony from the other officers and eyewitnesses, visible exhaust emissions and minor vehicle vibration should have told them that the engine was in fact running.

The MPD vehicle

Police Interceptor

The vehicle appears to be a Ford Police Interceptor Utility, usually fitted with a hybrid drive train including a V6 gasoline engine. When stopped the gas engine charges the lithium ion battery pack. V6s are so unbalanced you could appoint one to the Biden Administration, no offense intended. The vibrations from the engine are visible on the video.

The V6, typically of 3.3 liters capacity, would put out a fair amount of CO. There is no way that Dr Fowler, whose moral courage in testifying for the defense is to be commended, should ever have been cross-examined on the basis that the Interceptor’s engine was not running. To have planted that doubt in the mind of the jury was both morally and legally wrong.

Similarly the rebuttal witness on CO should have looked at the obvious CO source in close proximity to the deceased and questioned the 98% oxygen saturation level. Far greater respect should have been shown to Dr Fowler, who didn’t get his 10 – 18% CO range from thin air.

UK-US Extradition Treaty

My advice to HMG would be to immediately give six months’ notice of termination of the 2003 UK-USA Extradition Treaty under Article 24. The treaty is lop-sided anyway and is effectively a dead letter after the US refusal to extradite Anne Sacoolas in respect of the vehicular manslaughter of Harry Dunn. No civilised country could possibly take the risk of exposing its citizens to the kind of prosecutorial misconduct recently on display in Minneapolis.

Boris Johnson won’t take action, of course, but that’s because he’s a house-trained idiot, no offense intended. British government policy in practice is determined by the Cabinet Secretary, Simon Case, who even gets to decide which phones the Prime Minister uses.

Only this week Case has ordered a government climb-down over the vital Overseas Operations Bill, watering it down to the point of irrelevance. The Cabinet Office are also humiliating Boris Johnson over the malicious, politically motivated prosecutions of British soldiers who served in Northern Ireland.

Simon Case

Obviously Simon and Boris must be forced to resign, always assuming that Simon is not first terminated with extreme prejudice on the order of Higher Authority. Extrajudicial executions are a delicate area of course, and strict Chinese walls have to be maintained between those supplying the intelligence and those making the decisions, not least since they can involve technical breaches of the Homicide Act. Expressing myself with my usual caution however, fresh information has recently come to light which might cause Higher Authority to review whether or not Simon Case’s continued existence can be justified in the national security interest.

As I have explained before in this column the majority of Britain’s Cabinet Secretaries have been political criminals and most have committed capital offenses. The most recent Cabinet Secretary to be terminated was the notorious traitor Sir Jeremy Heywood, whose with respect worthless existence was finally brought to an end, not before time, in 2018.

Sadly Sir Jeremy wasn’t taken out in style. If I had been consulted, which I wasn’t (my only role was to alert Higher Authority to his role in the Olympics bomb plot), I would have recommended a fair trial by the High Court of Parliament under a Bill of Attainder, followed by ceremonial decapitation by axe in the usual way at the Tower by a State Executioner drawn from the ranks of the SAS Regiment.

Naturally he would have been provided with a slap-up breakfast, a padre and fresh straw in his dungeon. I would only want him to have been decapitated nicely. One of the advantages of decapitation, by the way, is that it provides the condemned man with a final opportunity for reflection and feelings of remorse before consciousness ceases. Different views have been taken but it appears that the flow of oxygen to the brain can persist for up to seven seconds after separation of the head from the body. British practice of course is for the executioner to hold the severed head up high and proclaim “behold the head of a traitor”.

King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

I should not be thought of as saying that only Cabinet Secretaries can be candidates for State Trial and Execution from the Cabinet Office. No doubt a case could be made for trying former Post Office Chief Executive Paula Vennells CBE for her life at the Bar of Parliament. She was in charge when hundreds of innocent postmasters and mistresses were hounded, some to their deaths, on bogus false accounting charges, being rewarded with a plum Cabinet Office post.

Paula Vennells

State Executions have always been gender neutral. Anne Boleyn was executed on May 19th 1536 following a slight marital bust-up with her husband (King Henry VIII). That wretched woman Mary, Queen of Scots, who was even more of a nuisance than Nicola Sturgeon, no offense intended, was very properly executed at Fotheringhay Castle on February 8th 1587. There is no constitutional reason why Paula Vennells could not be given a fair trial by Parliament and beheaded, although there are no particular plans to give her the chop at the moment.

Mary, Queen of Scots

I should explain that it is a serious thing in this country to invoke the Queen’s name in a prosecution on indictment without both a genuine belief in that person’s guilt and reasonable grounds for that belief. Malicious prosecutions are destabilising, and it would be entirely proper to put someone conducting one to death, after a fair trial of course. Indeed I would go so far as to say that we shall continue to see a procession of bogus prosecutions in this country unless and until a bent prosecutor is forced to mound the scaffold in mortal terror. It would “encourager les autres”, as it were.

Given that the Cabinet Office are backing Labour for the 2024 general election, in exchange for a veto over government policy, Cabinet Office reform is in the Tory Party’s interest. Case’s replacement will need to be a retired three-star, as I suggested last week, who would be politically neutral.

The big bunny hunt

The police still have not managed to find Darius, the cute giant bunny! Clearly it’s time to call in MI5 and GCHQ. There are some curious features to this bunnynap. It’s highly unlikely that the bunnynappers just wanted a lots of rabbit stew.

Darius the Bunny

Darius is a big bunny. He’s not the sort of bunny you could keep in a house. You would need a safe hutch for him, which implies advance planning. Being the world’s biggest bunny he would not exactly be easy to sell. There aren’t that many bunny fences around anyway. Who would take the risk of fencing such a hot bunny? He also needs a special diet. You can’t just feed him a load of lettuce.

There’s no indication at all that he was taken outside of the UK. Again, given his size, getting him through border controls would not be straightforward. A friend of mine once arranged to hide a Soviet defector in the trunk of a Lada, but you’d have trouble getting Darius into the trunk of a car. You’d have to sedate him, and determining the correct dosage would be tricky.

So why kidnap him, unless you’re GO2 and just want to upset people, especially children? If he’s been kept in a safe hutch it will most likely be outside, which is where satellite imagery could come in useful. Darius is big enough to show up on satellite, and unusual enough to allow for easy recognition with body mapping software. Once caught we should throw the book at the bunnynappers. Darius is a gentle soul but we might be able to find some killer bunnies somewhere to make the bunnynappers unhappy bunnies.

Jim Steinman (1947 – 2021)


The great composer Jim Steinman, who wrote Meat Loaf’s Bat Out Of Hell, sadly passed on April 19th. An outstanding talent, he also wrote Total Eclipse of the Heart, one of my favorite songs, for Bonny Tyler.

Sadly his talent wasn’t initially recognised by the record industry. Meat Loaf actually had trouble getting Bat Out Of Hell released!

With Jim Steinman’s untimely departure the mantle of being the world’s greatest living composer now passes to Sir John Williams. RIP Jim. You were one of the greats.


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  1. Agreed about Bonnie Tyler. You couldn’t have 1980s music without Total Eclipse of the Heart…
    There are a lot of very peculiar things about the George Floyd case, but I will mention only 1, which wasn’t in the article. On Monday, right after the judge gave the jury their instructions, an RC church was set on fire and burned, by Antifa/BLM, just a couple of blocks from their main protests in Mpls. Church was burning in broad daylight. If that wasn’t Jury intimidation, I don’t know what is. With no Jury sequestration, the jury would have known of the church burning, and added that to the threats they personally got. Chauvin has an excellent case for Appeal.

    • The fire on April 19th was likely caused by a faulty furnace according to fire dept. report there were people inside who where safely evacuated. It was 12 miles from the courthouse across town about an hour walk and the only indication of ANTIFA/BLM involvement comes from this guy:
      The video, shared on April 20 by an account called republicanparty, which describes itself as “Your #1 source for Republican news,” cites another Instagram account associated with an Evan Kilgore as the original source.

      The text post accompanying the video claims this fire is a “preview for what is to come after the Chauvin verdict” and warns that “not even churches are safe from the mob in Minneapolis.”

      The most intriguing asspect of this case is the connection between the murdered man and his killer. Bouncers at the same bar. You may want to hit up Jack Heart to get the inside scoop on what happens in that world.

    • I didn’t see the republicanparty acct. you mention. I have been looking at local TV news stations in Mpls, such as Ch 5, #1 cause of suspicion for me, is that the fire was on a Monday that just happened to be Apr 19, old Patriots Day, and just happened to be right after the Chauvin jury was sent out. Patriots Day is a day for false flags, always has been!… They are still investigating the cause of the fire, 1 week later. That means arson to me, and whodunnit and why is the question. If you look at Ch 5 videos, both during and after the fire, the roof and belltower were on fire. The Sacristy burned, which was the ONLY thing on the main floor that burned, so it started in that area, probably NOT in the basement. Photos after the fire are strange. Vestibule, the Nave with its stained glass, and even Sanctuary look ok. But there are no statues in the niches on each side, and no Stations of the Cross on the walls. Reminds me of the Notre Dame fire!

  2. They should add the charge of chemical weapons assault as well since he choked him out with his knee while keeping his head next to the exhaust of a running vehicle. I am sure all of your black friends agree with your assessment of the trial, the courts and the judge, Mr Shrimpton – and that would amount to zero from my impression of your apparent racial bias. I guess that comes with the territory in a place where lineage is so esteemed and false politeness gives you some imagined cache’ to taunt. We are all indebted to your service and sacrifice in exposing the DVD plot to nuke the Olympic ceremonies however they are not the only or primary corrupt entity literally crushing the world today.

  3. Chauvin made a deal to accept a guilty verdict so the cities wouldn’t burn. We will be told he died in prison while they put him in the witness protection program.

  4. So we just ignore a two week trial, a 9 minute video, 5 witnesses and the expert witnesses that Shrimpton doesn’t like just because Maxine Waters said, ‘get more confrontational’. That would be a miscarriage of justice. A white cop can only be held accountable if they kill a black person who was on perfect health and there is no other health condition that would otherwise shorten their lifespan.

  5. David Odell

    Actually, the Queen is no longer even the de facto head of state in Canada. In 1990 the Supreme Court unanimously endorsed a unanimous decision of a panel of ex-bank-lawyers (Ontario Court of Appeal) that criminal / racketeering offences committed by financial corporations are not illegal, because the criminal law states only that offenders will be “severely punished”, but does not otherwise directly state: “Don’t do it.”

    To fix up the “loose ends”, the same judges all held that henceforth the Courts will take the criminal law “under advisement”, but that it is no longer binding on the Courts. Henceforth the former bank-lawyers will decide whether financial contracts that are offensive to the criminal law are still enforceable – depending on the judges’ personal opinion of:

    “The serious consequences of invalidating the [criminal] contract, the social utility of those consequences, and a determination of the class of persons for whom the [criminal] prohibition was enacted… ”

    The result was, and remains, a de facto coup d’Ă©tat, with the controlling minds of the Bar Association successfully deposing Her Majesty in right of Canada.

    Needless to say it didn’t make the evening newscasts.

  6. Michael Shrimpton first got under my skin when he denied that Israel nuked us on 9/11 and got away with it. He’s still obedient to the Zionist fable that Osama bin Laden and 19 Arabs did 9/11. A fervent Trump supporter, it was just a coincidence that Trump’s future son-in-law, Jared Kushner, gave up his bed and moved to the basement so that Netanyahu could spend the night at their New Jersey home back in the day. Trump was absolutely NOT beholden to Bibi in any way shape or form, even though he surrounded himself with Likudniks and Zionists from day one of his presidency. In short, Shrimpton is mostly – with respect – full of it, and Gordon just keeps him around for entertainment.

  7. Michael Shrimpton must be taking something toxic to come to that unintelligent conclusion.
    Anyone with a brain and a heart knows that Floyd was killed by the kneeing pressure on his neck. Try to be in his possible and see if you can gasp for air. When he cried out out “I can’t breathe”, Chauvin should have removed his knee instantly. Floyd wasn’t going anywhere lying down and with handcuff on! It was intentional murder b4 the public, and thankfully someone recorded it as evidence!

  8. We all watched Chauvin kill Floyd , and it was heinous.

    The argument has to face the camera, and convince us that what we see is not happening.
    Good luck with that.
    It is no surprise the British want us to doubt what we see, as the Canadiens and Aussies do not even know the queen is their head of state. Go ask them.

    • David, they know very well. Some of them might not like it, but they know. Seriously, it doesn’t take brains, either. If you are in your own country, and you pull out a coin with HMQ’s face on it, it’s pretty obvious.

  9. interceptors..

    ford usually outfits them w 327’s – cools the tranny.. and yes thats a 327 hevy chevy on a diet…

    here in the west they hav moved away from the crown vik type interceptors… the SUV’s can’t trak to the HR tires past 90.. they hav simply added a second car, past the 20 mile mark from the villages; if U see one the next is about 90mph away..

  10. rabbit stew ! thats a tinny Lop!

    Co and Cn hav the same saturation.. its % @ 7 or 7% nix – next – dies changing the flat ?

  11. The Supreme Court must intervene? GTFOH with that BS! The first white cop EVER held responsible for his actions in Minnesota. Chauvin got what he deserves….He’ll rot in prison!
    Is Kyle Rittenhouse also innocent?

  12. The “flaw” was that the history of their working at the same club was not added as motive.
    Chauvin’s face was clearly that of a person intending Murder 1. He was avenging some earlier damage to his ego.

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