Is Tucker the New ‘Larry Craig,’ a Voice for the Closeted ‘Gay Old Party?’


“In 2007 Tucker Carlson told Dan Abrams on MSNBC that he smashed a man’s head “against the stall” in a public rest room, claiming the man had “bothered” him, though not at first saying he was responding to a sexual advance — just that he was “bothered.” In hindsight, it was stated with the zeal we’ve come to learn is a mark of heterosexual men who are insecure about their own masculinity and sometimes their own sexuality.”

Anyone want to tell your husband that this is the guy you dated in college?

You’ve seen Tucker in college.  Now see Donald:

Anything peculiar about these photos?  Read on.

Once upon a time, a senator from Idaho, a violent homophobe and “gay basher” was arrested for soliciting gay sex in a public restroom at the St. Paul, Minnesota airport.

Trump attorney Michael Cohen speaks of the 500 times, much more in actuality, he paid off or threatened those Donald Trump sexually assaulted or paid for sex.  Dozens are adult women but many are children, and some of those boys under 11.

Trump spent his early “manhood” as the constant “date” of gay lawyer and mentor Roy Cohn. 

The photo below, of Roy Cohn and Donald Trump is telling.  This is a “young 20s’ photo of Donald Trump from Vanity Fair.  Not Donald’s arms.  Is this the right arm of a young athlete or of a “nancy boy?”  This is the bicep of someone claiming to be over 6 feet tall yet the arm of an average 10 year old girl.  Then there’s this one?  Was Trump surgically altered?

Trump backers claim this unretouched photograph depicts his bulletproof vest.  This adds a whole new dimension to “covering your ass” doesn’t it?

Speaking of unaltered photos, take a look at the same region in this photo of former “First Lady” Melania Trump:

We didn’t alter the photo.  Not the arms are more muscular than Donald’s while the “rear abdominal appendage” appears to be a cartoon.  Check the hands.  They are twice the size of Donald’s also.

There are no records of Donald Trump having high school girl friends or any relationship with a woman who wasn’t hired in some way.  In fact no one seems to know him from childhood except family and you know what we learned from that.

How could Trump be a bully?  Melania could obviously beat him (or anyone) in arm wrestling.  We know Donald was sent to military school by his father, a local leader of the KKK.  We are told, not so truthfully, that dad wanted to beat the “weak” out of his son.

Did he mean “weak” or something else as Donald’s interests in puberty didn’t follow dads, whose real estate empire included owning many of New York’s thousands of brothels.

Enough on Donald.  We could talk Senator Graham and the reports we get from the Air Force about his proclivities or of George W Bush and his more stable and lifelong history, a personal life that, by current standards, needs to be more understood than damned.

Then we have Tucker Carlson, who brags about beating up homosexuals in bathrooms.  Ouch.  Double ouch.  We know that that really means, don’t we?  From Raw Story:

Tucker Carlson’s pathological obsession with homosexuality, exposed

Last week, social media lit up with screen grabs of Tucker Carlson’s yearbook entry from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut in 1991, which was confirmed by the college, listing the “Dan White Society” as a club to which Carlson stated he belonged.

It was a grotesque, homophobic and violent display, as Dan White was the anti-gay killer of gay civil rights leader and San Francisco City Supervisor Harvey Milk and San Francisco Mayor George Mascone, both of whom White assassinated in 1979 at City Hall in a horrendous act of gun violence and a homophobic hate crime.

There is no Dan White Society, at least not any that any other student at Trinity listed as having been a member. Carlson also listed membership in the “Jesse Helms Foundation,” referring to the late Republican senator from North Carolina who led a crusade against queer people in the 80sand 90s, exploiting fear and whipping up hate as AIDS came into the forefront of American society, preventing LGBTQ people from attaining protections amid rampant discrimination. The fact-checking site Snopes found no other reference in the yearbook to a “Jesse Helms Foundation” either.

Jeet Heer did an instructive deep dive last week that is worth a read, looking at why a 22-year-old college student in 1991 would be paying tribute to a homophobic hate crime over a decade earlier, noting the intense homophobia on the right at that time.

Indeed, Carlson seems to have been obsessed with homosexuality going way back, having co-written a letter in the college paper in 1990 stating that homosexuality is “unnatural and unhealthy,” responding to an article in the paper that had detailed homophobia at Trinity College.  read more…




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  1. Tucker has all the hallmarks of a long term projection. It is counterintuitive for people to imagine a large percentage of gay or queer people being life long republicans, but that is definitely a thing. The constant internal conflict one may have in that environment, can and does lead to violence. Omar Mateen is one such example. In a party with a huge anti-gay base, Caitlyn Jenner is running on that ticket. A sharp contrast to Tucker and Donald, who, due to discomfort with not being genuine, must hide and lash out constantly, forever hearing their fathers voice in their heads.

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