Interview: VT Bureau Chief for Caucuses, Jeffrey Silverman, on Secret US Bioweapons Labs, Regional Policy


Video: VT Bureau Chief Jeffrey Silverman being interviewed for Georgian television on issues including a secret US bioweapons laboratory


  1. Caucasus. It is geography. I live in the north Caucasus. Armenia, Georgia belong to the Southern Caucasus. It is not Iran/Iraq.

    • Yes, the Caucasus is a strategic crossroads between 2 continents, just like Istanbul is. North Caucasus, Russia, is in Europe, and South Caucasus is in Asia. 2 parallel mountain ranges, between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Trade routes. Oil and gas galore. Bioweapons labs, there since the Soviet days, have been greatly enhanced. And as Jeffrey Silverman noted, NATO ships are docking in Georgia’s Black Sea ports, and nobody is telling the Georgians about it. I agree with him – Georgia does not need the EU.

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