All They’ve Got: GOP Working to Keep America Locked Down


Senior Editor

Time for all of us to join the Trump Train.  We believe that anyone getting COVID 19 be refused hospitalization unless they can prove they have been totally vaccinated.

Anti-Vaxx freeloaders are filling our morgues and hospitals.  Time to start burning them on sidewalks like they do in India.

We could go a step further and refuse to bury them in cemeteries as they obviously aren’t sentient beings but rather fakes of some kind.  Nobody is that stupid.

Local GOP politicians working with religious leaders have been discouraging senior citizens from getting vaccinated and they are doing this around the country.  It’s real, they’re doing it and they are doing it to keep deaths up and everyone knows this and nobody is talking about it.

They are doing it for one reason, to keep COVID alive, the same way Trump brought in 47,000 infected Chinese, thousands of infected Italians and then shipped our first batches of vaccine to Israel while our first responders got sick.

We also believe he ordered the disease released on the American people and quite possibly around the world as well. Would he do that?  Are you kidding?

If it “got out” of a lab, and that door has always been open and is now the only possible way this COVID and the new strains have moved around the world, it came from a bat research lab financed and run by the US and under the full authority of one person, Donald Trump, at the time the fake accident happened.

Every move since then by America’s right has been to do every bit of damage possible while using the disease to secure power, enrich elites and spread mayhem.

Do you think Derek Chauvin would have murdered someone on camera unless he believed Donald Trump had his back?

We are now quite probably at a point where those dying of COVID 19, or at least 99 percent of them, and we are losing up to 1000 per day, are suicides or “stupid-cides.”

Anyone in the US who wants to be vaccinated is.  Those not vaccinated do so for varied reasons tied to stubbornness, narcissism, bad politics or simply outright suicide.

What they are also doing is keeping us locked down.  Our rule here, when we hit 70%, no masks at all and we are over 50 and stalled.  At 60, restaurants are fully open….and it progresses onward.  We could do 70% by next week and be done with it with one exception, our Republicans here in Michigan are refusing to be vaccinated and, in the process, are still dying.

Here in Michigan and elsewhere, we now have a glut of vaccines.  They are excepting walkins at most retail locations and the City of Holland, nearby, has set up a vaccination site at the yearly Tulip Festival, taking walkins from anywhere, including outside the US, no questions asked.

We had gotten through most of our older population, who make up 97% of those who die of COVID by the middle of March, almost 6 weeks ago.

Local Republicans, who rule here 100%, have cleansed the health departments website of demographics based on age tied to hospitalizations and deaths.  Deaths are around 2 per day for a rural county.  I am assuming, based on having no information available anymore, that those dying are over 75 years of age.

Problem is, those folks should have all been vaccinated by February.  The National Guard set up call centers, phoning all of that age, email, visiting care facilities, with free rides.

There is no way possible for anyone in the US who is of age to die, according to what is reported to us, to not be vaccinated unless they believe Fox News or Joe Rogan, who now says he doesn’t believe “Joe Rogan.”

We also believe that the vaccine “problems,” which have also all disappeared after careful examination, were fabricated by those working to keep the pandemic going.  Where there is considerable pushback against elite funded SS types and their minions in the media, including the internet giants here in the US, in Europe they hold sway, full lockdowns going, no vaccines showing up at all and towns across Europe have become as though we were in a new “black death.”

Stores, bars, restaurants, bakeries, cafes across Europe are shut down, many boarded up.

Let’s talk crazy.  Fear mongering by all media, proving once and for all that Fox and CNN are two heads on the same coin, have driven 100 million Americans to near suicidal depression and, in the process, pushed them into embracing death by COVID rather than a vaccine that includes tiny transistor radios.

Here is how stupid Republicans are:

They will worry about a computer ship inside vaccine…telling the world where they come and go and, at the same time, have an IPhone or Android phone in their pockets whose default apps count their steps, broadcast their pulse level, and report in to the CIA and Mossad through Google Corporation everywhere they drive, where they stop, who they talk to, what they read, what they think, where they eat, where they shop, what they spend….and so much more.


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  1. Interesting. “Idiots”, “morons”, “traitors”, “too stupid to live”, all in a single article and its comments. A scornful atmosphere that once more promotes division and disconnection, the opposite of progress. IMHO it’s a myopic mirror reflection of the condescending material being churned out by the PTB that, instead of allowing VT’s refreshingly un-occulted and progressive coverage to catapult VT into reaching households where a detrimental (for Humanity) effect could be had in regards to awareness, has instead cuffed VT into self inflicted bondage as “the same side of the same coin” to the faction of society which VT claims to hold in contempt….
    If your goal is to alienate individuals you’re doing a helluva job.

  2. Sorry guys but I don’t want to have any tiny transistor radio taking a ride everyday inside my body, my smartphone I can leave it in my house when I want…. 🙂

    • Senaca, time is close when we will have to use BSL-4 clothes all time , I don’t trust even quartz watches and I’d rather wear old automatic vintage mechanical watches.. 🙂

  3. Gordon, you told us last June that COVID-19 was a bioweapon, “first deployed against China, then Italy, then France, then Iran and Spain, and then the US as a ‘fund raiser.’” That ‘fund raiser’ of course was the $6+ trillion bailout of the banksters and the big corpse that happened last March.

    The irony is that Trumpsters have been duped into thinking that this bioweapon is all a big hoax when they themselves are most likely the prime targets. The human herd is being culled of the elderly, the already infirm, and those too stupid to live.

  4. Almost all of my friends and colleagues have their parents (60 and older) vaccinated. The older generation of Russians who grew up in the USSR have no prejudice about vaccines.
    Also, thank you Mr. Duff for mentioning the microchips in the vaccine. Of course, this is sheer nonsense. Although, I have a couple of such colleagues at work. I argued to them from the very beginning that there is absolutely no need for such science fiction, since we all have smartphones (like passports). And through smartphones we create information about ourselves. Something none of them threw away their smartphone and rushed to buy a cheap push-button phone at a flea market after my words)).

  5. They’re also conducting fake election audits so they can find something “wrong” to to justify their draconian voter suppression schemes. They’ve shown the ugly hand as traitors to America.

    • Do you mean to tell me the election audits in Arizona where they don’t allow observers or media, the ballots being scanned with UV or blue light for no explained reason, are fake? The fact that there is an actual circus going on outside the audit center wasn’t the give-away?

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