Time for a Wakeup Call on 9/11



Remember the cover story?  Osama bin Laden wanted the US out of Saudi Arabia because troops were likely to disgrace the holy places of Islam?

No excuses, the facts are here, no nanothermite, no games, no paid disinformation, just the facts, read them and awaken.


He supposedly sent al Qaeda to Hamburg, then to Canada and then to the US where they hijacked 7 planes with box cutters, tossing passports out the window.

Breathtaking: Solving Nuclear 9/11, the Pommer Report

When the WTC was hit, a couple of thousand workers died and several hundred first responders.  NYC is the largest Jewish city outside Israel.  Most of the workers, many many thousands, worked at the WTC, making up a clear majority of employees.

None were killed.  One partially Jewish janitor died…then 6 others from “side effects” but not the 20,000 who should have all been at work at the time the “planes hit.”

None were.  Really.

Anyone who repeated the story of a warning to Jews working there to “not show up” was attacked, fired from jobs, taken off the air and smeared by the ADL.

Yet it is true.

What nation was blamed?  A Jewish judge in New York officially blamed Iran, citing 8 billion in damages despite NO evidence whatsoever.

Who did it?

Israel did it with nuclear weapons.

VT Nuclear Education

Just like they bombed Beirut with nuclear weapons.

Just like the bombed Yemen with nuclear weapons.

Just like the bombed Damascus (May 2013) with nuclear weapons.

We know why Israel did it, to make billions in insurance for top MAGA/MEGA elites, to take control of the US and to make the US destroy their potential enemies in the Middle East.

For some in Israel, these were good things and we can understand why they would want to murder up to 6 million innocent people to promote Jewish security.

What we can’t understand is this, why Americans are so fucking dense?

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  1. much time passed and yet the world is awaiting for a just real and affordable truth must born for 9/11.
    I think we will don’t obtain anything of real on the truth, … but we know very well who are the perpetrators and the accomplices. VERY WELL!!!
    Many of them obtained good jobs and/or promotions in government places or in army, and this is the measure of their culprit past and the involvement in this crime (and this is a very euphemism when we speak of 9/11 !!!)
    It’s time to change something, and americans must start to do what other people all around the world can’t do, if not protest and become aware . . . . it’s very little, too little after 20 years, specially when we are aware and informed of the crime committed by very known rogue evil criminals that deserve to be hanged in public places

  2. Absolutely !!!

    Israel’s involvement was obvious since the Israeli students did an art project monopolizing a whole WTC1 (or 2?) floor close to the plane hit. They stripped the whole story floor and one wall of it was filled with what looks like detonator fuses (if memory serves) in a pile of packaging boxes.

    Pictures were available on the net but NO MSM gave an article about it ! Proving their complicity in the deed…

  3. The “SURVIVORS” were paid off with the $$$ 3TRILLION that Rumsfeld told us on 9/10 was missing from the Pentagon budget.
    YES- 9/11 remains not only the greatest scandal in American history, but the greatest false flag military-intelligence deception in recorded history of life on Earth & MOST AMERICANS were “taken in” hook line & sinker & MASSIVE payments ($ millions) were paid out to “survivors & perpetrators for their PERPETUAL silence. Susan Landauer claims her CIA boss received $13MIL “Hush money” !

    • If the “survivors” that you mention are the families of the dead, no they have not been paid off for silence. In fact, one of the most prominent women activists of those families was assassinated. The rest have been busy taking care of and then burying their loved ones who died of cancer over the years, especially the families of the First Responders who have died. They did not make millions of dollars, and it’s shameful to suggest that they did. There’s a reason that the T2T Foundation exists.

  4. I have been asking the ‘dense’ question far too long. It was obvious from the start.

  5. Some day you will admit that planning was put in place while we watched our horn-dog president outed by these same people….and they promised Hilda the presidency for her part. She played a key role as NY Senator.

    • How can the Israeli Likud put out their own and give her the presidency ? It seems that the “deep state” is deeply confusing for some people.

    • Wake up to what I just said newt. Twice they failed to give her her reward…. Obama then Trump.

      Watch the face of Bush who knew it was happening and he let them do it. That is the same face JUDAS had after he betrayed Jesus. Bsh knew…that is why he was in a school with children. Watch his face…no surprise, no panic, no taking charge….just a TRAITOR thinking deeply about letting THE DEEP STATE murder 3000 Americans.

  6. “Unequivocal 9/11 Nukes” at VeteransToday, rebuttal to Judy Woods and Richard Gage

    “Exposing NIST Jenga Game” at VeteransToday, supplement to Heinz Pommer statement “Iron has 4 stable isotopes” > combined Iron, Calcium, Carbon and Silicone have 98 active and radio active isotopes, meaning the concrete elevator and stairs shafts were giant GAMMA ray absorbers.

    Find and share Truth, it is your duty as an Earthling

    • The 9/11 emperor has no clothes. The emperor being every governmental official of any capacity with two brain cells to rub together, any politician, bureaucrat, military officer, highly ranked business executive or other powerful types of individuals in media, movies or religious organizations.
      They all know the who the beast of 9/11 is!
      They also know the beast has its tentacles firmly attached in all high, and especially all low places, and that it is a dragon which few, or none feel qualified to slay.
      What will it take to ever have an unquestioned person of unquestioned authority and respect attempt a slaying of the beast?
      It will take the courage a soul-baringly vulnerable childlike seer of the truth, and who has no fear of telling it; or of death.

    • Good to see you back. We’ve been trying to get ahold of Khalezov for some time now. I sent Gene after him awhile ago…and they got to know each other.


  7. The ‘Land of the Free’ provides the ‘Sacrificial Lambs’, blood and treasure’, our Military Personnel, to the barbaric-bloody Altar of Zionism, for the ZIO- DEMONS, to establish the, Zio-Jewish REICH Eretz Israel! The Zionist Zealots within the US and the Primitive Brainwashed ‘LEFT BEHIND Saga’ Christian Zionist ZOMBIES, are setting the stage for America to go down the, ‘ASH HEAP of History!’ Time for the American PATRIOTS to stand UP and remove the NOOSE, the Demonic Talmudic-Supremacists, suffering from the ‘CHOSEN People Affliction’, have placed around our Nation/Government NECKS!

  8. Staying ambivalent is hard when things like the passports were recovered.
    “We’re told that that the blackboxes and cockpit voice recorders couldn’t be found, presumably because they melted into nothingness, yet his passport miraculously appears on top of the rubble, just waiting to be picked up by a passing FBI agent.”

  9. What we can’t understand is this, why Americans are so fucking dense?

    Easy one Gordon. People believe an imaginary being talked to Moses via a burning bush. It would appear humans have ALWAYS been that dense. An objective view of our beliefs will tell you that humans will believe in most ANYTHING . . . except the truth.

  10. Noone can understand the Americans. But many others get bomb blamed on a regular basis. Arabs, Persians, Chinese, Slavs, Turks etc. If America would blame Sweden tommorrow for 9/11 or the pandemic, Sweden would get hammered.

    • – ferdinand hit on a thing, city people gullible, cave dwellers, concrete pounders, blind. On other hand most ruruals not so much smart either, sitting around prepping as they watch the horses leave, watch the barn burn to ground, sit around toasting dogs over the ashes.
      And most burbanites, mix of both.
      Think those who use brain and some effort of what’s real, somewhere between rural and burb and, is why say most, not all. Just no excuse the many continuing to sit, or after all this time not figure out the word – share, or sharing. Long drop from what once was. Core artlcle to share btw. Saying it clear.

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