Suicide by Anti-Vaxx: 800 a day end themselves, Time to take the gloves off ‘Stupid is as Stupid does’


Would you buy a lottery ticket if the odds were 7800 to 1 in your favor?  Not if you are an anti-Vaxxer…

VT: Those of us who grew up in the 50’s know “lockdown.”  There were no movies, no swimming pools, no circuses, no state fairs.  We were in a decades old lockdown over polio and there was no vaccine in sight.

The terror?  Think of trying to scratch your ass while spending your short life in an iron lung?

Until a few short years ago, measles killed 300,000 a year and crippled over a million with heart disease, deafness or other complications.

Every one of these dead are anti-vaxxers and we lose around 800 idiots and assholes a day

Raw Story: The arrival of effective Covid vaccines has revealed a grave failure in American education. Tens of millions of Americans, the ones who say they will never get vaccinated because there’s no need or because they don’t trust the vaccines somehow made it through years of mandatory schooling without learning numbers.

That they failed grammar school ‘rithmetic is obvious if you ask two questions:

How many unvaccinated Americans has Covid killed?
How many vaccinated Americans has Covid killed?

The answers: 577,000 and 74.

That’s 7,800 unvaccinated people dying for each one who was vaccinated.

And what of infectious cases? The latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention count is 32,472,201 Americans infected of whom just 5,800 were vaccinated. Only 396 of those vaccinated yet sick required hospitalization.

No vaccine is totally effective, especially not at first. When I was a boy in the 1950s about 160,000 people a year, mostly children, contracted polio. More than a thousand died each year. Then we got the polio vaccines. First came the dead virus Salk vaccine in 1955 and then in 1961 the much more effective Sabin vaccine which used a weakened but living poliovirus.

Back then some polio cases were associated with vaccination mostly because one manufacturer had poor quality controls. That’s an argument for rigorous regulation and inspection backed up by severe punishments like prison time for owners and managers who play cheapskates on safety. It’s not an argument for avoiding vaccines.

The polio vaccines worked although the United States approved the Sabin vaccine only after the Soviet Union allowed it to be administered to children in then Communist Russia.

Parents today have no idea about the universal pre-1955 fear among parents that their babies would end up in iron lungs or worse. The last time a new polio case originated in America was 1979.  read more


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  1. @harry haller, tRump started the lockdowns and the vaxx nonsense as that was his job and his role to play. Trump or biden? Simply two wings on the same dirty bird.

    I say everyone who wants a vaxx should get one however, I would guess a solid 30 percent of Americans will never comply.

    VT editors are suggesting force be used as they are absolute morons as let the experiment play out as I predict that the vaxxed shall be sickened and die in large numbers.

    Reports are coming in already of mass death and the vaxxed getting covid infections. Time will tell as I observe the show.

  2. The mask is the symbol of the new American tyranny as in you will obey!

    I for one shall not obey as restate now is in every social interaction as I simply refuse to wear your mask.

    “F” off as its as simple as that luffy!

  3. @luffy, if your vaccine works why worry about me? The best outcome for America is for the vaxxed to die and become disabled and that big pharma and their media sycophants are all strung up on light posts.

    It appears that the vaxxed are in the majority however, if this is forced there will be war as my advice is to leave us non vaxxed alone.

  4. You are so cute insisting that I get jabbed but for WHAT ?

    1- Because you love me and want my well-being ? You want to… FORCE my well-being over me regardless my own… “unconcern”, or… “misinformed” state (“mis-” IYHO) ? You decides that my “informations” are “mis-“, and yours are “true” ! Remember the cigarette propaganda… Maybe you’re not old enough to remember.

    Why do you care SO much about my well-being as to make you ill ? Because if I die, I’ll stop paying taxes for the government to collect ? to help you for… what ? Because you want to have as many people as possible to interact with ? You fear loneliness ?

    2- Because you want to protect yourself ? from what ? from getting the virus you’re supposed to be protected from by the vaccine you surely took ? Think a little about your irrationality in this regard.

    If this is your reason, then you admit yourself that the vaccine does NOT prevent you from being infected and getting the virus back, isn’t it ? Be rational for one moment ! Hence, the vaccine does NOT PROTECT you from the virus but only mitigates some symptoms, what it REALLY does. Hence, the vaccine have NO effect on the virus propagation ! AT ALL !!!

    In the end, LIVE and LET LIVE/DIE ! as the 007 movie says…

    Criticizing, condemning, discrediting, then ostracizing, next criminalizing then compelling mRNA vaccination is the road to TYRANNY ! don’t you see IT ? You should be ashamed of yourself if this is your path !

    • well said, the numbers is about Pasteur vs Beauchamp, even if there is life at viral scales that self replicates, because the science or foundation is flawed. The human immune system evolved over millions of years, thanks to modern water treatment, sewage dispostal, indoor plumbing black plague etc was halted in its tracks. Today’s world where chemical warfare is the rule, at least here it is, more people llve introducing VOC air toxin deliberately as a condition of employment, housing etc. a computer program seeding neighborhoods with violent but silent smirking killer chimps willing to use their yards to ‘kill thy neighbor’ in a live skinning operation to stick their vile substance on the public at large bodies and specific individuals. What happened to conscience and morality

  5. Got my 1st pfizer shot the other day. We are way behind with vaccination over here in Europe. Heard of quite a few doctors say there is no way this virus occurence is natural, as they have never witnessed something like it. I have no doubts this virus is as real as it gets. As for fear pushing people to vaccinate, yes there is fear and should be, but solidarity is also accountable, as not wanting to infect someone near or dear to you.

  6. Undoubtedly, the invention of vaccines have been a great medical progress, I think, many who say don’t trust the vaccines what really they are saying is don’t trust in the hidden intentions of Big Pharma and government, and I believe since the mids-70’s , something has changed….. Don’t you forget already you have the Study at Tuskegee as precedent conducted by PHS and CDC until 1972, maybe today already is not only in blacks….

  7. Some of us don’t want it because we don’t need it. If you want it, take it. It will protect you, presumably. The vaccine shaming on both sides need to stop. I won’t take it. Not due to conspiracy theory, but because my immune system works better without that trash in my blood.

  8. I am paid to observe the shenanigans here by OPM as I see a tremendous experiment taking place as I find myself in the control group of the unvaxed as we shall see how this plays out however, just purchased a Henery 45/70 at Walmart the other day as I here those rounds go through body armor quite effectively and remember the rural areas are in near Civil War over these masks and asorted BS pontificated on sites like this one.

    I see mandatory vaccines and a papers please society and with respect have chosen my side in the coming conflict.

    Good luck with your program.

    • Typical trumpkin. All you warmongering imperiali plebs ever thinki about is war and shooting someone down. Explains, why China, despite being the main target by your cabal master managed to overcome and outdue westerners in every spehre. Asians are pragmatic and lived for centuries, only spoil brats rattle on about a shooting match. But what to expect from a tribe founded on violence from the onset.

  9. Dr Bhakti full of shit! Sorry Charlie
    The heart and lungs connected big time! (duh)
    PCR tests now 99% accurate. (duh)
    I wonder if majority of Indians in India took his “PHD microbiologist” advice, and now India worst in world with infections and deaths.

  10. Hi Maze
    I lost my fear of death in 1970 when Jimi Hendrix “died”…weird isnt it that this event caused no more fear at all but it did.
    Interesting too that his death “the worlds greatest media stunt” (at that time it was, but now would be called a psy-ops!) was faked!
    I was told this in 1973 from insider (brother of John Sebastion) who said he is was then living in meat market in San Fransisco.
    Hard to believe but then I saw him personally a few times on same bench in Seattle wearing big white mystic turban….I was too chicken to approach him and tell him I know who you are…
    So that fear of death and psyops causing it, or psyops causing the no fear of death, shows you psyops mean nothing but are only big fat lies to influence public in good or bad ways so dont worry if they lie to you to convince you to get vaccinated and put up photos of gas leak in India etc. it doesnt matter their tactics they will do anything lie about anything…. what matters is does a vaccination much more than likely prevent you from dying or going to hospital? Yes or no you decide after looking at evidence eh….I say yes dont be stupid get a vaccine. Maybe I am wrong dont think so but what do I know!

  11. I have two pfizer shots now, but I realize that the vaccine will most likely only prevent me and myself only from dying from it, or going to the ER, as that is what it was designed to do – stop the vaccinated from dying.
    There is no assurance or evidence being vaccinated stops the actual SPREAD of SARS2 Covid 19.
    So I am still masking up, avoiding crowds wash hands fanatically wipe packages and groceries etc etc etc not to save myself now so much, but to help stop it spreading.
    You can still be infected, with no symptoms while being very contagious, with or without being fully vaccinated.
    TRUE or FALSE?
    Or we just “dont know”
    Or there is “no data yet”
    In fact statistics show more and more infections, more and more deaths.
    You can still “get it” and give it to others. TRUE?
    We wait for “herd immunity” in August is what is being trumpeted in US media.
    Looks really bleak to me, as so many anti vaxxers out there the “freedom loving I got a gun and will do what I want” US population will probably never reach that herd immunity,
    And during this summer, the mutations will continue their very rapid and random ways, (being a lab produced nanoteched US military bioweapon) and the virus (the bioweapon rides on) if given half a chance, (and it probably will) will continue to be exponentially increasing in numbers.

  12. Well the story goes, science its just our best attempts at understanding the world around us using our ‘god’ given brains. Religion is purely a form of mind control, the original MK Ultra. Belief in a ‘spirit’ larger than ourselves is something we think of as uniquely human. OK, right religion is for ‘the greater good’. That saying needs to be though of seriously and the repercussions to the ‘lesser good’ considered. Science has fucked a lot of thing up, but religion has done it with intention. Lets say science created this latest pandemic in a lab. If they did it, they also created there best attempt at the antidote. Look at Israel. herd immunity through vaccination thanks Uncle Trump for those 60 odd million doses. regardless of the recklessness of science adaptations, mutations and DNA alterations occur naturally, we just now have to rely on fallible man to right his wrong.

  13. An expert on Polio from Johns Hopkins lost his job because he had a different supposition to what Polio is and its demise. Worth a look for those interested.

  14. Maybe Carol could jump in here and finger all the pseudo-science that commenters on this site are flinging around. Like I said below, the Salk vaccine that came out in 1954 saved the lives of tens of thousands of children who would have died of it in the United States and Canada. Believe me, no one was running around with signs protesting that vaccine. Trump’s claim that COVID-19 is all a big hoax is the most dangerous piece of disinformation out there. He should be held to account for that.

    • A friend I used to work with texted me yesterday, a Catholic who grew up in Rockland County, New York. I told him I was getting my second Covid dose next week. His reply: no shots for me. “It’s probably got a nano chip in it, not to mention aborted fetus cells”. I told him he’d be regarded as a seer, and celebrated, in the Dark Ages. This denial is visceral, white supremacist, Trump, Evangelical, and eschatological centered. We’ve entered a new age of mass superstition.

    • Edward, beware not go too close to magnetic fields from now on, are not good for electronic components…. 😀

  15. Gordon’s wife, Carol, is a nurse, Mihail. I’m sure she had a hand in writing this article. I also grew up in the 1950’s and remember the polio epidemic. My folks didn’t run around with signs protesting the Salk vaccine. Once it became widely available, we all got it. It saved the lives of tens of thousands of children in the United States and Canada. The COVID-19 vaccine is the only way we can beat this thing. Trump’s claim that it’s all a big hoax is disinformation of the worst sort.

  16. 1. Why aren’t we helping India? In the 70’s all I remember seeing on TV were ads for unicef, CARE, the PEACE Corps and the U.S. bragging about all of the food we give away to other countries. Now all I hear about is our F35’s that we force other countries to buy.

    2. To the anti-vaxxers, a serious question. If we have a bad vaccine, how long do you need to see it proven safe? You inject it, your body immediately produces anti-bodies. If it did something weird, like trigger your cells to become cancerous and reproduce out of control, we would know about it within an intermediate time frame, like 6mo’s. It is not like trace amounts of lead or asbestos that take years to build up due to long term exposure.

  17. And no one died from the flu. Dr Kary Mullis said, “You cannot find a virus with the PCR test”. And yet, it is the “gold standard”. And, as his luck would have it, he died? 4 months before the covid appeared. Funny, but I smell a rat.

  18. How childish the language you use. Your speech is as totalitarian, auhoritarian and tyrannically as any deranged despot. This is a whole bunch of hokum and not much else.

  19. I’ve had several of the old line vaccines required for overseas travel, plus the smallpox vaccine. All were many years ago, and based on proven results. They were real vaccines, and safe.
    These RNA experimental concoctions are nothing less than genetic modifying serums. And we all know how safe GMO’s are. If you want to have your genes modified, to who knows what ultimate end, that’s your business.

  20. This relates directly to VT’s other article of this day: “Hillary Clinton: ‘There has to be a global reckoning with disinformation”

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