“Without Remorse” Peddling Lies and Hate for Amazon


…by Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook (Est. 1816) of the Russian Academy of Science 

In 1943, a Hollywood film was made depicting the courage of Russian partisans fighting Nazi Germany in World War II. Directed by Louis Milestone, who had also directed the anti-war classic, All Quiet on the Western Front, the script was written by Lillian Hellman.

However, the version of that film I saw, growing up during the Cold War, had a different message. Most confusingly, the film seemed to be about German atrocities but as the film went on, suddenly it was about Russian atrocities and wasn’t about World War II at all. The studio had doctored the film, turning it entirely upside down.

Was some powerful group in America actually trying to rewrite history, trying to convince gullible Americans that the US fought against Russia in World War II and that Adolf Hitler is just a character out of Popeye cartoons? Short answer, yes, they were and with considerable success.

Truth is, there isn’t anything that can’t be sold to the American people. What’s that quote often attributed to Abraham Lincoln?

You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Though Lincoln never really said that, and I wish he had, here is another vignette from real American history. In 1918, an American educator was imprisoned for Sedition for teaching about the War of 1812. It had become illegal to refer to any “discord” between the US and Britain. You can, however, scrape paint from the White House in Washington. Those charred areas you will find are from when Britain burned the White House on August 24, 1814. Was that “discord?”

We begin today with a discussion of the blockbuster, or so they claim, film from Amazon Studios, Without Remorse. Some might say it is just another film, simple entertainment but is it really “just a film?

For context, I will describe the horrific four minutes that I lasted watching it. First of all, it is reasonable to assume that films glorifying military action aren’t simply made to entertain, but they have always been made to propagandize, with few exceptions, such as Stanley Kubrick’s “Paths of Glory” and “All Quiet on the Western Front,” from the novel by Erich Maria Remarque.

We might also mention “Johnny Got Hit Gun,” from 1971, taken from the Dalton Trumbo novel. Trumbo was part of the Hollywood blacklist until Kirk Douglas hired him to write the script for “Spartacus.”

Without Remorse comes from Tom Clancy, a former insurance salesman with a talent for story telling and a love of military tales though his own potential service was cut short by severe vision problems. Albeit Clancy was a great writer but clearly never saw how his works would be twisted into the monstrosity we see in Without Remorse.

We might also add that Clancy sold the rights to Without Remorse in 1993 and the book was about the Vietnam War and had very little resemblance to the Amazon film.

As for my “four minutes,” let me describe. Our first scene is two armed men getting water from a pool. They are killed by US Navy SEALS who were hiding underwater, a childish depiction of a Call of Duty video game scene.

Next, we learn that this group of SEALS is in Aleppo, Syria to “rescue” a “captive” being held by “government troops.” That is the second I hit the remote control.

The men depicted as killed must have been government soldiers, part of the Syrian Arab Army that defeated ISIS and al Qaeda. I know these men and women, the horrors they suffered to save their nation from being ruled by the “Caliphate,” a gang of western financed terrorist “head choppers.”

We then ask that same question, is some powerful group trying to convince Americans that al Qaeda (banned in Russia), along with ISIS (banned in Russia) and let us not forget the White Helmets, are now and perhaps always have been allies of the United States?

If this is the case, and it certainly seems so, should there not be a statue of Osama bin Laden at Ground Zero in New York?

If Russia and Syria are America’s enemies in Syria and Russia and Syria are fighting ISIS and al Qaeda, then isn’t the US allied to those same groups, perhaps likely to give them aid and comfort as well?

For those genuinely familiar with the conflict and who have widely observed the massive aid ISIS and al Qaeda have received from the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and others, it becomes abundantly clear.

The US certainly now, and by my own experience has, for many decades, supported terror groups around the world, including and especially those who attack the United States itself.

The US has been successfully peddling “up is down” propaganda for years. However, selling terror groups and mass murderers as allies and heroes should be difficult, and we aren’t saying “is difficult” but rather “should be.”

We all remember the scenes, mass killings of prisoners, beheadings, prisoners burned alive. We also remember the mass rapes and thousands sold into slavery.

We also remember other things. We remember entire factories packed up and shipped into Turkey including an entire automobile assembly plant located outside Aleppo. Up to 500 factories were shipped into Turkey, part of the coalition between influential forces in Ankara and ISIS and al Qaeda factions.

When I think of Aleppo, I think of the suffering of the Syrian people there, held prisoner not just by terror groups but, worse still, by phony NGO aid workers from the White Helmets and other organizations financed by the governments of the US, Britain and Germany.

I also think of the hundreds of thousands thrown out of their homes which were taken over by mercenaries brought in through Israel and Turkey, Saudi paid fighters from Indonesia, the Philippines, Chechnya and even Uighurs from China.

The Uighurs took entire communities and are still settled in Idlib Province under the protection of Turkey. There are an estimated 5000 Chinese Sunni Muslims, shipped to Syria by Western intelligence agencies still living there, living in the homes of others, farming the land of others, eating the food of others.

You don’t think they walked from China, do you?

Six million Syrians became refugees, and they weren’t fleeing “government troops.” They were trying to save their families from the brutal “head choppers” who murdered up to 250,000 Syrian civilians, a crime that is censored in the West and one certainly left out of our Amazon Studio’s film.

Down is up.

What if I were in Hollywood, what might I get away with? This reminds me of not so long ago when I was asked to consider becoming the technical advisor for a new spy drama, Treadstone, produced by Tim Kring. Kring is an able person, perhaps a visionary and had created Chicago Hope, Crossing Jordan (a favorite of mine), Heroes, Touch and other quality shows.

I have some experience in screenwriting, mostly military and spy stuff, and quickly recognized that, behind Kring, a studio and investors, would rather have heavy handed propaganda rather than a view of “the other side of the mirror,” where my expertise is paramount.

Treadstone was cancelled after 10 episodes, without my participation. I failed the studio’s background check because of writings on New Eastern Outlook.

Since then, particularly driven by the unique insanity of Donald Trump, the American audience may well be “conditioned” to accept entertainment that reflects the real world.

That was tried in 2010 in the series Rubicon, which was cancelled, I believe, after quite exactingly depicting how certain groups of elites plan and execute terrorist acts in order to manipulate financial markets.

You fail if you fail, and you fail if you succeed.

Millions will watch Without Remorse. They will be entertained, and they will be disinformed. The fake realities depicted are as vacuous and stupid as stories of computer chips in vaccines and Trump’s “big win” in the 2020 election.

Twenty eight percent of Americans believe both hoaxes and even more are likely to believe that the US can wage war on Syria while Syria is waging war only on terror groups and the US is, in no way, aiding those terror groups.

Up is down.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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  1. Driving a rental the other day I listened to WAMU broadcast on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake. It was truly disturbing and an utterly horrid and painful listen. Disinformation galore with help from my tax dollar.

  2. DonClasen is right!
    It’s a great flik!

    About a staged/false-flag AND an expose on the War Racket!

    Including calling out how the economists credited WWII (SPENDING) for ending the Great Depression!

    And like the point I made about USDX – the dollar index – on the ass-backward Lee Wanta article, if you Google “historical CPI” you’ll see how backwards the handwringing over inflation has been in the last few decades.

    Because the high inflation was actually…

    #WhenAmericaWasGreat. (#MAGA!)

  3. ‘IKE’ is responsible for the ‘starvation deaths’ of some 1 to 1&half million German POWs in Germany, after WWII! President Eisenhower is a ‘War Criminal’! He called Stalin ‘Uncle Joe’! He most likely had a ‘HAND’ in the murder of General George S. PATTON, in December 1945.

  4. Thanks for the info about the Uighurs there. I didn’t know…

    “Up is down” indeed ! because we are run by freemasons who’s mantra is : “black is white, and white is black”.

  5. As far as BS goes this show has nothing on the extreme propaganda vehicle that the Jack Ryan series is. I watched season 1 and saw it for what it was, but season 2, timed for the ongoing assault on Venezuela, was so slanted and obvious that I won’t be watching any future episodes. This movie, while pushing the Russians did it BS, also came around to the point that Washington is far more deadly to the world at large that any other, with the possible exception of their master, Israel…from whom they get their marching orders. My go to example is Tom ‘for sale’ Cotton. His quid pro quo ala Nutsack and JCPOA were clear. $1M clear.

  6. Gordon, I wish you’d go back and watch the whole thing and expand on this article. If I caught the drift of that scene, the main character John Kelly finds out that the people holding the hostage in Aleppo are actually Russian private contractors and he’s suspicious as to why he was not briefed correctly. Three months after he’s home, his team are all killed within 24 hours by a Russian hit squad. They come after Kelly but he manages to kill 3 of the team. The one who shot his wife escapes however.

    He finds out is name is Rykoff, a CIA op who defected to work with the Russians. Kelly and a team are sent to Murmansk no less, where he’s been detected, to bring him back to the US to stand trial. But their plane is shot down by Russian jets. The team manages to make it to Murmansk anyhow, has a huge fire fight and Rykoff suicide vests himself. Ritter decides Kelly has to go ghost to find out who subverted the mission.

    He finds out the perp is the Sec (State or Defense) who tells him the reason he did it was to start a war between the US and Russia to keep the country prosperous, claiming the US lacks an enemy, and that’s why they’re turning on one another! Utterly ridiculous!

    This is the problem. I can’t figure out the politics of this movie. It’s a complete bastardization of the Cold War narrative and why the US is the way it is today. Has Clancy gone all MAGA on us now?

    • How ridiculous is it when viewed with the 9/11 in mind? Gulf War 1 & 2? MONEY, that’s how you spell ally today. Yemen means nothing to us, the US, but means plenty to KSA and Israel. But as Trump showed, money trumps civility…and always has, read Smedley Butler from nearly 100 years ago. He makes it pretty plain. Was Central America ever a threat to the US? Allende? BTW, you have Rykoff thing backwards, he was a Russian agent thought to have been eliminated by the CIA and dead. Before he killed himself, he revealed he was CIA. Also, this show is nothing like the book, at all. The only things from the book are characters and the name, Clark, and how Ryan came into that. It was also set during the Vietnam war.

  7. Greatest military film was from 1935.

    Dealers In Death: (The War Racket)…

    Watch it! Then watch it again. Link below.

  8. I play video games*, but yeah that opening scene was as lame as Trump’s TimApple lies: as lame as you can possibly get.

    But it’s actually worse than Gordy thought.
    It was a snatch & grabba Russian op, and the not-so-subliminal message is that if it WERE against Syrians, it’d be ok.

    * Sports/racing games. Could never shoot a… What’s the metaphor for the easiest thing to shoot, lol? Well, I couldn’t even shoot that… till a couple years ago. I dug in and finished the great “Far Cry 5”. And I #SnipedTheSniper Boss! Fast! 🥇

  9. Yes, “up is down” and shows get cancelled, after letting the cat out of the bag.
    The Elites who run most of the world are into their “revelation of the method” phase.
    They have consolidated power to the point there’s no stopping them now, and they gloat over holding their prey in a toying death grip.
    They don’t really care now who knows. And they won’t until the Big Show finally plays out.

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