Epic: Gordon Duff’s History of the collective Downfall of Russia and America

A monument to the Soviet soldier-liberator (Alyosha monument) on Bunarjik Hill ('Liberators' Hill) in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. © Sputnik / Alexey Vitvitsky 105

VT: When it serves them, does Russia reach into America supporting social discord or political crazies in order to weaken NATO?  Does America have a history so jaded that Russia should be forgiven for this?

Moreover, who runs Russia?  Why is Netanyahu forgiven for his endless attacks on the Syria people and his open support, censored in US press, of ISIS and al Qaeda?  Russian hands look very dirty there as they do when double-dealing with madman Erdogan who is holding thousands of miles of Syrian territory and who has been personally profiting on the looting of Syria for almost a decade now.

This last week, when Israeli’s launched a devastating bombing attack on Latakia, Russia ordered (they can do that) Syria’s S 300s to stand down.  Only the S 300, in the Syrian arsenal, can reach out over the Mediterranean against Israeli jets launching missiles, jets like the ones that brought down a Russian military plane killing dozens.

Here in the US, Russia has always supported, often using their Israeli partners as early as 1982, certain right wing extremist groups in the US like the humous “fat guy club,” the Michigan Militia, who accepted cash from cigarette companies and big pharma, laundered through Israel, but originating with orders from the Kremlin.

Russia felt threatened, in particular, by the Clinton presidency and its powerful following in NATO.  Bill Clinton was loved in Europe and Clinton era programs were gutting Russia’s military future.

It was this period where Israel became the “dog” and Communist Russia “the tail.”  Thus, the massive intelligence mechanism put in place by Russia during the Cold War, with Israel’s “lobby” including the ADL and AIPAC acting as not just surrogates but supplying full aid and comfort for the Soviet Union against the US as we see in Appendix I, which discusses the 2005 AIPAC spying scandal.

That scandal began long before when top Reagan advisors, who were long on the Israeli payroll, including on Secretary of Defense, turned the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterand program to crush the Soviets into something sinister…a Kosher Nostra takeover of both Russia and the US with the Israeli controlled organization now changing the rules for war.


Operation Gladio: How We Terrorize Ourselves

…became the framework, using Bader Meinhof, the Red Brigades and a fake version of the PLO under CIA control, followed by “al Qaeda” (read “al CIAda”), for asymmetric warfare on surviving Western institutions that threatened “Eastern” or “Khazarian” ascendance.

Their program?  In the US:

  • Destroy trade unions and deindustrialize the US through re-engineering tax policy and oversight
  • Build a “hillbilly army” through Christian Zionism and its militia based military arm
  • Using the chaplain’s corps, take over service academies for the “Church of Set,” the basis of the “satanic pedophile” cults QAnon talks of today and protects (till “Q” quietly died)
  • Insure minority rule in the US though “reapportionment” of the House districts
  • Flood the US with immigrants, Reagan’s job, first for his bosses at the Imperial Valley Growers Association and later for his Communist handlers and through regime change terror wars in Latin America
  • Destroy America’s middle class through division of income
  • Unleash mass shootings and terrorist acts in order to embed foreign control of all government functions under the DHS, an Israeli based communist front organization
  • Flood America with narcotics
  • Destroy public education
  • and plan for a bio-warfare Armageddon by building secret labs around the world, Libya, North Korea, Israel, Georgia, Romania and elsewhere…

In the Middle East the US, working with Freemason groups:

The Luciferian-Deep State roots Freemasonry and the Terror Triad of Israel, Saudi Arabia and Erdogania

Freemasonry: Mankind’s Death Wish

Freemasonry in the Middle East (access articles above) began thousands of years ago with the worship of Moloch and Baphomet, the real gods of Freemasonry, who manifest themselves today as Set or Satan.

Their survival after suppression by Rome, was insured by Sephardic migrations to the Western Sahara during the 1st Century (AD) and their move into Iberia.  Most were expelled in 1492, then moving to Genoa, Venice and Salonica.

Those that remained, among the Basques, began the Jesuit Order in 1534, which has always been an arm of Freemasonry established by Sephardic Basque Ignacious Loyola.

From Venice, the order moved to Germany as the Rothschilds and Warburgs, changing their names, then to Amsterdam and then London, establishing the roots of international banking and establishing a foundation for the colonial conquest of the world by the fledgling nation states that were forced to accept their central banks.

In the Middle East, they planted themselves among the Seljuk Turks during the 1300s but began a mass migration for Iberia between 1421 and 1453.  This immigration rebranded Sephardic Jews as “Ashkanazi” and began the myth of a massive migration during the 1st century of Jews “expelled” from Judea and Samaria to settle among the Visigoth tribes and open delicatessens and dry cleaners.  If only we were kidding.  These are the same Visigoths that Rome was terrified of, who totally controlled the regions the fake Ashkanazi claim they settled in, areas that simply didn’t exist until post 1200 other than as militarized duchies.

With control of the Ottomans, a new war on Christianity began with the seizure of the Balkans and the attempt to take Vienna and move against the Holy Roman Empire.

Hundreds of years before a Jewish state was established from Russo-Turkish peoples known as the Khazars.  The Khazars, in the 8th century (time disputed) either “assumed” or were forced to assume the Jewish religion in order to offset Islamic moves into Europe from around the Black Sea.  These are the roots of most of today’s Jews.  Do note, the Khazars were a great people.

As the Khazars eventually crumbled under pressure, Islam, the Mongols, the kingdom broke up and Khazarian Jews moved westward into what we know of as Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Germany and Austria.  They began calling themselves Ashkenazi.

These people make up 95% of Israeli Jews and this is why conspiracy theorists call Israelis “fake Jews”  From John’s Hopkins a study proving this to be all fact and no conspiracy:

Genome Evolution of Jewish … by Gordon Duff



Our point today, supported by this truncated history lesson, real history, not Mr. Well’s history, is simple.  World organized crime, as I outlined in Damascus so many years ago

has taken over the US, putting several presidents in office, culminating in Donald Trump.  It rules the GOP entirely and controls many Democrats through the Israel lobby.  We are watching it operate every day and it is extremely likely that it created COVID 19 and unleashed it using Donald Trump to assure it would devastate America.

Anti-vaxx, militias, terror groups, America’s Israeli trained police are only the window dressing to an organization that owns the Federal Reserve.

From Russia Today, whining about issues of the past while the Russian people themselves are but Kosher Nostra slaves:

27 million Soviet citizens lost their lives fighting the Nazis, Westerners comparing USSR to Hitler’s Germany insult their memory

By Bradley Blankenship, a Prague-based American journalist, columnist and political commentator. He has a syndicated column at CGTN and is a freelance reporter for international news agencies including Xinhua News Agency. Follow him on Twitter @BradBlank_

RT/Moscow: With Victory Day here again, World War II historical revisionism kicks back into gear. The reason this is becoming such a hot issue once again is that the debate over the past has serious implications for today’s geopolitics.

It has apparently become a yearly tradition for some bad actors to try and force us to unnecessarily debate simple historical truths about World War II.  As tensions ratchet up against Russia from Western countries, history is correspondingly revised or distorted to denigrate the Soviet Union’s unquestionable heroism during the war.

Some distortions have actually become so commonplace that they’ve become “common knowledge” in the West, particularly in the United States, which are mainly that the US, not the Soviet Union, won the war and that the Soviet Union had colluded with Nazi Germany.

The Soviets didn’t start the war – they tried to prevent it

Moreover, as is the subject of a recent book by Dr. Sean McMeekin, a member of the Academic Council of the US mouthpiece Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, these revisionists believe that it was the Soviet Union and not Germany that actually started the war. (McMeekin’s book is literally titled ‘Stalin’s War’ and he spoke about it online with VoC, ironically, one day before the anniversary of Hitler’s death…).

These distortions are meant to denigrate the Soviet Union, as well as modern Russia and, I believe, the international communist movement by making communism out to be a genocidal ideology as bad as Nazism, or worse.

Yes, it’s true that the Germans and Soviets signed a Nonaggression Pact in 1939, but it was not an alliance. In fact, the Soviets were not the only European country to have such an agreement  since the French, British and even Polish had similar treaties with Germany dating from before 1939. It was meant to buy time for the Soviets, who were isolated under Western military pressure and sanctions, to defend themselves against an inevitable invasion.

In fact, according to a 2008 report by the Telegraph citing a retired Russian foreign intelligence service major general who had sorted through hundreds of declassified papers, the Soviet Union actually tried to form an alliance with Britain and France to squash Germany in 1939, before the start of the war. But as the Western nations dragged their feet, Moscow struck a pact with Berlin. The Soviets then took the opportunity to sieze parts of Belarus and Ukraine that the Polish had taken after the Polish-Soviet War that followed in the wake of World War I – in what is now known and maligned in the West as the Soviet invasion of Poland. This is so widely used to back the claims that the Soviet Union was as much to blame for the tragedies of WWII as Hitler (or more!) that one of the Kremlin’s biggest propaganda outlets, aka the German Foreign Ministry (this is sarcasm), had to denounce it in last year’s Victory Day press release.

It said, “The repeated attempt in recent months to rewrite history so disgracefully requires us to speak up loud and clear – something that should not actually be necessary in view of the irrefutable historical facts – and to leave no doubt whatsoever that Germany alone unleashed the Second World War by its invasion of Poland and Germany alone is responsible for the crimes against humanity of the Holocaust. Those who sow doubt about this and thrust other countries into the role of perpetrator do injustice to the victims, exploit history for their own ends and divide Europe.”

Hitler’s inspiration

If we’re drawing parallels with Nazis, here’s one: American lawyer and Yale University Professor James Q. Whitman revealed in his 2017 book ‘Hitler’s American Model’, that indeed the Nazis were very much inspired by the United States of America.

They were particularly inspired by American race, citizenship and immigration laws and their propaganda often cited the US as an exemplar of white supremacy. The Nazis saw Eastern Europeans as savages and invoked the United States’ genocide of its Native population, the so-called Manifest Destiny, in their conquest of Eastern Europe.

Now, this is not to say that the Nazis unwaveringly admired the United States. They also saw the US as a place of liberal decadence and unabated “race mixing” that would eventually self-implode. To them, the US of that time was a once-great civilization in irreversible decline thanks to demographic shifts, what we would call the “great replacement” conspiracy nowadays, and which sounds eerily similar to some popular American political commentators.

At the same time, as the renowned scholar Michael Parenti noted in his famous book ‘Blackshirts and Reds’, there is undeniable evidence that Western industrialists, including in America, supported the fascists’ rise to power in order to combat the Soviet Union. As Parenti wrote, Henry Ford and Ford Motor Company supported the Nazis before and during the war and the Rockefeller-owned Chase Bank helped launder Nazi money.

Spreading US influence changes historic perceptions

Countless people and nations suffered unspeakable violence during the war, but it’s worth repeating, since so many Western audiences may not be aware, that some 27,000,000 people in the Soviet Union died at the hands of fascist invaders who sought to exterminate them to expand their Lebensraum (living space).

This is a cultural memory that few can fathom, and is unfortunately hardly included in any discussion of the history about World War II in the West. But it bears repeating. Moreover, today’s events suggest that the expansion of American influence in Europe has directly correlated with changing opinions about the war.

It’s no wonder why Russian President Vladimir Putin is pushing to ban speech that compares the USSR to Nazi Germany or Stalin to Hitler. Many European countries ban Nazi symbology and Holocaust revisionist speech, and indeed the narratives coming from some actors in the West falls into both of these categories. It’s false and extraordinarily dangerous.

Look, you don’t have to be a communist or a Russian to admit obvious historical facts and refute blatant lies pushed by Nazi-adjacent radicals. To quote legendary American writer Ernest Hemingway, “Anyone who loves freedom owes such a debt to the Red Army that it can never be repaid.”

Appendix I

AIPAC Caught Up in Spy Case, Sordid Scandal

By Richard Walker

Just when it seemed the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) spy scandal dating to 2005 could not get any more bizarre, tales have emerged of top lobbying staff watching explicit pornography, homosexual liaisons made through the Internet and charges of executives hiring prostitutes. And if that is not exciting enough for spy buffs, there is a real possibility one of its directors, sacked following an FBI espionage probe of two of its top advisers, may blow the lid on AIPAC’s secret role in the political life of Washington.

On Dec. 13, Stephen Peter Rosen, the organization’s former foreign policy chief, will argue in court he was fired because AIPAC feared what a federal probe of its activities might reveal. He will also challenge the organization’s public argument it sacked him because he acted without approval when acquiring secret U.S. documents and when he warned an Israeli embassy official in Washington an FBI espionage probe was in place. Rosen believes he has enough evidence to show he was hung out to dry to protect AIPAC from a federal witch hunt. Some of the organization’s rich backers think so, too. Since his sacking, a number of high profile donors have provided him with $1 million to help him in his legal battle.

That battle began five years ago when he and AIPAC’s Iran analyst, Keith Weissman, were caught with classified material provided by Pentagon spy Lawrence Franklin. The FBI had Rosen and Weismann dead to rights but they argued they were acting as AIPAC lobbyists. They would filter the information through AIPAC to the Israeli Embassy in Washington or to AIPAC offices in Tel Aviv. Rosen claimed he was not aware he was subject to any U.S. legislation such as a British-type Official Secrets Act that would have prevented him or journalists from handling sensitive information.

No one should be surprised AIPAC has been involved in this kind of intelligence gathering over half a century. It is, after all, the successor of the American Zionist Council, which was disbanded in 1962 after being ordered by the Kennedy administration to register as an agent of the Israeli government. Six weeks after it was wound up, its top people, at the behest of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, incorporated AIPAC in its place. It has been tax exempt since 1968.

According to Rosen, he has more than 180 AIPAC files showing the kind of activities it has been involved in traditionally, and those he contends will demonstrate he was only doing his job in 2005 when he was “sent out to do something for them that was not illegal.”

The FBI charged Rosen and Weissman with illicitly obtaining classified U.S. government intelligence and defense data. However, for reasons not made clear, the charges were dropped in 2009. At the time, both men were planning to depose in their defense some of the most powerful figures in the United States, including former Vice President Dick Cheney and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. The decision by the Justice Department to drop the spying charges spurred Rosen to go after AIPAC for defamation, and he launched a $20 million defamation suit against his former employer. He should have known taking on a powerful lobby group would be no easy task and things could get down and dirty. That is exactly what happened.

In a 250-page deposition in the suit, AIPAC’s lawyer, Thomas L. McCally, questioned Rosen under oath, and the result was a withering cross-examination that dissected his personal life. He was forced to admit he had regularly accessed pornography on his work computer though he claimed he saw at least 12 other AIPAC staffers do likewise. He alleged some AIPAC directors even boasted about using prostitutes.

To Rosen’s amazement and dismay, the AIPAC legal team had unearthed previously closed divorce filings in which his first wife (of five wives) cited evidence he had been soliciting men for sex. Under oath, Rosen admitted it was true and he had arranged sexual trysts with men through the Internet, sometimes on his work computer. He claimed he had not been aware he had stored pornography on his computer, which was how AIPAC investigators discovered he had been accessing lewd material online.


His suit was dismissed but the judge in the case accepted he was entitled to challenge AIPAC in a jury trial for its statement he was sacked “because he did not reflect AIPAC standards.”

Rosen says his lawyers will show, through evidence he has given them, it was AIPAC’s role to amass information about U.S. Middle East policy and AIPAC was often asked by U.S. officials to help them build support for controversial policies on Capitol Hill. AIPAC’s success in fighting off the Rosen defamation suit is the least of its worries. If Rosen can now prove in court AIPAC, on behalf of Israel and its intelligence community, regularly acquired and processed classified documents about U.S. foreign policy positions, AIPAC could be required to register as the agent of a foreign power as happened to its predecessor, the American Zionist Council.

There could be other consequences. Revelations about AIPAC as a direct tool of Israel could frighten off many of its big American donors, some of whose names have already surfaced in legal filings. Additionally, there could be pressure on the Justice Department to carry out a probe of the organization.

AIPAC’s immediate problem is it cannot be seen to be buying Rosen’s silence, because that would lead many to conclude Rosen’s claim about AIPAC’s intelligence gathering activities was accurate. As a consequence, it would be difficult for AIPAC to maintain it is merely a non-profit lobbying firm engaged in promoting American-Israel relations.

There has already been some fall-out from the Rosen affair. AIPAC coffers have taken a big hit with a shortfall in donations estimated at $12 million and rising.

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  1. I think you’ve peeled back a big piece of the onion here Gordon. Russia saving Syria in 2015 only to enable Israeli aggression now sounds like something more than just “Israel got to Putin.” My basic take on Russian history is that the Christian Czars prevailed until 1917 when the Talmudic Khazarians took over and rule from the shadows if need be. This explains most of the Russian enigma. Putin is just a shabbos goy frontman, a lifelong KGB man, a lover of autocracy and despiser of democracy. Netanyahu used to be a Soviet spy as you’ve said, etc.

    The Russians are master chess players who plan their moves far ahead, as back far as 1959 perhaps. Defector Anatoliy Golitsyn was a former major in the KGB’s strategy department no less. He predicted in his two books a coming Perestroika to deceive and lull the West to sleep. Even Gorbachev described his policies as “hugging Europe to death.”

    Israel’s neo-cons lured us into the Middle East to waste our blood and treasure. Now we’re demoralized, divided and confused. The Russians are re-uniting with China, they’ve undermined our faith in democracy, turned the Cold Warrior party into a fifth column, installed a Manchurian Candidate kind of guy, etc.

    Even Marx himself was a kind of frontman for the evil genius Moses Hess who had a two-step strategy for Chosen People world domination. In Communism they rob the Gentiles of their property, in Zionism they establish their capitol in Jerusalem. We need further investigation here.

  2. Perhaps overall, one of the greatest published article VT has produced, however the information on the German “Third Reich” has mistakes and omissions, example: The German Third Reich or Hitler movement is not synonymous with “NAZI,” however it has been branded that name by those who won the war. Germany never associated themselves with that name given to them by the Kazarian/Ashkanazi. Interesting that Ashkanazi has in its name the name, “Nazi.”

  3. About Russian plane shot down, please allow me to make a dot there, I think there is a mistake, the Syrian system that brought down a Russian military plane was a Syrian owned S-200 and operated by syrian personnel. As I understand, the S-300 is under Russian operative control and that system have an IFF identification friend-or-foe system and could not have brought down their own Russian plane.

    • How ?? Why ?? I mean, are the russians who have their finger in the trigger of S-300 although they gave it to Syria supplied with IFF. Was an old S-200 Syria owned which was used agains zionist F-16s who missed the target and end shot down the russian plane

    • *…although they gave it to Syria government for free, besides that its a modern system supplied with IFF….. (typing mistake)

  4. I know you asked Gordon, but unlike Israel and the U.S. that want to stop the so-called Shia Crescent and don’t care how many bodies we have to step over to do it, Erdogan is going for a classic land grab. Seems straightforward enough, he’s grabbed territory in both northern Syria and in Iraq as the Turks are the heir to the Ottoman Empire. Also, it sets back the Kurds, their mortal enemy.

  5. The lead in to this article was a device clicking all the right pieces into place like a rubics cube being solved.
    As for the bits on law suits near the end of the piece, that auld ang zine feeling started sighing again with; yes but everybody that’s anybody in government, law, courts or academia already knows the score on all if this, so who’s going to be “controlling legal authority” hero?

  6. Flood the USA with immigrants? Yes, Turtle Island would still be an unspoiled pristine wilderness if it weren’t for the unenlightened immigration policies of Native Americans. What were they thinking, letting those expansionistic Europeans get a foot hold on this continent? Didn’t they know that these violent white supremacist invaders couldn’t be reasoned with as they considered themselves to be God’s chosen people who were destined to displace the indigenous all around the planet, rape and pillage them, and steal their lands and resources? That’s why Manifest Destiny equals Zionism equals racism, pure and simple. If you don’t believe me just ask any Native American or any Palestinian.

  7. Flood the US with immigrants? It’s your own fault. The US are the Hessian mercenaries of today. I have seen Latin America go to pot (just like the USA) during the last 40 years AS A DIRECT CONSEQUENCE OF US ACTIONS. You destroyed our countries. You are not the victims here; YOU ARE THE VICTIMIZERS.

    Don’t worry, you’ve been acting as satans minions so nobody is going to force you to do the right thing in this life. But you will pay for all those lives you trampled. Millions.

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