More Disclosure: Suppressed history, A banned classic with new introduction

Was Pearl Harbor the first 9/11? Was World War II simply an internal Bolshevik power struggle?


The close ties between Communism and Israel were soon obvious to any penetrating reader of the New York Times. A notable example is afforded in an article (March 12, 1948) by Alexander Feinberg entitled:

10,000 in Protest on Palestine Here: Throng Undaunted by Weather Mustered by Communist and Left-Wing Labor Leaders.

Here is a brief quotation from this significant article:

Youthful and disciplined ommunists raised their battle cry of solidarity forever as they marched. . . The parade and rally were eld under the auspices of the United Committee to Save the Jewish State and the United Nations, formed recently after the internationally minded Communists decided to take over an intensely nationalistic cause. The partition of Palestine. The grand marshal of the parade was Ben Gold, president of the Communist-led International Fur and Leather Workers Union, CIO.

With the Jewish immigrants to Palestine came Russian and Czechoslovak (Skoda) arms. Israel Leaning Toward Russia, Its Armorer, the New York Herald-Tribune headlined on August 5, 1948. Here are quotations on the popularity of the Soviet in Israel from Correspondent Kenneth Bilby‘s wireless dispatch from Tel Aviv:

Russian prestige has soared enormously among all political factions. . . Certain Czech arms shipments which reached Israel at critical junctures of the war, played a vital role in blunting the invasion‘s five Arab armies. . . The Jews, who are certainly realists, know that without Russia‘s nod, these weapons would never have been available.

Mr. Bilby found that the balance sheet read much in Russia‘s favor and found his conclusion, evidenced in numerous ways, in editorials in the Hebrew press praising the Soviet Union, and also in public pronouncements of political and governmental leaders. Mr. Bilby concluded also that the political fact of Israeli devotion to the Soviet might color the future of the Middle East long after the issues of the day were settled. Parenthetically, the words of the Herald-Tribune correspondent were prophetic.

In its feature editorial of October 10, 1951, the Dallas Morning News commented as follows on the announced determination of Egypt to seize the Sudan and the Suez Canal:

Beyond question, the Egyptian move is concerned with the understandable unrest stirred in the Arab world by the establishment of the new State of Israel. The United Nations as a whole and Britain and the United States in particular did that. The Moslem world could no more accept equably an effort to turn back the clock 2,000 years than would this country agree to revert to the status quo of 1776.

Showing contempt, and her true colors, Israel voted with the Soviet Union and against the United States on the question of admitting Communist China to the UN (broadcast of Lowell Thomas, CBS Network, November 13, 1951). Thus were we paid for the immoral coercion by which we got Israel into the United Nations, a coercion which had given the whole world, in the first instance, a horrible but objective and above-board example of the Truman administration‘s conception of elections!

But back to our chronology. In 1948, string with Soviet armor and basking in the sunshine of Soviet sympathy, Isreali troops mostly born in Soviet-held lands killed many Arabs and drove out some 880,000 others, Christian and Moslem. These wretched refugees apparently will long be a chief problem of the Arab League nations of the Middle East. Though most Americans are unaware, these brutally treated people are an American problem also, for the Arabs blame their tragedy in large part on the Americans for pouring money and political support to the Israelis; Harry Truman is the popular villain (The Forgotten Arab Refugees, by James Bell, Life, September 17, 1951).

With such great sympathy for the Soviet Union, as shown above, it is not surprising Israel, at once began to show features which are extremely leftist to say the least. For instance, on his return from Israel, Dr. Frederick E. Reissig, executive director of the Washington (D.C.) Federation of Churches, told of going to many co-operative communities. . . Land for each kibbutz‘ as such communities are called is supplied by the government. Everything, more or less, is shared by the residents (Mary Jane Dempsey in Washington Times-Herald, April 24, 1951). For fuller details, see The Kibbutz by John Hersey in The New Yorker of April 19, 1952.

After the Israeli seizure of the Arab lands in Palestine, there followed a long series of outrages including the bombings of the British Officers‘ Club in Jerusalem, the Acre Prison, the Arab Higher Command Headquarters in Jaffa, the Semiramis Hotel, etc. These bombings were by Jewish terrorists (World Almanac, 1951). The climax of the brutality in Israel was the murder of Count Bernadotte of Sweden, the United Nations mediator in Palestine! Here is the New York Times story (Tel Aviv, September 18, 1948) by Julian Louis Meltzer:

Count Folke Bernadotte, United Nations Mediator for Palestine, and another United Nations official, detached from the French Air Force, were assassinated this afternoon [September 17], within the Israeli-held area of Jerusalem.

Also, according to the New York Times, Reuters quoted a Stern Group spokesman in Tel Aviv as having said, Iam satisfied that it has happened‘. A United Nations truce staff announcemint confirmed the fact that Count Bernadotte had been killed by two Jewish irregulars, who also killed the United Nations senior observer, Col. Andre Pierre Serot, of the French Air Force.

Despite the fact that the murderers were Jews, and that the murdered UN officers were from countries worth no appreciable political influence in the United States, American reaction to the murder of the United Nations mediator was by no means favorable. It was an election year and Dewey droned on about unity while Truman trounced the do-nothing Republican 80th Congress. For a month after the murders neither of them fished in the putrid pond of Israeli-dominated Palestine.

Strangely enough, it was Dewey who first threw in his little worm on a pinhook.

In a reply to a letter from the Constantinople-born Dean Alfange, Chairman of the Committee which founded the Liberal Party of the State of New York, May 19, 1944 (Who‘s Who in America, Vol. 25, p. 44), Dewey wrote (October 22, 1948):

As you know, I have always felt that the Jewish people are entitled to a homeland in Palestine which would be politically and economically stable. . . My position today is the same. On October 24 in a formal statement, Truman rebuked Dewey for injecting foreign affairs into the campaign and to change the figure of speech raised the Republican candidate‘s six-spades bid for Jewish votes by a resounding ten-no-trumps:

So that everyone may be familiar with my position, I set out here the Democratic platform on Israel: President Truman, by granting immediate recognition to Israel, led the world in extending friendship and welcome to a people who have long sought and justly deserve freedom and independence. We pledge full recognition to the State of Israel. We affirm our pride that the United States, under the leadership of President Truman, played a leading role in the adoption of the resolution of Nov. 29, 1947, by The United Nations General Assembly for the creation of a Jewish state. We approve the claim of the State of Israel to the boundaries set forth in the United Nations‘ resolution of Nov. 29 and consider that modifications thereof should be made only if fully acceptable to the State of Israel.

We look forward to the admission of the State of Israel to the United Nations and its full participation in the international community of nations. We pledge appropriate aid to the State of Israel in developing its economy and resources.

We favor the revision of the arms embargo to accord to the State of Israel the right of self-defense (New York Times, of Oct. 25, 1948).

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  2. The name Bussche comes from the Rhineland, an ancient region of Germany…and
    …the French name Bussche has a history dating as far back as the Middle Ages…Bussche family lived in Normandy, at Bussy-Le-Grand.

    The duchy of Normandy was created in 911, when the Viking chieftain Rollo (Hrolf) accepted lands around Rouen and Evreux from King Charles III (the Simple).
    Rollo was baptized in 912 but is said to have died a pagan.

    Druids, Celts, Saxons worshipped their gods at stone circles.
    The circle was/is a significant occult symbol. It connotes inclusion, influence, being surrounded. The five-pointed star and six-pointed Star of David become the occult pentagram, pentacles, and the hexagram when encircled.
    Some of the earliest known stone circles have been found in Egypt.
    “One of the most important symbols in Freemasonry is a circle with a dot in the center—part of their motif-the shape that is drawn by the compass.”

    In the King James version of the Bible ekklesia became Church.

  3. I think now it’s too late, time is over since 1939 when WWII started. I’ve the theory, that the global financiers mob based at London and Wall Street who created to bolsheviks and later soviet union in 1917, they were betrayed by Stalin in 1927 that he left obey their command, and that is why they had to created to Hitler and they brought him to power in 1933 and funded the rebuild of military Germany power to destroy Stalin and regain soviet union for themself as in 1917 with his dogs Lenin and Trotsky, but in some moment Hitler also became “independent” in some degree from them and he wanted to do his own desires. So they had to use his briton dog Churchill to who they been placed as PM in 1940 to destroy the rebellious Hitler. That is why Churchill reject more a dozen peace offers to UK from Hitler whose first sign of goodwill was in Dunkirk 1940 when german forces may have wipe out all british forces trapped there but weirdly Hitler allowed they were evacuated.

  4. The Zionist must pay reparation for all the wars, murders and theft. They must be made to pay for US and for that matter the world economic terrorism which they have conducted throughout the years. The logical thing to begin with will be dismantling of all Central banks globally and wiping off all debts. Secondly, they must be taken to the Nuremberg international human rights court, the outcome of which should be the return of Palestine to the Palestinians and many other theft committed by the IMF. Finally, a few hundred of the ring leaders must be sentenced to life or death. As a follow up the Hollywood studios must be burned to the ground.

    • I’m not calling you a sucker, but…
      Why are you so distracted by Central Banks?

      Answer: Because they want you to be.

      Do you owe any money to a Central Bank?
      Try finding ANYONE who does!
      I’ll wait…

      The US Central Bank is effectively nonprofit / nationalized; it returns all profits to US Treasury. Basic fact about (your?) country.

      #AllTheMoneyInTheWorld is created by banks. As loans. Principal needing to be paid back, but banks having no right to the interest. They need to return those profits to The People like the US Fed does to USA. Simple.

      A debt jubilee would be a start.
      But you’ll never see any “Christian” Republicans advocate it. So neither will Trump’s Bible Belt base of Mammon worshippers / servers.

    • “The Zionist must pay reparation for all the wars, murders and theft.”
      Chask —- what a ridiculous thing to post !
      How is this to be accomplished ?????????????????????
      Israel has nuclear bombs & ultra modern submarines to deliver them to ANY WORLD CAPITAL.

  5. Solzhenitsyn’s 200 years together discusses this matter as it happened in Russia. His books have been banned and burned in Russia and some were shunned in America. Even more importantly, it’s a crystal ball for the world. No one anywhere gives a rat’s behind about anyone’s religion, if it worships plants, animals, statues, or ancient dead people. But if they discovered that one of them is a self serving political system hiding in a Trojan Horse, and moving from country to country destroying them from the inside, they might perk up. As Russia showed, in the end, the perpetrators can’t wait to flee the intolerable mess they have created. Even the dysfunction is dysfunctional.

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