The Importance of Content Marketing on Instagram. The Best Ideas for Creating Savable Posts


As an Instagram user, you are probably aware that the social media platform is continually testing and upgrading its algorithms to enhance the user experience. One of the current experiments the site is working on involves hiding the “likes” category of engagement. This experiment is aimed towards the possibility of removal of likes from the list of content engagements available. Likes, as you are probably aware, are an essential engagement metric. As a Business account, you probably also rely heavily on likes as part of your Instagram marketing strategy to increase your reach and brand presence.

If “likes” were to remain an engagement-rate determiner no longer, would your Instagram marketing suffer greatly? Are there any other ways to retain or enhance your ROI? The good news is, if you concentrate on making posts that are savable, you will likely maintain your current visibility and reach. It might even get better.

What is Instagram Saves?

Instagram Saves is a feature that was first added in 2016. Similar to the save function on Facebook, this feature lets you bookmark posts from your feed onto a private tab visible only to you. The function is simple to use: one only needs to tap on the bookmark icon that appears along with the like, comment, and share symbols by a post. The post gets saved onto a bookmarked page that you can view anytime later. Within this private tab, the saved posts can further be arranged into categories that make an internal discovery of content easy. This Collections feature makes the savable feature of Instagram a closer experience to sites like Pinterest.

How does Instagram Saves enable Your Content Creating Strategy?

A saved post currently goes into a user’s private tabs, which means no one else can view what you have saved. However, when a post is saved, it sends Instagram algorithms a signal that the post is of quality and needs to be boosted upon user home feed rankings. Thus, when someone saves your post, they give it a push towards increased visibility on the platform. In other words, like shares, likes, and other engagement forms, the more saves your post receives, the higher it gets bumped on feeds. Consequently, it also climbs up on the discoverability ranking on Instagram’s Search and Explores pages.

Instagram saves can be a great contributor to your Instagram marketing strategy, especially if you wish your content to have continuing audience engagement. If likes do eventually find removal from Instagram engagements, the algorithms would shift the focus completely from a combo of post quantity and post quality to post quality. To ensure that your followers keep coming back to your posts, you have to pay attention to your content creation. Quality content marketing can boost your Instagram performance exponentially and get your viewers to bookmark your uploads.

Moreover, once you know what posts get the most saves on your profile, you can better understand the kind of content your target audience is most able to connect with and prefers to see from you. This helps you in advancing your content strategy better.

So how do you go about creating savable posts?

Here are a few things you must be aware of before you get on to creating savable posts. For the perfect content, planning and research are a must. To ensure your content is top-notch, you must first be aware of:

  • What your target audience provides the most engagement for.
  • What your micro-goals are.
  • What your Instagram budget is.
  • How best to reach your goals with minimum expenditures of time and finance.
  • What is trending in your niche industry?
  • What can you do differently that will make your content stand out uniquely without making your content irrelevant to your niche?
  • What other community-creating strategies do you already have in place.

Once you are clear with these, you can try out the following.

Ideas to create Posts Your Audience would love to Save

  1. Use Templates
    You can create your own or use several pre-created templates explicitly made for use on sites like Instagram by software designers. Templates give your content a professional look and can enable you to present content far better. In addition, your viewers are likely to save your post to read in leisure later or refer to it for their future content presentation. Either way, it means engagement with the post for you.

To go about using templates, try to standardize a content theme for your profile first. Think in terms of colors, borders, font styles. The idea is to ensure that people recognize you as the creator of a post just by glancing at the post. After that, you can experiment with different layouts for different themes you post about, or you can stick to one layout that works for you. Finally, you can further enhance your visual styling strategies by turning your Instagram grid into an organized display as well.

  1. Create Shoppable Posts

If what you are selling is an eye-catching item, or if you have been able to convince your audience of your product’s worth by marketing it well in your caption, your audience is sure to save your post with an intention to buy from you, or at least to compare products with others selling similar items in your niche. Step up your game by creating shoppable links in your post. Instagram lets you embed directly shoppable tags into your post although this feature is not available in all countries yet. You will need to sync your Instagram account with your catalog page on Facebook for the links to be fully functional. Shoppable posts will make your audience twice as likely to save your content as they are convenient direct links to your digital shop.

  1. Collaborate

    When you need high content quality, invest in collaborations. Seasoned influencers and digital marketers are experienced in creating posts viewers like to bookmark. Collaborate to create the perforce content suited to your ultimate end goals. After all, you do not just want your audience to save your posts, and you also want them to grow your brand organically. You may be aiming for increasing engagement rates or an increase in sales conversions. Collaborators will help you keep your content focused even as they help you enhance your saving quotient. In addition, they also have their loyal followers, who will be bringing more audience engaged to your content. Use their expertise to your favor and collaborate to create the perfect savable posts!

  1. Use Call-to-Action

Ask your audience to save your post. Instagram is a platform for direct audience connections. Humanize your brand by speaking to your viewers one-to-one. A direct call to action can be made if your post has links your audience is likely to want to return to in the future. Or, you could post bits of relevant content and ask your audience to save your posts as part of the competition coming up soon!

Use phrases like “Bookmark”, “Save for Later” at the end of your caption description to remind your audience of the call to action. You can also put up a Story, Reel, or Video tutorial on how to bookmark interesting posts for your audience’s reference to pull up your audience engagement rate.

  1. Post Content that is Trending as Pin-Ups

You can always integrate your marketing content to include trending subjects and images to make your posts safe worthy. Some ideas include:

  • Motivational quotes

Regardless of your niche and your presence outreach, everyone can create texts that will make the viewer ponder and feel inspired. You can use apps that generate motivational quotes to help you out here.

  • Visually stunning or adorable content

Instagram is primarily a visual platform. Consider what kind of visuals make your audience stop scrolling their feeds and react instantaneously with a like or comment. For instance, high resolution, focused images of cute baby animals are far more likely to be saved by your target audience than a random click of the same. Think of your visuals as you would about your written word. The best visuals are like stories within themselves. They have good light balance, and they connect to your text description. They advertise your brand for you without hard-selling. You may be a company that sells shoelaces, that should not stop you from marketing them in visually arresting ways.

  • Industry-specific Content

When your audience is not looking for visuals, they are looking for information. Your audience may save quality posts on job openings, open collaboration requests, product sale discounts, or coupons if that is what they are looking for. Study your target audience’s behavior and run a few keyword-rich searches to see what might be working currently for your target audience.

  • Create Infographics

    If your post has information or is of educational value, it is far more likely to get saved for later viewing as well as engagement. Use charts, measuring scales, graphs, and comparative numbers to enhance your photo or video upload. Give your audience something to ponder upon. At the same time, do not overload your post. Keep it uncluttered and organized. If you have too much information to share, categorize and prioritize what you want to put out on a post, and follow it up with more posts. Add links to the other posts in your description and ask your audience to save them together for a more comprehensive understanding of the subject. You can use the same approach in making how-to tutorials in parts.

  • Caption Creatively

While the visual aspect of your post is definitely important, the description that accompanies it can be a game-changer. Use keyword-rich captions and accompany them with relevant hashtags to give your post the perfect perspective. What you write works towards making your audience believe your post is worth a save and a re-read later. Moreover, using primary and secondary keywords skillfully can boost up your discoverable quotient on the Search and Explore tab as well. End your description with a call to action for a save.

  • Create Timeless Content

When you get your posting calendar rolling, ask yourself, would your audience still like to see this post in say a year from now? If you can answer in the affirmative, you have created yourself a post that your audience is likely to save. Some examples of evergreen content include:

  • Posts that motivate and inspire;
  • Posts that share how-to information;
  • Posts that advocate for social causes;
  • Posts that provide tips or useful hacks;
  • Posts that your audience finds a community connection to (because it caters to their hobbies, interests, etc).


No matter who you are and how long your brand has been on Instagram, everyone can create quality posts. You do not have to shell out a fortune to do this, but you must be willing to invest your time in planning and creating the content like any serious marketing aspect. Although several services are beginning to sell Instagram saves to give your algorithms a boost, it is perhaps best to let your audience organically coke cut and bookmark your posts themselves. When you buy saves, there is no guarantee for future engagements with the post, whereas when your real-time followers save your post, chances are they will be going back to the post at least once again. When they do, they may consider commenting, resharing, and cross-posting the post again. This possibility remains absent in bought Instagram Saves.

The internet today is already teeming with high-quality stock images and apps that enable professionally presenting content. If digital content creation is not something you are comfortable with, consider using these tools and apps to help you in the process. Alternatively, if you have the budget for it, you can employ services to create quality content for you. Keep checking your insights to see how your posts are faring, to keep track of how savable your posts are. Do not be afraid to experiment to discover what works best for you!

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