Washington’s Crisis Over Jerusalem


 Bassam Abu Sharif

The Sword of Jerusalem

When the “guest” warned, Israel is the enemy of the Palestinian people, and an hour was set for him to stop its brutal practices in the courtyards of Al-Aqsa, Bab Al-Amud, Issawiya, Silwan, Sheikh Jarrah, Wadi Al-Jouz, and Jabal Al-Mukaber, my heart beating accelerated … .. This is a dangerous declaration and puts the credibility of the Palestinian people. On a historical test, I have fought all the battles of our people that have passed in my time and throughout my life, and my field life has not passed, and politics is a warning to the enemy like this warning.

The statements made by the leaders about the battles against the enemy and in defense of our people were statements challenging the enemy, and expressing the readiness of the revolution forces to confront the enemy, but it did not happen that the commander of the revolutionary forces warned the occupying enemy that he did not implement what the leadership of the revolution required, and this was: stop Immediately because of the barbaric attacks on our people in Jerusalem, the holy sites of worship, the neighborhoods of the Old City, and the neighborhoods of Jerusalem outside the ancient walls …… I began to calculate, and carefully, and came to a conclusion: –

If the guest was not sure of the ability of our forces to respond to the stalemate, and the enemy forces, he would not have issued this warning, and he would not have linked him personally as a commander, and as the Chief of Staff of the Joint Operations Room, he knew how many missiles the resistance factions possess, not just the Qassams … He knew their types, ranges, and explosive power, and he was known for the percentage of precision-targeting missiles out of the total missiles the forces possess, as well as he was familiar with other types of weapons such as artillery, anti-guided shield, nautical and others … I imagined the guest checking an enlarged military map of Palestine, not just the Gaza Strip …

I was sure of the resistance missiles. Everyone knows that the missiles are mainly Iranian missiles, and that the “Palestinian technical workshops” have developed engines to travel distances, and have developed the structure to carry larger explosive charges, since the missile’s range increases if its payload is reduced and vice versa, but these research Some of its results turned to practical implementation, and it was tested by launching it towards the sea. It needed to think of a tactic that would enable it to avoid intercepting the Iron Dome.

This is according to my calculations

The bombers, the locations of the joint room and the leaderships … Here I say, frankly, I was not sure, because experiences have shown in the past that Israel has agents who inform it with important information … I reached conclusions, and I am waiting for the credibility of our military leadership …

And the call to prayer echoed from the Al-Aqsa Mosque … Allah is the greatest …. God is great, and many of us did not notice that the church bells rang strongly with the first rocket, and with the first roar, God is greater.

Many peoples fought to seize their freedom, and to defeat the occupiers, invaders and aggressors, but our Palestinian people, who have not yet achieved victory, record in every battle a lesson for the struggling peoples and pave the way to freedom with their blood, and here in May of 2021 continues to pave the way for Jerusalem to become a leader of the Arab liberation march It raises up the Arab masses.

– And to annihilate the normalization.

He besieges Arab regimes that betray the era and betray.

And he turns the Arab countries into a land that burns the invaders.

In the last moments before the ceasefire, the resistance introduced a weapon to the battle that astonished the enemy, who was still studying its new calamity … The resistance sent a reconnaissance drone that filmed the enemy’s sites, then returned to their bases safely … Congratulations, the resistance has surpassed in one aspect at least a boastful enemy who steals America’s secrets and claims its ownership. What is being hatched now in terms of planting a separation between Gaza and the West Bank, and considering Jerusalem to be Israeli, is the enemy’s way of driving a wedge into the unity of the people and fighters that has been enshrined in the battles of Saif Jerusalem, ”as well as the reconstruction of Gaza, which they are trying to transform into a strategic espionage project on every military or civilian institution in Gaza. They want to control its infrastructure, or its towers and buildings.

They are conspiring to restore the rift between the authority in Ramallah and the revolution in Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem, and we must not waste a single moment: –

– To build on the achievements of Saif Al-Quds.

And to establish the closest bridges and relations with our Arab peoples.

– And to move Arab lawyers and trade unions to pursue war criminals, and to confront Biden and his ally Netanyahu.

The ugliness of the “Ugly American” was revealed more through Biden.

Biden considers Hamas a terrorist organization, so it does not deal with it, and considers Israel’s brutal raids, destroying homes on family heads, killing children and women, and destroying hospitals in self-defense. As for defending resistance in the face of barbarism, racism, and ethnic cleansing tools, for Biden, they are terrorist operations !! … The days of “Uncle Sam” have passed. He is waving to boycott the bag of dollars in order to break cohesion with Gaza… but that time is over…. And what the Palestinian people embodied, and their fighters in the “Sword of Jerusalem,” will not be undone.

President Biden was not much interested in what is going on in Jerusalem, and the crimes committed against its people and the worshipers among them in the first two qiblah, and the third of the Two Holy Mosques, the prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace. None of his assistants reported the news as it was, and none of his advisors mentioned it. To the horrors of the Israeli occupation, and the consequences of these atrocities.

And the situation remained like this until the vice-chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in Congress raised his voice to criticize what Israel is doing and committing in Jerusalem. Then Biden raised his ears to hear well what was being said and discovered that a terrible thing was going on in Jerusalem, and that Israel was committing a big mistake that could lead to scourge, so the communications began. American official sources said that from that moment, until the ceasefire, American officials contacted Israeli officials as they had never done before. President Biden set his goal of a ceasefire and left his employees arranging that, and he extended the deadline, and gave Israel more. From time to time he was confident that Israel would not be affected and would eliminate “terrorism,” as he put it.

An American official says that the number of telephone calls reached 80, which is an unusual number, and this number of calls were not included in the habit of making this number of calls on one topic, but the reason is that a crisis was growing due to Netanyahu’s position rejecting the cease-fire …Biden realized after he gathered his advisers and senior officers that Israel was heading towards a ground war, and that this would greatly weaken Israel, and he would throw on Washington’s shoulders the establishment of an air bridge to support Israel in a ground war against a people in Gaza, even if the target was terrorist organizations, and Biden ordered an end to the war. To save Israel and save America from being plunged into a war on the land of Palestine at a time when Biden withdraws his forces from Afghanistan despite the violent clashes between the Taliban and the “American” Afghan government. Biden is certain that things have changed even inside Congress and the United States. Mass demonstrations have taken place in support of the Palestinians, and condemnation In Israel, even if the New York demonstration represented the reality when the supporters of Palestine clashed with their demonstration of supporters of Israel with their demonstration.

Netanyahu thanked Biden and Biden announced that he had spoken with Netanyahu (and what Biden was reported came in two installments) in front of the President of South Korea. Biden announced that he supports Israel, and will not give up America’s commitment to its security because, but he also said that he will not change the military support program for Israel, and both of these matters Addressed to a number of members of Congress from his “party” Democrats, who demanded Biden to stop an arms deal to Israel due to its destruction of towers and residential homes, and although he did not speak about what he meant by the two-state solution, he confirmed his support for this solution, and that it is the only one, but he immediately added that this must be done. It means that Mahmoud Abbas remains president of the Authority, and he separated in his words between Gaza and the West Bank !!

As for Jerusalem, he mentioned it in his talk about the necessity of coexistence with equality and democracy, and peace between the Arabs of Israel and the Jews, including the Arabs of Jerusalem, meaning that despite his words and his contacts with President Mahmoud Abbas he insisted on considering Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and ruled by Israel, and this is what he does not accept. Abu Mazen .

 From the above, it appears that there are parties trying to hide the crimes of Israel, and one of the officials who conveyed to Biden the news of the destruction of the towers of evacuation and al-Jawhara said that the video did not reach them from the CIA or the US State Department, but rather from activists on social media platforms, and that the scene was horrific. The Chairman of the Associated Press is conducting an international investigation, and President Biden asked to raise this matter, as it is a direct attack on an American institution whose offices were known to Israel in that tower. There are parties working for Israel in the White House, and there is a president who supports Zionism, and we should only expect some reviews. Like paying the United Nations to send urgent aid, as for allocating funds to rebuild Gaza, this is a matter that Biden will have upon his terms upon implementation, and among these conditions is not to hand over any money to Hamas, but rather to Abu Mazen, and Washington will ask all countries that have announced collection campaigns to return the building not to hand over the money. Hamas, but these expected actions will not be the title of the battle.As we received information, President Mahmoud Abbas demanded firmly to stop the attacks in Jerusalem, to cancel the siege of Sheikh Jarrah, and to immediately start comprehensive negotiations to end the occupation. Here is the entrance to the Palestinian side and to keep the situation going.

So that we do not fall into any dilemma or disagreement, we see that the decisions of Fatah youth to continue to confront the attacks of the occupation army in Jerusalem, and the settlers in the West Bank, is the right way, meaning that the cease-fire in Gaza is not valid in the West Bank. Within two days the West Bank has given casualties of the wounded. It parallels the wounded for five days in Gaza, and gave martyrs parallels, and the issue is not a comparison, but an indication of the momentum of the West Bank, the distribution of sites and they are the occupation soldiers, and the absence of weapons in the hands of the citizens, and a day may come when the security men will join the people, but even this will not fulfill the required defense In self-defense, our defense of ourselves is by guarding our land and our families, expelling settlers, besieging them, clashing with them, and controlling their sites.

Netanyahu will make the mistake of escalation, because that will place the burden of responsibility on a long border line between Jordan and the occupying enemy.

Palestinian writer and politician

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  1. Apartheid will end.
    Will The United States of America survive that end?
    Or, just become The British Empire #2?
    The money changers seem to have the winning hand, repeatedly.

  2. Years ago I was involved with a Secret Service agent who was tasked with defending Arafat. The same that stole monies intended for Palestinian hospitals and schools. At the end of his tour Arafat wanted to shake his hand; Chris turned his back and walked away from him. The Palestinians have suffered. I wish they could move to Lyons Mill, Pa. and help work our factory. Really.

  3. Are there any other little patches of sand and rock in the world ( that aren’t islands) which present such insurmountable conflicts, and command such attention?
    This seems to be something which mortal man is incapable of solving.

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