What made Ryanair decide to fly a wanted Belarusian political criminal through Belarusian airspace? That was just asking for trouble, frankly. Well done Minsk for spotting it and arranging to divert the aircraft. The MSM, who are pretty nutty anyway, no offense intended, have gone nuts.

Ryanair 737

Anyone would think that the Belorusian Air Force had shot the plane down. In fact the captain of Flight FR4978 very properly obeyed directions from Minsk ATC to divert to Minsk.

I respectfully agree with President Lukashenko’s restrained and sensible comments on the affair. These are to be contrasted with the hysterical response of the EU. Brussels hates the fact that President Lukashenko won the last election fair and square – Minsk is not Philadelphia after all. Elections in Belarus are conducted fairly, indeed they don’t even use voting machines.

Belarus enjoys political freedoms which Britons, crushed under the heel of the Cabinet Office/GO2 jackboot, can only envy. (Cabinet Office control over the government was hinted at by sacked adviser Dominic Cummings in his damaging revelations on Wednesday.) Britain’s justice system falls a long way short of Belarusian standards, sadly. I can’t imagine the KGB letting German intelligence get away with running a listening post in Minsk tapping the phones of every senior Belarusian judge in order to acquire blackmail material.

Roman’s father has suggested that he was tortured, but I suspect that he was entering into the realms of conspiracy theory. Roman might need a bit of dental work, but that is more a comment on Lithuanian dentistry than Belorusian interrogation methods. The Belarusian KGB are well known for their respect for democratic norms, with respect. Ivan Tertel and the boys do good work.

It’s more likely that Roman’s perfectly proper confession was down to good intelligence and some revelations that he found difficult to cope with. I note that the MSM are going with the theory, which I don’t necessarily share, that he’s heterosexual. His arrest was a big win for the Good Guys and a blow for the Bad Guys, who’ve been trying to install a German-backed dictator in Minsk.

The San Jose shooting

Another week, another shooting, I’m afraid. This time it was in San Jose, CA, at the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, with one dead shooter and nine dead victims. The authorities, as usual, are going with a single-shooter theory, 57 year old Samuel Cassidy in this case, and obsessing on how he acquired his weapons at the expense of the ammunition.

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA – May 26: Sarbjit Gill, center, the father of a Valley Transportation Authority’s light rail operator Taptej Singh, mourns with relatives after learning of his son’s death outside the Family Assistance Center at the Red Cross building in San Jose, Calif., on Wednesday, May 26, 2021. Taptej Singh was killed along with 7 others during a mass shooting at VTA’s light rail yard this morning.  (Dai Sugano/Bay Area News Group)

There’s nothing to stop the San Jose Police Department consulting me of course. Even if I do say so myself, overcoming my natural reticence, I am one of the world’s leading authorities on the DVD, the only intelligence agency using mass shootings as a tactic, treating sub-agencies like the Correa Group as part of the DVD. I have in fact been consulted by US law enforcement, in every case linked into the networking done at the Intelligence Conference (Intelcon) 2005 and the Intelligence Summit 2006, each held at the Crystal City Hyatt near the Pentagon.

Police officers, unless they’re with Thames Valley Police, like to check people out before consulting them. I’m good with that. Seeing their proposed consultant hob-nob with the CIA and the DIA gives confidence. My track record is pretty good. It was me who picked up the significance of the Moslems working near the critical bolts on that interstate bridge over the Mississippi, for example.

For the benefit of my British readers I should explain that the Mississippi is a Big Momma of a river. It’s not the Windrush, a gentle stream meandering through green fields. When the Windrush floods and they put up road signs saying ‘Flood’ expect a puddle. When the Mississippi floods, expect to see SUVs floating past with desperate drivers on top hollering for help.

The problem is that the DVD spotted the danger – for them – of the law enforcement and intelligence communities building bridges (as opposed to bringing them down, a known DVD tactic!). The conferences were stopped, although they morphed into cruises for a few years. There’s no way that the boys in San Jose are going to consult me. That means no serious investigation, since there’s no other expert available on the DVD, who almost certainly set up the shooting.

The FBI will shut the investigation down as usual. The Biden regime won’t care, since the dead were Americans. It’s all very sad. Since this was California it’s likely that of the nine victims about five were Democrats. That still leaves four innocent victims.

Regime policy is to sacrifice US citizens to the DVD. You can just imagine the conversations – ‘hey Mr President, a museum in Mexico City has come up with a great idea. Apparently the Aztecs used to sacrifice people daily in order to make sure the sun came up. Turned out the sun was a star, not a god, so the sacrifices weren’t necessary, but we could try that with the Germans.’

The flaw in this cunning plan is that the Germans will just keep on killing. They killed as many as 75 million people in their Spanish Flu WMD program. Eighteen million of those were Indians. That’s more Indians than were killed in the last big battle with the Sioux. I’m aware of course that those were red Indians, not brown Indians, but you get the picture. (For the avoidance of doubt this column has been rigorously scrutinized for compliance with the Bar Standards Board and the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s valuable equal opportunities and diversity guidelines by Shrimpton & Associate’s able Compliance and Diversity Officer (me!)).

It’s not just Americans who are being sacrificed. Every government in the Western world is in awe of the DVD. Nobody has ever got to the bottom of a mass shooting and at the current rate of progress nobody ever will.

The Dyson Report

Lord Dyson

Dominic Cummings was not the only person in the news this week in the UK. Former Supreme Court judge Lord Dyson delivered his long-awaited report on the scandal over Martin Bashir’s notorious interview with the late Princess of Wales. Long-awaited that is by those not close to the Cabinet Office. Lord Dyson is nothing to do with vacuum cleaners by the way.

Of course the idea that a retired Supreme Court judge could deliver a report which got at the truth only has to be stated for its absurdity to be apparent, no offense intended. Judges are experienced at putting the boot in to individuals, so are ideal for this type of situation.

One of the bad things about working for the Bad Guys is that there is no loyalty. That’s a Good Guy thing. Martin Bashir didn’t come up with the idea for the interview and probably didn’t come up with the idea of entrapping Diana into agreeing to do it on the basis of forgeries. Being a fake news organisation it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the BBC employs forgers.

Martin Bashir

The interview was part of the Cabinet Office’s strategy of preventing Prince Charles from becoming king. The ploy failed, thankfully, but there’s no way that it was just Bashir’s idea. The BBC reports to the Cabinet Office. The Cabinet Office of course escape any criticism in the Dyson Report.

In the meantime Martin Bashir remains on the BBC payroll, unsurprisingly, since a deal has very obviously been done. Nobody at the ‘Beeb’ wants him telling who gave him the orders. He’s handed in his notice, but that means he gets to keep his pension.

Princess Diana

The forger, who became a whistle-blower, was treated badly of course. Most whistle-blowers in the UK are, on Cabinet Office orders. The forger has yet to be compensated. What no one is asking is how the forger knew the details of the bank accounts of members of the Royal Family. He couldn’t just knock up any old bank statement – it had to be a reasonable facsimile of the original. Who gave him the originals?

John Dyson, by the way, is a nice chap, even though he was appointed to the Supreme Court. We met over 20 years ago when I was sitting on the old Immigration Appeal Tribunal. One of my valued colleagues, the late Ray Maddison, who was very balanced and objective and gave everybody a fair hearing before deporting them, used to use a standard formula for refusing leave to appeal.

This led to a large number of judicial reviews, which started to gum up the works in the Crown Office, which then handled JRs. Mr Justice Dyson, as he then was, was sent ‘across the road’ to try and persuade us chairmen to use bespoke leave refusals. I was already doing them of course, and was only ever judicially reviewed twice, but then I could only deal with 15 cases a day, whereas Ray could whizz through 20 or more. John Dyson suggested that Ray, who wasn’t at the meeting, stopped using his pro forma.

We were slightly resentful at what we saw as judicial interference and I am sorry to say that my response was that we had been telling Ray to change his pro forma for years! Dyson J. was not best pleased.

No one should think that I am criticising Ray, who was a lovely man and a fine immigration lawyer. He was consulted over the planned changes in the law in 1993 which gave asylum seekers a right of appeal even if they had entered illegally. Ray warned the Home Office against the proposed change and he was absolutely right. He rarely got decisions wrong. I still prefer the bespoke approach to leave decisions by the way, but I acknowledge the usefulness of greater judicial productivity.


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  1. anyone else think it odd that under trump ‘mass’ shootings almost disappeared? now with biden, they’re back with a vengeance. maybe al can comment on that?

  2. Martin Bashir is a scumbag who was working for other scumbags. I thought fraud and forgery required criminal prosecution, but he gets a slap on the wrist? Over here, it’s still Memorial Day, and I am focused on more mundane things today. The washing of Dad’s gravestone, that is a huge deal, as the cemetery has trees, lots of debris and lots of dirt falls in the letters and must be removed or else the granite gets eaten quickly. The cemetery people should powerwash the stones at least once per year, but they don’t. Veterans’ stones from WWI are already almost illegible. This is a civilian cemetery, btw. The situation is unacceptable, and I will raise Cain about it.

  3. Memorial Day today. I am thinking of my Dad (WWII) and my father-in-law (Korean War) both deceased, both too soon. I usually take a road trip on Memorial Day weekend, to wash off hubby’s dad’s gravestone and to see if the American Legion put a flag there or not. I am also thinking of my friend Scott (Desert Shield/Desert Storm) taken very untimely on 2/2/2020, of Covid-19. My husband and I got the disease too, right after him. Make no mistake – I want the bastards who did all this. No matter who or where the cockroaches are, they will be found, and I support ALL efforts to get at the truth. Let the chips fall where they may. For the record, I was unable to take the road trip this year, not because of Covid-19 restrictions, but because of an unfeeling boss. We are retiring soon, and the exit interview promises to be an interesting one.

  4. Protasevich was in Ukie Nazi troops About. A bunch of photos and evidence. That was enough.

  5. Mr. Shrimpton, as someone who is obviously knowledgeable of procedure under English law, i would much appreciate whatever insight you can give me on the following factual situation.

    What I believe to have been a senior member of the Bar Association, provided for the following in a security prepared on behalf of their client, which client was and remains a major international financial institution (in material part):

    “NOTWITHSTANDING the provisions of any Statute… this contract [and security] shall remain in full force and effect…”

    and was then executed, and then accepted and registered by and at the Crown’s land-title office and / or PPSA registry.

    My question is as to where the Bar Association and / or its Members obtain authority to provide for direct instructions and orders to the judges of Her Majesty’s Courts that they are to wholly disregard the laws of the Crown?

    Just asking. It seems to me rather important on the face of it.

  6. Yet, all of Shrimptons DVD narratives in the past have resulted in German European Infrastructure being blown to smitherines? No offense intended.

  7. I agree that San Jose mass shooting has a state terrorism aspect. A May 28 CNN article, “The San Jose gunman appeared to specifically target his victims, sheriff says” casually tells us in the 6th paragraph that “Officers also found books about terrorism and fear and manifestos, the official said. Cassidy was returning from a trip to the Philippines.” What did he do there? The Philippines is a hotbed of terrorists. Example: 1995 OKC Bomber Terry Nichols visited there a few times to learn new methods. Example 2: Ramzi Yousef knew Nichols. Yousef planned the WTC 1993 bombing, was involved with KSM in the Bojinka plot, and blew up Philippine Airlines Flight 434. Example 3: Las Vegas 2017 mass shooter Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend was from the Philippines and travelled there with him several times.

  8. Belarus I lived in recently off and on for three years and during protests too, have Belarus wife.
    I know what happened whats going on there. Shrimpton as usual is full of shit.
    The way it works is sure Lukashenko wins election, it is impossible to be a legitimate candidate opposing him, and not go to jail or run across border to avoid jail.
    Lukashenko not only sends the candidate to jail, but threatens to take away their children since if in jail you cannot be a good parent.
    This happened to another very popular “blogger: who is still in jail, his wife fled to Lithuania after election, after being in jail too for a bit of time, and his wife is Sviatlana T the candidate who almost beat him in votes….Another candidate was president of Russian bank very intelligent good candidate to oppose the dictator, and guess what same thing happened to him Lukashenko threatened him and also to take away his kids, this guy fled into Russia still in hiding from the Lukashenko thug-force.
    A third candidat also had the same tactic used on him, he is still in jail, once the president of the hi tech industry in Minsk….not sure about his kids.
    Ask Lukashenko about his wife. She dissapeared no one knows where she is.
    Thats how it works there – they beat you with heavy elastic sticks to get more whip-force than just a straight stick.

    • Whats good about Belarus, is you cannot carry a gun or you go to jail, so no one has a gun. (I like it)
      Pot illegal, its 14 years in jail. There are no homeless people, no drug gangs, no real criminals (except the dictator) the people dress well, have nice cars, (NO pickup trucks! not even toyotas)
      Homosexuals laughed at and ridiculed there. Shrimpton might like that, no offense intended. Maybe kicked and beaten if they go too far celebrating their diversity in public.
      Near zero immigrants, very rarely any brown skinned or black skinned people seen on streets, its 99% white people (White Russia it is) An open border with Russia you can drive right through. Chinese have their own “segregated” community near airport with high walls and cellphone factory within….nice place modern buildings…
      Raman was beaten, they do it to all prisoners.
      The “bomb on board from Hamas” is what really pisses off everyone, as the alchoholic jerk off oersonally called in a bomb scare to a civilian airliner to “down” it. Plain and simple a fucking idiot. Putin will be replacing him soon is the real story coming up. Best quotable quote from Lunaticshenko: “I would rather be a dictator than gay”

    • I guess that all those candidates all they were NATO’s manchurian candidates… well, it was only casual.

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