Click Bait from God: We don’t do this, but we couldn’t resist, why we hope this really is ‘End Times’


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It’s Sunday morning and, as a journalist, I am forced to scan the news, worse still, scan my email and social media, for stories.  Almost all involve people acting like fools, like morons or like monsters, as with Israel or some of America’s police.

Then I move on to “click bait.” Most of it is useless crap, some by “content providers” who need to be spanked and others by so-called journalists who are buzzing anyone stupid enough up, warning us that Republicans are all idiots and want to take away our government and force us to carry guns, not just the little ones in our pockets or waist bands that we always had, but big ones.  Those belong next to the door at home.

Then I found this, oh my friggin’ god.  For many years I have done commentary on the media, Russia and elsewhere, on American culture or the lack thereof.

Prior to COVID, I generally shuttled between homes (mostly left to me by dead family members) in the US, UK or Germany.  I remember one morning heading down to our ungodly expensive private parking spaces in the tiny Germany tourist town (Bernkastel) to have “words” with a Bosnian gangster the German government saw fit to house nearby as a “refugee.”  Seeing that we planned to disassemble his Mercedes with a borrowed set o “Jaws of Life” and then beat the living XXXX out of him corrected his misconceptions that he was still in the Balkans terrifying Serbian children.

I still remember shuttling through Orly Airport in Paris when a security guy grabbed me to test my PTSD.  I remember the screaming…”Put him down…you are killing him.”  Among the group I was traveling with…the head of France’s national police force…we were returning from a security conference in Cairo.

But then I saw this today.  I don’t know who Veronica Phillips is, but her “click bait” article stands out as a masterpiece of commentary on contemporary America.  It’s Sunday, let’s hash it out on the Comment Boards:

People Who Should Probably Learn Some Manners




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  1. Interesting. How would we-all respond if we had no military overseas destroying people and lands we do not own or control. I view much of what our central lawless government does as that of a dying empire. We, as a country, have no legal right to boycott or militarily attack other countries except in self defense, and as I recall, all of the alleged attacks on the USA in my lifetime have been false flag attacks, including 9-11, a Mossad operation at best. So, while I have the greatest respect for a strong defense mentality, the aggressive, attack first mentality leaves me cold. Sorry about that, but that’s just how I think.

    Close all of our foreign military bases and bring our military home.

  2. While I commended those who served, quite without choice being drafted in years past, my thoughts today with those who voluntarily join is very different. I watched the NASCAR race yesterday with my neighbor and was pretty much aghast at the unbridled propaganda and twisted patriotism. It might have been a different feeling if I hadn’t known that this pageantry was all paid for by the military. It is one thing to recognize their service, but to rant and deliver a near-eulogy sounding diatribe as to how their sacrifice has kept us free and that we should be eternally greatfull almost made me gag. I sincerely doubt many out there did not think about actually why and for whom they were put in harms way or the harm they caused to others. Do we ever recognize the damage as well as the pain and suffering of those citizens of other countries that did nothing to us? The only thing they missed was showing the bible superimposed against the image of Old Glory waving in the breeze, but at least they had a prayer that was virtually dripping in ‘patriotism’. I had to mute the sound as it gagged me. The overtness of this is overwhelming obvious. Are the American people really this gullible? Apparently.

  3. I respect VT, but when it comes to defending my faith as a Christian I always put Christ first. If there ever was a time when men had to kneel and pray sincerely, it is now. We as human beings have lost not only or freedom, decency and conscience – but our minds too. Why are we blaming God for our faults? Why pick on Christianity, which has shown humanity the way, the truth and life. You reject God because you are unhappy with your “world” or circumstances. But you should really ask why is the world what it is today? this is where you (all of us) should reflect back and see were we went wrong! Only then, we can come back to the true path.

  4. i grew up with 3 maids, a cook, and a gardener/chauffeur and i do not litter or impose myself on others. Author is wrong about that; you can grow up wealthy and be nice. Depends on how nice your folks are and taught you to be.

    The bread on the lower shelves is the better deal stuff which isn’t as profitable for the store. I think that attenuates her behavior.

    This is the reason why Jesus, the King, said to love first, because love “does no harm”.

  5. I despise this whole obligatory “thank you for your service”, and the huckstering for respect that this cultural quasi-mandate brings. It’s like a modern day “Seig Heil”. It’s an all-voluntary force! In my estimation, if there are those that are deserving of such recognition, it is those who were conscripted into military service, especially because then, there were no such accolades. Ironically, it seems those are the soldiers and sailors who least desire it. They are happy to have just returned, and been able to get on with their lives.

    • I had one of these nazis throw a fit because i dont stand for anthems. He said he was in guatemala fighting for my freedom…. sick stuff.

    • Further, I would propound that the U.S. reinstate the draft, including women, (especially women), but not for the reason you may think, eg. the instillation of “patriotic pride” in service to the homeland. No, rather the entire opposite. Remembering that hullabaloo about few, if any, senators reading the National Intelligence Estimate, before the vote to authorize the Iraq invasion in 2003, does anyone think that shit would have flown, or the “seven nations in five years”, if every mom and dad, grandparent, sibling, aunt and uncle, who had a young man or daughter drafted and serving in the military? I don’t think so. Most of those jokers, including Bush and Cheney, would have been voted out and down the road, had they tried to pull that shit. It would force accountability every time some politician with money sticking his pocket even considered sending young Americans into harm’s way.

    • same as with people who display the flag….

      Old Glory didn’t survive 4 years of traitors wagging it like a shit covered hanky

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