Intel Drop: The Life and Times of Glenn Greenwald, from Goldfish to Shark


VT: From day one, VT pegged Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald as “limited hangouts.”  After all, Snowden had gotten a job at the NSA without a high school education and a background check by the FBI, an impossibility and was fed “classified material” that said the NSA was spying on Americans, a story broken years before over and over that nobody cared about then or now.

Americans had given up caring about such things long ago just like they gave up caring about murdered Palestinian, Iraqi, Syrian, Lebanese, Yemeni, Afghani and even their own children.

It was all a game.  Greenwald was a manufactured press hero like every other limited hangout, the “out of nowhere” fake reporters who are peddled to us by Israeli intelligence fronts through bribery, blackmail and in most cases, simple Israeli control of anything that looks like media.

Then, to sell it even more, “fellow travelers” in Moscow, where dual citizen oligarch wield massive power, planted Snowden there…where he could use the bully pulpit of fake exile to sell more and more crap, just like Julian Assange.

Oh, there are more of them, many more, still out there, visiting Tehran, turning out key pieces on command after years of inactivity, stored by the Mossad like rusty hand grenades waiting for a school bus attack.

The Intercept, a massively funded publication underwritten by Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar, is a strange place.  Greenwald, in an internal “something” walked away from $548,000 a year paid by a publication that overtly is anti-Israeli, a publication he co-founded to his now position of right wing Zionist Fox News contributor with the exact politics that VT waited to ooze out of him.

Our guess is that the Intercept was created to control opposition, with some great writers paid ungodly sums, building a fake persona as an intel operation.

We’ve seen it over and over starting with WikiLeaks, the honest, tell-all platform that loved apartheid Israel, hated all Muslims and always backed right wing supremacist causes.  No matter now many reports of Mossad filtering all Wikileaks material or fabricating it, the Zionist controlled MSM kept peddling Assange as a heroic truth teller…proving liberals are absolutely as stupid as Trump’s followers.

In fact, they are just as vulnerable to horse shit.  Thus, Wikileaks proved over the years to be an echo chamber for Fox News, no surprise when Assange began with a strong relationship with Rupert “Greenbaum” Murdoch, who shared control of now dethroned Netanyahu with now deceased gambling boss Sheldon Adelson.

Both of course were the real power behind Trump as well with Adelson paying for Trump’s campaign and Murdoch creating Trump’s fake persona as a populist hate monger.

What we would love is the true story behind selling Greenwald to Omidyar.  VT has nothing on Omidyar, which is unusual.  He may well have wanted to do something good, and being an IT guy, was totally dense.

Suggest readers pick a search engine and look up the best investigative journalists.  Of the names commonly given, outright 30% are Mossad trained fakes.  Generally, selling a quality fake requires a Pulitzer Prize.

Take any story with real legs, the nuclear attacks on Beirut or New York, for instance or Israeli involvement in the war on Yemen.  Choose another, the false flag gas attacks on Syria, all of these are pure “Captain Obvious” giveaways.

Then see if they were reported on.  Then look to the alternative press and look for same.

As with Snowden and Greenwald, then we look at personal background.  What in someone’s background meant they would sacrifice all for the good of humanity?  I ask myself what I would do for $548,000 a year?

Then look at how many “Captain Obvious” stories were fed to them by Mossad handlers to make their reputations?  Who are “soft targets” the Mossad would allow to be dumped on?

Blackwater and US contractors?  Abuses of Palestinians, the official “no one cares” story of all time.

Then watch how journalists can jump from left to right so quickly, showing almost amazing “moral flexibility.”  From Grosse Pointe Blank:

When I left, I joined the army, and when I took the service exam my psych profile fit a certain… moral flexibility would be the only way to describe it… and I was loaned out to a CIA-sponsored…

This is how you can go from a half million dollar plus a year Israel basher working for a tech billionaire, this is how you can go from an unknown to “world famous” by doing nothing at all, this is how you can go from fake “savior of mankind” to mouth piece for fascism and not miss a beat…

and so it goes…

The leftist scribe has become “a practitioner of manufactured controversy” for outlets like Fox News, say his stunned former colleagues

Daily Beast: DISGUSTING & DANGEROUS,” screamed the banner headline at the bottom of the television screen, just under the blonde-sheathed visage of Fox News’ Laura Ingraham. “GREENWALD BLASTS INTERCEPT FOR SMEARING INGRAHAM GUESTS.”

And so during a recent episode of The Ingraham Angle, Glenn Greenwald—who is so familiar to the top-rated cable channel’s millions of viewers that he requires only a surname—put on a suit and tie in Rio de Janeiro, where he lives, to continue doing what has occupied his energies for much of the past month.

That’s deploying every conceivable platform—from Twitter (where he has 1.6 million followers) to YouTube to Substack to an array of popular conservative websites to the very top of the ziggurat, Rupert Murdoch’s corporate cash cow—to denounce former friends and colleagues at The Intercept, the left-leaning digital news and opinion site he co-founded with Laura Poitras and Jeremy Scahill in 2013.

“These millennial digital liberal outlets like the Intercept, BuzzFeed, the Huffington Post, so many of them—they think that if you’re a conservative, you’re not really a journalist,” the 54-year-old Greenwald intoned (a tad weirdly, because most of his targets are in their late forties and fifties), while Ingraham could barely contain a gleeful grin. “They think that you’re part of this crypto-fascist movement, that you’re the enemy,” he added—referring to two young conservative videographers whose coverage of Black Lives Matter and other protests came under The Intercept’s withering scrutiny.

This past month has occasioned spectacular success, of a sort, for the pugnacious contrarian pundit, an erstwhile leftist journalist-turned-Donald Trump defender who once again is proving his mastery of the right-wing media ecosystem.  read more..


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  1. I get very uneasy when.I see bad things said, infurred or wondered about Julian Assange. Can anyone here give me even one solid example??? As far as it goes Greenwald certainly has some explining necessary like how the intercept.happen to out Reality Winner and at.least one other little.lapse of idealogy. But what has happened to Assange has been labeled as showing signs of torture. He sure looked bad in one or more photos. Moreover the basic claim in his defense is that he is only doing what journalists do. I. e. reporting. But OOOOOO some of his reporting shows this empire in a bad.light. As the killers puta puta puta away fom the scene of the crime, one is.left to wonder why they died… And how Assange becomes the bad guy outing the killers. Well he never criticises Israel. So he avoided the third rail of manifest destiny politics in the hotbed of expropriation and apartheid at least in the near past. Maybe just an intuition of the danger

  2. Old Glen, yes I was acquainted with Glen from Salon, talk about a limited hangout, Open Salon was basically prep school for VT. Glen is a top-notch writer I will say that, but so is Gordon Duff and so am I and where as we are master chefs Glen specializes in pastries. Snowdown aside there is no accounting for Glens amazing popularity which I assure you he had before ever even typing the words Edward Snowdown. His comment sections on Salon always ran into the thousands as they do now on Sub-stack and believe me you can make a lot more money and hide it far more easily from the government working for yourself on a platform like Sub-stack from where he lives now in Brazil than you can from a salaried position working in the US. Half a million dollars a year before taxes is just not that impressive considering he is influencing millions of people and guys who chase balls around like my dog make ten million a year. All you need to do is get 10% of them to send you five dollars a month and you’ve doubled your salary. Considering his content which is pure MSM pablum, his last one I read was a critique of Ocasio Cortez, about as important as an in-depth analysis of Curly from the Three Stooges, one must wonder…

  3. Greenwald recently defended the insane paranoic actions of the dictator of Belarus (AKA White Russia) personally calling in a bomb scare to a civilian airliner in order to arrest a harmless Belarusian kid who founded the Telegram app.

    The dictator defends his actions by coming up in a few days with obvious fake photos and documents claiming the Belarusian kid at the age of 18 was a member of the Azov battalion in Ukraine, a fascist-nazi group of thousands (funded by the US) that happily strings up Russians on lamp posts, simply because they are Russian and they happen to hate all Russians. “Glory to Ukraine” eh…

    So The dictator defends his actions by lies manufactured propaganda which is normal (No Belarusian kid ever joined the Azov battalion, All Belarusians hate nazis!!)

    But now Greenwald, the “accomplished journalist”:, defends the dictator calling in bomb scares to a civilian airliner by the “whatabout” method, in this case, he brings up fact that years ago, the US forced down a Bolivian jet with the Bolivian president on board, with mistaken belief Assange was onboard….(he wasnt)

    So according to Greenwald, that means its OK for a president of a country to call in bomb scares to civilian airliners because “whatabout” what the US did 9 years ago.. thats the lame argument he gave.

    Who is this guy why does he make the big bucks?

    Never once has he criticized Israel about anything that is for sure…

    • Konehead… are you a graduate from the NED school? Your information are certainly cooked for the mainstreams that are all vassal of you know whom.

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