Occultism, Cruelty and our Pitiful Elites, an Intel Drop

    Again, the elephant in the room



    If you might have wondered why the Catholic Church has saints or why Constantine pushed for the Trinity, the explanation is here.  It is more than polytheism and even the term “occult” is understatement.

    Google and nearly everyone else has worked, during the past few years, to clean every reference to satanic cults and, in particular, the US military where satanism had taken root long ago under the guise of Dispensationalism and Dominionism.  

    By Gordon Duff

    Occultism is behind our political and religious world, an occultism ruled and defined by thousands of years of ritualized worship that is almost always based on cannibalism and child rape and murder.

    When did mankind first reach out to unseen entities?  What deals were cut?  If humankind is, as Darwin would tell us, a natural evolution of our previous reptilian selves, developed to nurture, then how do we explain what we have created, the hell we live in now?

    Ciblo Creek decoration at St. Hubertus hunting lodge, scene of Scalia murder and other “activities”

    Could mankind have been bred from animals to serve, as so much of our speculative fiction postulates, the needs of unseen entities that thrive on supplication, on pain, on suffering and humiliation and on butchery?

    The answer is a simple one.


    This planet is ruled by people who through bad genetics and personality flaws remain infantile.  Freud was on the right track.  They are those who discovered that “thing” in their pants.  It gave them not just control of what to them is the most important thing in their lives but it gave them purpose as well.  You see, making that “thing” in the pants work led to experimentation.

    That thing worked better when combined with cruelty, sacrifice of animals and butchering ones family members as with some well known biblical figures.

    The orgasms got bigger the more bizarre and cruel the behavior, the more brutal, the more perverse and there is nothing more important for the infantile mind that what is in the pants and institutionalizing what is needed to make that “thing” go off as big and often as possible.

    To do that, one needs power and control, one needs power over others, institutions and social rules that create a structure that exalts not just “rule breaking” eroticism, sex with kids, ritual murder, but does it on a planetary scale through politics and religion.

    But something early on made it so much worse.  It is clear, or should be, that many seek wealth and power to serve their sexual sickness.  But there is something else as well.

    Are there really gods?

    Is that a word we should use to describe something non-human, seen or unseen, perhaps hidden from all but the sickest elites?  Would mankind allow itself to be led by myth and fable for thousands of years without a level of evidentiary function?

    We often, at VT, head back to the 1980s when the Temple of Set was uncovered having taken over the US Army.  We know it, others do, the public is kept in the dark as it always is.  The basis of the new religion our military took on itself is ritualized child sex, child killing in order to commune with “the old gods” who provide a promise of eternal life.

    Let’s take one basis of most religions, one which is likely true.

    Consciousness is separate from physicality and, thus, can survive death in some form.

    If there are beings other than humans (or animals as well call them?) that survive death in some form, does one then enter a reality where physical rules are pushed aside and a realm of universal consciousness with different rules proves itself what is now and has always been the root of our failed concept of “existence?”

    What if, at that level, other manifestations and existences, call them gods, demons, entities, ghosts, all language constructs, were always there, knew the rules and even were capable of manipulating the construct where survival after death, if real, sends our “mortal souls?”

    This is extremely likely.

    What we also know to be true is that these entities, and we will call them that, reach into this plane and present themselves to adherents, some who claim spiritual inspiration and others who attract, through ritual, a darkness?

    Then this, does that unseen world feed, somehow, on the seen world?  Could pain and cruelty, could suffering and disease enhance the environment for a certain “class” if you were, of unseen entity that has the ability to commune with followers, such as Moloch/Baphomet with the elites of Freemasonry?

    Could literature from the dawn of man circle this construct as it does, incredible consistency, without reason?

    The vapid and weak, which makes up the majority of humanity, are the fodder used to enslave us all.  Slavery is why government was created, why gods were created, why religion and politics are very much the same.

    But behind it all, there are truths, not good truths, but truths just the same.  Things you can’t see can really hurt you.

    Were one to examine the top 3 religions, according to the West anyway, those that are nominally monotheistic, one delves into tortured constructs steeped in not only polytheism but occultism as well.

    Behind it all there are tenets that can no longer be hidden, that religion and politics are one in the same and their purpose is to institutionalize cruelty and hate for some unseen purpose.

    Let us remember, that the nation states of Europe on which the US bases its political system are based on political leaders that are subservient, by law, to an unseen force, to an entity or entities, who choose and sanctify leaders through birthright as with the Davidians of Europe’s Habsburg based royalty, descendent from David, and even Christ if modern scholarship is to be believed.

    This is how royal bloodlines are defined, not publicly but true all the same.  You can’t be “royal” without direct decent from David (or Christ and Magdalene).  The Cathars/Albigensians were erased to keep this secret.

    The Templars were purged to keep this secret.

    One reason this may well be the ‘end times’ is that the lines have blurred to such an extent, the lines between the hidden or esoteric occult world that exists in the political and religious realm, of cults and secret societies and that of what is presented to the cattle, read “goyim,” who might well march on the Capitol, send millions to grifters and hucksters or who  steep themselves in the sick sexual supplication of “patriotism” to sacrifice their lives aiding occult elites in butchering the innocent.

    Harsh words?




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    1. This is probably one of the most insightful articles I’ve read here on VT…

      Religion is politics and visa versa! The hereafter is a pseudo allegorical and mythological franchise that Districts us from the Diest Natural Spiritual wellbeing, of what could be a wonderful life here in the cosmic realm of physical life that looks through our eyes from on this planet into the heavens… We knowingly destroy the concept of heaven right here on earth with mental illusions of selfish psychopathy and egotistical self-worth. The latter, is what we think about mythological gods that never physically existed… including the christ illusion of the church of human churchianity, which is an allegorical franchise to eliminate the Talmudic Rabbis’ order of bondage to the mysticism of false logic and reason. Read D M Murdock’s writings on the subject of mycological allegory! Research by intelligent people is out there if the mind is willing to compromise our traditional conditioning.

    2. When I first read the account of Elijah executing the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18:40), I thought his actions were a bit excessive. But after reading what was actually involved in the worship of Baal, I changed my mind completely. I believe that Baal worship was never completely eradicated, and that it continues to this very day among the so-called elite. Baal worship is basically phallic worship, combined with human sacrifice and cannibalism.

    3. Te Scriptures say, God judges the righteous and is angry withthe wicked every day.

      Much more simple and comprehensible.

    4. God is not bey9nd our understanding. We are are in His image.

      String theory, shling theory. buncha baloney like time travel or ancient aliens.

      50milion Christians aren’t the ones subverting the military, Intel and political structures…its satanists. Your precious constitution protects their Satanism. Howscrewed up is that?

    5. What you think about the Warren’s and cases investigated by Ed and Lorraine like the murder at Amityville ??

    6. Gottlieb’s response to Frank Olsen was a 13 floor ride to the sidewalk. Power never cedes anything without struggle (Frederick Douglas) Chemical corp, taking masters’ thesis, doctor thesis crunching evil gold, for trauma based conditioning overt. VOC volatile organic compound release covert to wide swath-buckling proportion, biological necessity to breathe. Aaron Swartz also came up against it in my view, (FBI obsessions’ to sue) making thesis papers available to us everyday people, a walk on the heads of those before us to one from behind, following the blind and maybe into a ditch.

    7. Do we not exist because of this “evil/good” dynamic, opposing forces work against and paradoxically for each other in a spiraling, spinning revolving and waving path to beyond. It seems religion and politics are designed to take away and narrow our choices. Many of us struggle with addictions and gluteny. If this is good, more is better. And many of us cannot fathom living in a black and white world without plenty or guard rails. Having an open mind and being willing to accept and embrace change is a very threatening thing for most of us. And ‘They’ “knowthis”, that, ‘They’ know-this, sorry a bad SNL reference. The rabbit holes VT takes me down are many and the comments keep me guessing and questioning. Keep up all the ‘Bad’ work and I will keep digging for those 30% nuggets.

    8. EXCELLENT topic ! Thanks…
      The universal social problem remains in a human psychic disorder of… wanting power to attain a sense of self worthiness/valor or… in the end, NOT to be loved for fear is also a stimulant but… being the center of attention to what end ? having the power to control others to what end ? to have whatever your senses desires to what end ? To be filled with that physical stream of energy (endorphins/adrenaline glandular secretions) that excites your senses and gives you the impression of being… alive, powerful and… in some way… immortal !
      The hubris of wanting or “taking pride” of being in a “royal” blood line heightens the sens of self value/valor as if one is unable to achieve this state of recognition outside that fact. I confess myself that if I find one day that I happens to be of “royal” descent myself I would probably take pride out of it and can conceive how it can change my mind and make me think I am “special” and different from the bulk of humanity. This creates castlike psychology like in India with the “Untouchable” cast. A VERY dangerous state of mind… source of ALL conflicts on earth.

    9. Such an enlightening and timely piece from Mr. Duff.
      Since dawn of human civilization, Satan and his band of Fallen Angels were the arch enemy of humankind. The Western skeptics with their so-called secular minds can’t simply comprehend this idea. This same demonic entities are stronger now than ever and are ready to overtake very souls with the help of their earthly agents (with the greatest support from the Judaic/Zionist Kabala plus truly nasty and dangerous Hindu black art factions). We are very, very near to the end times where the forces of evil and good will struggle for dominance with a paradigm changing consequences.
      The westerners will be an easy prey to these evil entities due to their materialism and Godlessness. We are in dire straight and should seek Divine Guidance.

      • I’m very interested in this line of your comment Rana, could you name names of orgs or sects etc:

        “truly nasty and dangerous Hindu black art factions”

        Any reply appreciated.


    10. The living God of justice, compassion, and truth is always beyond our feeble human understanding. String Theory suggests that there are at least eleven dimensions, most of which we don’t have a clue about. It’s idolatry to make any human understanding or work of human hands supplant the Devine. To make an idol of some old manuscript or ancient human misunderstanding is what 50 million so-called Christians in the USA are doing. Then, they beat the rest of us over the head with it. The US Constitution specifically prohibits this.

    11. UFO issues go to Naval Intelligence, or did in the 1970s, when I was around. The question is …why?

    12. Gods is a horrible word, used mainly by those who wish to muddy the water of other belief systems to demonstrate assimilation. The macro and micro of the progression of those who get “addicted” to psychic “assistance” is the same. If I had to guess on motivations and benefits, it seems pretty clear that the negative aspects derive from the repeated attempts which are not in alignment with natural life. Everything eats something else. I can perhaps find great meaning , relief and “impossible” knowledge by communicating with the “energies”, but if I go back over and over in a repetitious manner, the connection fades into darkness and becomes a manifestation of my own inability to make my own decisions and seek my free will.

      • The storyline goes: Person goes to gifted spiritual guide, or experiences something profound, then amazed and befuddled by the awe of the accuracy or relief, seeks it again and again, like a drug. If a ceremony works once, then it is repeated over and over expecting the same result.
        The further they press, the positive diminishes into anger or fear. It is the same for a person as it is for a species or a group. What the 3 religions did, was adopt 3 consecutive portions/gods from the progression of known energies. The cross, is identifiable and is “the time of the great go, and the little come”. Much debauchery. That time is over. This their “end times”. They are correct to intuit this, but as always, incorrectly apply the information.

    13. Excellent stuff there, Gordon. This is your finest work yet. You convey many Gnostic truths. Those evil entities that feed on human suffering, torture, and death are Archons, the shock troops of the Demiurge, lord and creator of the realm of base matter. Yahweh or Jehovah, the anthropomorphic psychopath of the Old Testament, is the top kick of the Demiurge. I shouldn’t have to say which tribe are the Demiurge’s kids.

      • I don’t know about the best thing but it certainly is old school Gordon Duff inspiring others who have some things to say to speak their piece…

    14. Is Satanism common in general in the US Army, or is it most limited to West Point graduates?

      • It is everywhere in the military, particularly among Special Forces, even the retiree community, always the biggest bottom feeders in the country. Then again, military retirees stayed loyal to Hitler even during World War II…something less publicized than I would like it to be.

    15. Every starsystem is born under its own polarity, just like astrology tells us, the planets (old wisdom says those are gods) in its interaction with gravitational pull or magnetism influences the dwellers moods.
      its where things and beings originate that makes their behaviour. things f.i. working in area of orion doesnt have to work out in the same manner as that same thing works on lets say, Sirius area. basicly things are like, but not the same..

      what not many realize is that this strange solarsystem has at least 3 planets from sirius. so that means two sets of planets and born in different places under different stars, deciding its polarity.
      to make things just a bit easier the three planets of sirius (adoption of vanir by åsen, see edda proza) were delivered by another starsystem, who we can call saviour of sirius, ferry of the gods, chi-rho(n)’s ship. that starsystem had to crash/fall under the influence of the giant Jupiter and the Sun its pull. seven rainbow planets and a star collapsing creating the asteroidbelts (working like a particle accelerator or Giant low speed C.e.r.n) with a huge mass and relative slow speed (åsgards wall)
      that makes our solarsystem contain three different systems in one. all stories are based on this. there is something fourth.. on one of the planets from sirius one could find Orionic forces, if they were warring or just applied the wrong kind of powerplant that resulted in what Jack Heart described as black hole in sirius (1,5k reached)

      • that black hole couldve been pulled here by the ferry/caravan that passed by every 3600-3704 years if it werent crashed or collapsed.

        those forces kept using their golden calf knowledge in a polarity that has different outcome then of where it was born. understanding this is seeing that certain things cant be mixxed and that mind/spirit is over matter. any matter, bloodline matter, and especially manmade religions. if the spirits behave and right the wrongs they did with sirius only then they go to their kinds heaven/home. so basicly: be nice is wise. not much left of alnilam to return to if they wait to long to behave and undo their inflicted damages. if not…set is not going home and will have the same faith as they did to sirius, hidden in a pile if sharp stones. see as eye. if you dont know the history then there is no way out alive. dont mess with magic. dont mess with spirits. do call forth the lesser keys when on mars. efatha efatha efatha

    16. The ” death weigh station” is correct. How was that moment hacked? I suppose a rat will always find a way to the cheese . Silly clip was much needed after long day in PNW. God bless Jim and Gordon and this comment board!

    17. Millions of Europeans came to this continent on the run from the Inquisition, the Thirty Years War, and the various pogroms that took place all over Europe. The last thing they want is for a bunch of pseudo-Christian nutters telling them how the think and what to believe. This apocalyptic death cult has embraced the political notion that God divided the world between the elected and the unelected, that is, between His “chosen” few and everyone else deserving of eternal damnation. This is why the First Amendment specifically prohibits the formation of a state church. Ominously, 50 million US Christian Zionists beg to differ.

      • The Europeans have it better with their state churches, since they are mostly ignored. Whatever else you think of what he writes, Shrimpton is correct when he states that he is not religious because he is an Anglican.

        With “Freedom of Religion” the USA collected more than its fair share of religious nutters.

      • They certainly weren’t ignored in the days of the Inquisition, the Thirty Years War, and the pogroms. That’s what brought so many to the USA in the first place. Yes, along with them came the nutters who almost reelected Trump as president. They will never ever believe that he actually lost because he was their ticket to the Rapture and their faith-based belief system informs them of that. Steve Pearce, chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico said after the January 6th insurrection, “God bless President Donald J. Trump. He will be our president FOREVER and no one can take that away from us.”

    18. Gordon is on to something here, but seems to miss the mark. Unless someone can show me that before, just a few years ago, European royalty was claiming descendance from Christ, this is just a new way to, unintentional or not, to attack and cheapen the name of Jesus Christ. Yes, all organized religion seems to be corrupt to the highest, and has been for a long long time. But, the good news is the battle is a simple one. It is between truth and lies, darkness and light, and good vs evil. It’s very real. It’s very biblical. I forget the Book and verse but, God said: to go into your closet and offer your prayers in private. Meaning not in a church, mosque or synagogue, and not in public.
      This battle has been going on way before Jesus Christ arrived. All one has to do to win is to make the proper choice: follow logos over the nonsense being offered.

    19. The questions raised by Gordon Duff are answered only in one place. The source that provides detailed answers to questions about “final things”, including the origins of humanity and the place in human life of the “prince of this world,” is the writings of German spiritual master Bô Yin Râ, born Joseph Anton Schneiderfranken, who lived from 1876 to 1943, and who produced a 32-volume collection of spiritual guidance called “Hortus Conclusus” (“The Gated Garden”). His works are starting to become available in English through Kober Press. Bô Yin Râ characterized himself as a Luminary, a member of the order of enlightened beings who have guided all spirituality on earth from the beginning of mankind. Some Luminaries live in physical form on the planet. Others dwell in the spiritual dimension that interpenetrates the physical. He says that Jesus was a Luminary and that Jesus composed letters that have yet to be discovered. Some of the content of these letters found its way into the Gospel of John. It was through Jesus and “the Mystery of Golgotha” that all humans have a chance to wake up from the horrors of darkness.
      I strongly recommend that readers of VT who have been following the writings of Gordon Duff delve into the writings of Bô Yin Râ.

      • “Or they can go direct to the source, Jesus Christ.” – Elvin Laton

        Do you have his email, phone number, and/or address?

        Unlike the Prophet Muhammad, we have no historical record of Jesus of Nazareth (so whether or not he existed, he is not a historical figure), nor anything that could be considered an accurate record of his teachings (assuming he did exist), as the Gospels were written by various authors well after the time he is alleged to have lived, and for all we know could be made from whole cloth.

      • Worker bee…. that whole region became Christian overnight. Look at the architecture. Thinkthat just happened without proof of Jesus’ divinity??

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