Editor’s note:  The supposed medical information here is for entertainment purposes only, taken from internet hoaxes by Mr. Shrimpton, and is not to be taken seriously.  Ivermectin is utterly useless as a COVID treatment.  That said, read on but without doing yourself serious harm.

Ivermectin is just the latest in a series of successful Covid treatments suppressed by corrupt Western governments so as not to impede China’s criminal biological warfare campaign, for which the Chinese dictator Jinping must pay with his life. It has actually been used successfully on a large scale in South America, before German assets put a stop to it.

The tactics used against Ivermectin, including dodgy pseudo-scientific articles planted in tame publications, will be familiar from the murderous campaigns against Hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir.

The intent of course is to drive up the death toll. In Britain the half-crazed Cabinet Secretary, if that is not a tautology with respect, and the tame scientists reporting to him, are using the supposed threat of the NHS being overwhelmed as a device to bully the government into postponing the long-awaited Freedom Day. What these idiots are not letting on of course is that Covid is a treatable illness.

The NHS’s willingness to let thousands of its patients die will stand as an indictment against state control of medicine for the rest of time. Drenched in the blood of the mostly elderly and vulnerable patients entrusted to its care the NHS is headed for total institutional destruction. The Civil Service, which has stood by and let tens of thousands of people die unnecessarily, must also be made to suffer, preferably through being forced to pay more for their pensions. (If you want to really hurt a bureaucrat, and don’t want the mess of kneecapping him, go after his pension.)

Like Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin is a proven drug, designed to deal with tropical diseases, in this case river blindness, Dengue Fever and Yellow Fever. Peru and other South American countries seem to have had some success with it, then the shutters came down. I assume that both the DVD and Peking were worried about casualties coming down in Brazil.


One of the interesting things about the successful Allied raids on Dresden between February 13th and 15th 1945 was the discovery that under fire-storm conditions temperatures on the ground were so high that Jerries were going around spontaneously igniting. The Jerries in question weren’t particularly happy bunnies of course.

Since Jerry wasn’t in the habit of sending met reports to Bomber Command HQ in Naphill (near High Wycombe) nobody at Bomber Command knew that conditions on the ground favored a fire-storm. The extra dead Jerries were a bonus.

Entirely different considerations would apply to Wuhan. In the event of war (and that’s where were headed, possibly caused by a Chicom invasion of Taiwan) we would have to burn Wuhan. That’s because we now know that China’s biological weapons program is based at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Whilst the WIV will clearly need to be bombed we will need to use napalm and incendiaries in order to reduce the risk of their nasty little bugs spreading.

It’s a cheerful, albeit not terribly Christian, thought that if a fire-storm were to develop Bat Woman might spontaneously ignite. Her terrified death screams would be a melodious sound to Western ears.

Xi Jinping

Executing Xi Jinping

The Chinese kingpin Jinping is going to have to go, but which I mean he’s for the chop. Normally I’m in favor of executing people nicely, even Cabinet Secretaries, no offense intended. I have never suggested that Peking arranged the leak in Wuhan. It was obviously accidental.

However what happened thereafter was a crime against humanity. Peking covered up the leak and invented the absurd bat theory, which batty Western governments and journalists fell for, with the honorable exception of President Trump, who was too smart to fall for it. Over three million people have died according to official figures.

Even if you divide the official death toll by three that still means that the Chinese have killed over a million people with their bug. Xi Jinping must not only die, no offense intended, but die horribly. On no account must the execution be left to the feds – they’ll just go for something quick and painless, like lethal injection.

I still think there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned hanging, drawing and quartering. However there would be bound to be letters to the Guardian, complaining that castrating and disembowelling Xi would involve some unspecified breach of his human rights. Maybe the boys down in Oklahoma could be persuaded to bring their electric chair out of retirement, forget to wet the sponges and claim when he catches fire that they were out of practice.

Another alternative would be to leave the job to the Brazilians. They would probably go for a simple hanging, but their prisons are notoriously rat-infested, even worse than Wandsworth. The execution would be quick and painless but at least Xi might have a few bits gnawed off him in his death cell.


Great British Railways

The British government have announced the creation of a silly new body to oversee the railways. It’s to be called Great British Railways, an echo of the disastrous nationalized British Railways, with its infamous stale sandwiches.

The obvious alternative to the current mess was to have gone back to the Big Four, who should never have been privatized in the first place. However this was prevented by the EU’s daft rail directive, which worked in Luxembourg but nowhere else.

Nobody sensible is suggesting that we’ll going back to stale sandwiches, partly because there are very few buffet cars left, trolley services have all but stopped and you’d be lucky to get a sandwich at all. The point is that by keeping rail services fragmented the government is tracking the EU.

Southern Railway, LMS Princess Coronation, LNER (Left to Right)

Very obviously the Cabinet Secretary, Simon Case, is a Rejoiner, no offense intended. It looks as though the powerful Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove is another one. The new plan makes no sense at all unless it is intended that the UK rejoins the EU.

The Cabinet Office, Foreign Office and the EU are obviously hoping that the 4.9 million or so European citizens who have been granted settled status will in due course acquire citizenship and go on the electoral register. I assume the thinking is that we would then have a referendum to go back in on a simple majority basis.

Aside from its inhumanity (obviously once word leaked out Europeans would be beaten up and killed on the streets in large numbers by outraged Brits), the plan is clinically insane. However VAT has not been abolished, nothing is being done to reverse metrication, there are no official plans to reintroduce the death penalty and the UK is even talking to France and Germany about defense cooperation. All the signs of a covert plan to rejoin the EU are there.

The obvious counter is to denounce the Withdrawal and Trade and Cooperation Agreements, which aren’t binding on the UK, and give EU citizens 12 months to go home. Giving them settled status is simply too dangerous. We’ll also need an act requiring a special majority of two-thirds in any future constitutional referendum. The Cabinet Secretary will have to go and the powers of the Cabinet Office broken up. Boris will also have to go.

These measures will not be enough however. The UK has to commit herself to the total destruction of the EU. Once it’s gone there’ll be nothing to rejoin. There’s no dealing with rejoiners – nothing will stop them wanting to inflict the hurt, humiliation and economic pain of rejoining the EU. They simply hate this country too much. We have left the EU, thank God, but we have yet to break for the open sea.

Max Mosely (1940 – 2021)

Max sadly passed on May 23rd. He was a nice chap and the only man I ever met who could truthfully claim that our community partner the Führer, who wasn’t invading Poland at the time, attended his parents’ wedding. (Max’s parents were married in Berlin, in 1936.) So far as is known Adolf Hitler was a charming wedding guest and behaved himself. At any rate he didn’t shoot either the groom or the bride.

Max of course was a son of Sir Oswald Mosely, leader of the British Union of Fascists and such a nasty piece of work that he could have been a Cabinet Secretary, no offense intended. Max was nothing like his father, however. He wasn’t a fascist, for one thing, indeed he was something of a libertarian. He hammered the disgraced News of the World newspaper in court after they violated his privacy.

He was a very distinguished president of the FIA and played a key role in Formula 1 for decades.

This week’s movie review: R.A.F. (1935, dir. John Betts)

Given an airing on Talking Pictures in the UK this week, this fascinating documentary, narrated by Squadron Leader (later Air Commodore) W. Helmore, who narrated live over the beaches from a North American B-25 Mitchell bomber on D-Day, the 77th anniversary of which fell on Sunday, gives a glimpse into the RAF of the mid-30s. Helmore was also a member of the famous Brabazon Committee of course, and was a first-class chap, with sound views about the Hun.

What the documentary doesn’t do is give a potential enemy (in other words Harry Hun) much of an idea of what the latest RAF aircraft could do. You won’t find a single monoplane in the whole documentary. All the types featured, such as the lovely old Vickers Virginia bomber and Hawker Fury fighter, were biplanes on the verge of retirement.

There’s interesting footage of parachute training, with keen chaps dropping out of a modified Virginia. If only Air Intelligence knew that the Cabinet Secretary of the day, the notorious Maurice Hankey, had ordered the Royal Flying Corps not to provide parachutes to its pilots in World War 1 in order to drive up casualties, I’m sure that they would have arranged to drop him out of a Virginia without a parachute.

Vickers Virginia

Desperate to give the Luftwaffe the advantage in the coming war, Hankey tried to stop the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine and the Spitfire. Fortunately the Air Ministry won that battle, just. After the useless Boris Johnson like Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain was forced out in May 1940 the RAF were able to give the Luftwaffe a hammering in the Battle of Britain.

Tragically however, Hankey’s replacement, Sir Edward Bridges, was left in place when Winston Churchill became PM. The disastrous failure to hang Sir Edward – you should always hang the Cabinet Secretary – meant that the RAF had to battle hard to get new and improved types into service throughout the war, costing the lives of many good men.

If you can get hold of R.A.F. it’s well worth watching.

Hawker Fury


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  1. Looks like I struck a nerve! Ivermectin has been successfully used to treat Covid in a number of South American countries. Nothing to do with Internet hoaxes! In fact I was tipped off by a member of INTELCON.
    The idea that Israel or Britain had anything to do with creating Covid is just silly, frankly. This is a Chinese bio-weapon, pure and simple.

  2. I hope I don’t make the oligarchs too mad. They should own just about every business and means of survival in the western world by now.

  3. VT had it figured out very early on. Covid was a multi-purpose bio-weapon whose main targets were China and Iran.
    The USA was also targeted.
    There were “military” objectives and monetary ones.
    I believe China was also in on it as a lockdown role-model and for macro-economic rewards.
    Like T. Aperion says, 6 trillion $ rip-off and societal reshuffling plus billions in vaccine money made for a tempting NWO plot.
    Plus, the monetary and stock market balloon bubble a way past popping point.

  4. This is for Gordon and Michael both – I had a weekend from hell, dealing with some disclosure about my Dad’s (WWII vet) poisoning in WWII. So I read G’s article late, after comments were already closed. But I CAN confirm something similar to what John Hankey said. My source, who was in the MO Militia (official), spoke to me in early Jan, AFTER the MSM was reporting Chinese dying in the streets. He said the US military had an old vaccine (maybe SARS vaccine) and that they had been vaccinated with it, as this new virus was similar. He said that he and the MO Militia would be getting it next, asap. My source said nothing about the Admin at all. I don’t know if he and the MO Militia got the vaccine or not, but he might have got it before he died. I DO know he died on Groundhog Day. In the middle of last summer, the county pathologist got around to doing a Covid19 test on the saved fluids of everyone who had died of pneumonia the previous winter. My friend’s body was positive for Covid19. He left a son, son’s wife, and an unborn grandchild. G’s article for reference:

    • I will add this: I am available by email or by phone, for any questions from Editors or Michael Shrimpton. I have said what I know, and I don’t think there is anything more to be gleaned, but you never know. I might have missed something in what he said.

  5. I read the article. I noticed they don’t say WHO in the Trump admin was informed (Dr Fauci? the NSC?). I do know, as it has been reported before, that there were escalating levels of telling, with Trump finally being told in the 3rd week of January 2020, because escapees from Wuhan and China were pouring into the US. That was about the same time my husband and I got a mild case of Covid19. Trump closed the borders to Chinese flights immediately. He should have been told much sooner!

    • That the Deep State thought to warn Israel before the bioweapon was deployed in China is proof enough that Trump and his Likudnik pals were warned as well. That they didn’t “deem it of interest” is cover for the biggest transfer of wealth in human history, $6+ trillion from the US treasury to the big banks and corporations that happened in March of last year to bail them out from the collapsing derivatives market. As Gordon told us back in June of last year, COVID-19 was deployed in the USA as a “fundraiser.”


    • Something that Trumpsters never seem to get is that MAGA was always MIGA, Make Israel Greater Again.

    • Tommy, I don’t know what country you live in, but one thing I have noticed since the 1980s is that POTUS is kept in the dark and fed crap by everybody in their admin. That applies to every single POTUS, regardless of party! Crooks and traitors are in both major parties. Part of that is the complexity of the job, and there are gatekeepers everywhere. Common ones are WH Chief of Staff, National Security Council, Pentagon, Director of National Intelligence, etc. I repeat, it has already been shown that Trump was told only AFTER China had locked off Wuhan. If you have proof to the contrary, show it and I will look. I will be blunt: I don’t care about parties. My husband and I got Covid19 in January 2020, as did all of his coworkers, very early so there was no medical experience to help us. One coworker, a good friend, DIED on Groundhog Day, very fast, alone. He was a great guy, and also a US veteran of Desert Shield/Desert Storm. I want the bastards who are responsible for Covid19. Even if it was my own mother who did this, I would want her prosecuted. Capische?

    • Please read Gordon’s article. In it he explains that COVID-19 is a bioweapon that was first deployed in China, then Iran and Europe, and finally in the USA. The idea that Trump was somehow not in the loop about this ignores the simple reality that he and his family have been beholden to the Kosher Nostra and Likud for decades. It is very improbable that they would not have been informed about the deployment at the same time that Israel was, in the second week of November, 2019.

    • Also, from Gordon’s article, “John Hankey reports that Trump and his inner circle were vaccinated in November 2019, only days after the virus was deployed against China.”

  6. The lateness betrays the position.

    The national language of the US needs to be changed as soon as possible. Britain and Israel are the top two suspects in the covid release. They should be considered as one.

    Hot mess Harry and Messed up Meghan should be shipped in a crude crate on a slow ship back to whence they came. It is such a putrid thought , that the monarchy can still think everything can be bought or pushed into addiction. The best thing the world has seen in centuries was the eviction of the pope and queen from Hong Kong. And what a bunch of screaming bitches as they left. Hilarious.

    • Le retard trahit la position.

      La langue nationale des États-Unis doit être changée dès que possible. La Grande-Bretagne et Israël sont les deux principaux suspects de la publication covid. Ils devraient être considérées comme une seule.

      Hot mess Harry et Foiré Meghan devraient être expédiés dans une caisse brute sur un navire lent de retour d ” où ils sont venus. C’est une pensée si putride , que la monarchie peut encore penser que tout peut être acheté ou poussé à la dépendance. La meilleure chose que le monde ait vue depuis des siècles a été l’expulsion du pape et de la reine de Hong Kong. Et quelle bande de chiennes hurlantes en partant. Hilarant.

  7. True, Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and a half dozen other drugs at least, act as preventives. Among those is Amlodipine besylate, a generic drug for high blood pressure. My husband happened to be taking it when we both got Covid19 in Jan 2020, and he got just a slight cold, although everyone else at work was really sick. Now studies have shown that Amlodipine besylate is a Covid19 preventative too, but is not for everyone! Btw, VT’s Mike Harris and Preston James both openly talked about those drugs in the early days of Covid19, before that woman in Arizona murdered her husband in March 2020 with fish tank cleaner (Chloroquine phosphate). Remember that? It was presented as an accident, and was used as an excuse to stop sales of HCQ and Chloroquine, which aren’t at all related to the drug the woman used for the murder. And the murder/accident was also used as the excuse to shut down all talk of preventatives in the media and on social media. That woman needs to be charged with the murder of her husband at least. I also think there is a good case for conspiracy there, based on the woman’s political connections.

  8. Thank You Mr. Shŕimptonon for your recommendation of Ivermectin. I too am a firm beleiver that it is safe and effective for treating Coved 19 and surviving it with few if any lasting or serious maladies. Keep up Your good work and writing here.

  9. I am 100% on board with 30% of what I read. If there really was any Shrimp. I would recommend some help, the problem is I have not found any myself.

  10. The Times of Israel reported in April of last year that, “the US intelligence community became aware of the emerging disease [COVID-19] in Wuhan in the second week of that month [November 2019] and drew up a classified document.” The article goes on to say, “US intelligence informed the Trump administration, ‘which did not deem it of interest.’” If the Israelis were warned by US intelligence about the bioweapon COVID-19 even before it was deployed in China, Shrimpy’s blaming it on China is, with respect, total BS.


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