VT: This includes full complicity in staging both real and fake poison gas attacks in Syria according to our sources

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) have sponsored Reuters and the BBC to conduct a series of covert programs aimed at promoting regime change inside Russia and undermining its government across Eastern Europe and Central Asia, according to a series of leaked documents.

The leaked materials show the Thomson Reuters Foundation and BBC Media Action participating in a covert information warfare campaign aimed at countering Russia. Working through a shadowy department within the UK FCO known as the Counter Disinformation & Media Development (CDMD), the media organizations operated alongside a collection of intelligence contractors in a secret entity known simply as “the Consortium.”

Through training programs of Russian journalists overseen by Reuters, the British Foreign Office sought to produce an “attitudinal change in the participants,” promoting a “positive impact” on their “perception of the UK.”

“These revelations show that when MPs were railing about Russia, British agents were using the BBC and Reuters to deploy precisely the same tactics that politicians and media commentators were accusing Russia of using,” Chris Williamson, a former UK Labour MP who attempted to apply public scrutiny to the CDMD’s covert activities and was stonewalled on national security grounds, told The Grayzone.

“The BBC and Reuters portray themselves as an unimpeachable, impartial, and authoritative source of world news,” Williamson continued, “but both are now hugely compromised by these disclosures. Double standards like this just bring establishment politicians and corporate media hacks into further disrepute.”

Thomson Reuters Foundation spokesperson Jenny Vereker implicitly confirmed the authenticity of the leaked documents in an emailed response to questions from The Grayzone.

However, she contended, “The inference that the Thomson Reuters Foundation was engaged in ‘secret activities’ is inaccurate and misrepresents our work in the public interest. We have for decades openly supported a free press and have worked to help journalists globally to develop the skills needed to report with independence.”  read more..

Reuters, BBC, and Bellingcat participated in covert UK Foreign Office-funded programs to “weaken Russia,” leaked docs reveal



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  1. Sūnzĭ (Sūn Wŭ) declared that the best way of winning victory in war is by not waging it. Seems to me the US of North A weapons lobby have no need for such wisdom, but need wars to sell their “masters of war” weaponry. Of course , the BBC and others trying to win Russian media influencers over to the North Atlantic view of things must represent an unwarranted grave intrusion against their planned vile schemes.

  2. Here in the Nordic Countries, we know for sure that it can’t happen here: Our upright journalist (at least uptight with the part of their bodies that don’t only nod) would carry out such work as that of the BBC without any prodding at all by our secret police and spy services — all on their own, and with great glee!
    In a more serous vane: Why have the Brits not demanded that these so-callled journalists in the BBC not pay back all those years of BBC wages to the general public in Britain in one form or other, After all , they worked for the propaganda departments of MI 1-6, who should pay their arriers and their full pensions. (Same goes for many US o North A influncers. & agents in the MSM.)

  3. They don’t call us the AngloZIONIST Empire for nothing, Gordon. Just as Zionists control the MSM in the US, they also control Reuters and the BBC in the UK. In the US, most Zionists are Christian. In the UK, not so much. Zionism in the US morphed into Manifest Destiny, the notion that Europeans were chosen by God to displace the indigenous, steal their land and resources, and engage in all manner of ethnic cleansing.

    • Zionists in the UK were instrumental in setting up the state of Israel, which is doing the very same ethnic cleansing of the indigenous in Palestinian. This is why US Christian Zionists get along so well with Likudniks in Israel. This is why Trump’s “spiritual” advisor, Pastor John Hagee bragged, “Since holding its first ‘Night to Honor Israel’, Hagee Ministries has donated more than $100 million to Israeli and Jewish charities.” This is why MAGA should really be MIGA, Make Israel Greater Again.

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