This weekend’s G7 summit at Carbis Bay in Cornwall has been another failure. Joe Biden’s promise to review the Sacoolas case was worthless – Biden takes order from the CIA, he doesn’t give them, having installed by the deep state. The French and the Germans were hell-bent on wrecking the summit over the Northern Ireland Protocol, coordinating their efforts with the Biden regime. They succeeded and made Prime Minister Boris Johnson look like a fool in the process.

None of these idiots stopped to think how humiliating Boris is going to save their beloved protocol, since the Kabinettratsführer, Simon ‘von’ Case, wants to keep it and Boris reports to him. When Boris goes ‘von’ Case will go with him and that’s the end of the Withdrawal and Trade and Cooperation Agreements. Thankfully those nice people the DUP have been briefed in on the payments made by the EU to secure both treaties, which aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

Some good was done over vaccine distribution but as usual the G7 showed a lack of leadership, lying over the origins of Covid and backing the global warming hoax. Very frankly a gathering of liars and hoaxers was never going to solve anything, no offense intended. Still they got a nice dinner out of it. Carbis Bay, for those who don’t know it, is a lovely spot near St Ives. It has its own railroad station, or what passes for a station these days.

Carbis Bay

Speaking of railroads the Cabinet Office have not denied my report last week that they want to keep Britain’s railroads fragmented in order to track the EU Rail Directive and are hoping to use European votes to swing a new referendum. This of course ups the ante – either the Cabinet Secretary survives or Britain does as an independent country. ‘Von’ Case is hellbent with respect on national suicide.

The G7

Emerging from the Group of Six, the G7 is a meaningless talking shop set up in 1976. The idea was for world leaders to have a mini-break at a nice hotel somewhere, have a good dinner and go home without solving any of the world’s problems. The communique is usually agreed in advance, like a British official inquiry. (By the way I don’t agree with the conclusions of next year’s Covid Inquiry.)

The G7 consists of three democracies (Britain, Canada and Japan), three EU Member States and the US. Russia was a member from 1997 until 2014, but the there was too great a danger of the enlarged G8 achieving something, so Russia was excluded. The participation of a modern democracy also risked exposing the democratic deficit in the EU participants and the US.

The obvious way forward would be to abolish the UN, which has been an even worse failure than the League of Nations, bring Russia back into the G7 and bring in Brazil, South Africa, India, Australia, making it the G12. Each continent would then be represented. With appropriate changes of leadership in the UK, US, Canada and Japan and the collapse of the EU we might have an organisation which could actually achieve something.

The last thing that any of the leaders gathered in Carbis Bay this weekend want to do however is to achieve anything – they’re only in office for the spoils and the pork. Presumably they’re happy go to down in history as failures and frauds. (I know that they’ve all been elected, except Biden, but even so it is impossible to believe that they are so stupid as to actually believe in global warming.) The next failure will be in Hunland, where they will probably decide to invade Poland.

The new Israeli government

Although he is still clinging onto power at the time of writing, Bibi Netanyahu is clearly on the way out. The new Israeli Prime Minister will be Naftali Bennett, who’s sold his own party out in a power grab, no offense intended. The new government’s policy will be to shaft the settlers and sell Israel out to the Bad Guys. It will also be committed to a nuclear-armed Iran.

Naftali Bennett

I know that Bennett is saying he wants to stop Iran acquiring nuclear weapons, but with respect that’s absurd – Iran acquired her first nukes in 2014. What’s he really saying is that he’s prepared to accept the status quo.

His MKs are too ill-informed with respect to know that Iran is a nuclear power – they are politicians after all. However they’ll know when the settlers are sold down the River Jordan, at which point the coalition will collapse.

The Überlingen collision

The 19th anniversary of this terrible disaster comes up on July 1st, followed by the 33nd anniversary of the German sabotage of the Piper Alpha oil and gas facility in the North Sea on the 6th, which I’ll be covering of course. Why cover Überlingen?


On July 1st 2002 a Bashkirian Airlines Tupolev 154M, Captain Alexander Gross in command, carrying a party of gifted Russian schoolchildren from Ufa, was ordered by Swiss Air Traffic Control to fly into the path of a DHL Boeing 757, Captain Paul Phillips in command, over Überlingen in southern Germany. Each aircraft was commanded by a competent and highly experienced pilot, neither of whom was responsible for the collision. Both aircraft were fitted with the new TCAS collision avoidance system.

The problem was that the Swiss controller, who was later eliminated, ordered the Russian airliner to descend, conflicting with the TCAS instruction to climb. Had both aircraft followed their TCAS guidance no lives would have been lost. The Swiss controller, Peter Nielsen, was a decent and humane man who was desperately trying to avoid a collision. However he had been abandoned at his station by a colleague, leaving him with too great a workload, and his managers had ordered critical systems including a telephone link to be taken offline.

DHL 757

The problem of conflicting instructions between ATC and TCAS had been picked up by the DVD’s highly competent but evil Sabotage Section. They were obviously worried that the new system reduced the chances of setting up collisions. This is a known, and deadly, German tactic, used to great effect at Tenerife in 1977, where the Germans, working with the Spanish, managed to get two 747s to collide, murdering 583 innocent passengers, most of them Dutch or American.

Under German pressure the conflicting instructions problem was not resolved, putting poor Captain Gross in an impossible position. The murderous farce of putting a collision avoidance system in aircraft and not allowing pilots to follow its instructions has now been brought to an end, but not before the poor children of Überlingen were sent screaming to their deaths in a crippled aircraft, the fuselage of which had been split into two by the Boeing’s fin.


It is just possible that Captain Phillips, whose take off from Bahrain was observed from another aircraft by a friend of mine, might have avoided the collision by diving faster, albeit that his rate of descent was not far below that advised by TCAS. (TCAS instructions should be obeyed without hesitation by pilots and if anything advised rates of descent exceeded – the 757 basically needed to go into a power dive at TOGA power with elevators at maximum deflection, squawking the 7700 emergency code, with the non-flying pilot issuing a Mayday call at the same time, however DHL pilots are not used to what are basically combat maneuvers.) In the tragic events which happened he was just a bit too slow and smashed into the Tu154 at high speed.

The entire episode smells to high heaven. The man who murdered the air traffic controller was let off lightly (he wasn’t even executed) and there was no serious investigation into why critical ATC systems were disabled. From the time of Comet Yoke Peter in 1954 the DVD have concentrated on flights carrying large numbers of children (Yoke Peter) or Jews (PanAm 1736).

The collision looks like a set-up. Of course such set-ups might not always work, but that’s not the point. The DVD are believed to employ between 40,000 and 50,000 intelligence officers. At any one time they will be planning dozens of murders. Air crash investigators are basically as stupid as the FBI or Thames Valley Police, no offense intended, and are easily fooled. They haven’t laid a finger on the DVD in 76 years and they’re not going to. They’re bright not enough to work out sabotage for themselves and too arrogant to consult aviation specialists with a brain. The DVD will continue to dance all around them.

Intelligence officers don’t believe in coincidences, any more than they believe in global warming. Überlingen looks like mass murder, in which case those responsible need to be brought to book. Since neither Switzerland nor Germany has a functioning legal system maybe the intelligence officers responsible should be booked on a one-way flight?

Since the children died a terrible death, knowing for their last few minutes on this earth that they were doomed, with nobody to comfort them, the ends of justice might best be served by an IED large enough to bring down the Bad Guys’ plane but small enough to ensure that they died lingering deaths, screaming their silly heads off all the way down.

Lest any reader write in and ask ‘are you angry with the Germans for murdering the children of Überlingen, Michael?’ the answer is yes, just a bit. About as angry as Bomber Harris was in February 1945 in fact. And in February ’45 if you were a Jerry you did not want to piss off Bomber Harris, trust me.

The Bishop of Winchester

Bishop Tim

A bit of Church news to round off. His Grace the Bishop of Winchester, Dr Tim Dakin, to the great relief of the diocese, no offense to His Grace intended, has stood back from his episcopal duties. This was not before he had managed to fire the Dean of Jersey, even though, as all y’all will know, the Dean of Jersey is a Crown appointment, not a diocesan one.

Things got so bad that the Channel Islands were transferred to Bishop Nick in Salisbury, a lovely man, with respect, although not entirely sound on Europe. (His Grace is against killing Germans, for example.) How do you manage to lose the Channel Islands? I can see why they were transferred to Salisbury but I am quite sure that His Late Majesty King Henry VIII did not intend the arrangement with the Diocese of Winchester to be a temporary one.

Salisbury Cathedral

As I have explained on these pages before the Anglican Church, whilst it is undoubtedly a church, is not a religion. In practice however it is impossible to keep religious nutters out of a church, however well run. We even have a wing for them, the Evangelical Wing, which of course included Bishop Tim.

Basically to be an Anglican you have to believe in three things: cricket, steam engines and the Royal Family. In its sheer decency, moderation and friendliness the Anglican Church reflects British society, which is why Britain is such a nice country and our Empire was such a nice Empire.

Bishop Tim will have to go, I’m, afraid. However he cannot actually be removed, as he is part of the Apostolic Succession. There are only three ways of offloading a rogue bishop – by encouraging him to resign, getting the Archbishop of Canterbury to invite him to resign or sending a couple of knights down to his cathedral to martyr him. The last method is admittedly a little old-fashioned, indeed it was last used in 1170, against that thoroughgoing nuisance, no offense intended, Thomas à Becket. (His Grace was reporting to the Pope, of all people, when he was supposed to be reporting to the King.)

No offense to Bishop Tim intended but the big question about the scandal in Winchester is how a religious nutter was ever made a bishop in the first place. Truro maybe, but Winchester? Heads may roll!


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  1. Let’s see how my President and President Biden meet on June 16th.
    In addition, the American channel NBC recently interviewed Putin. Has this interview been broadcast in the US yet?

    • NBC has shown snippets of the interview with Keir Simmons. It hasn’t gone over well with most western journalists, accusing Vladimir Putin of “deflecting” and “whataboutism” in his replies. Personally, I was disappointed when he described Trump as “extraordinary” and “talented”. Of course, he could have been trolling us?

    • Interview is being shown today June 14, but not all at once. Part of it was on the Today show this morning, more during NBC News, and then more on Lester Holt’s news show at 6:30 ET. NBC has already put the full English transcript online this morning, though.

  2. Shrimpton has totally bought into the notion that that God divided the world into the “good” (English) and the bad” (Germans), the elected and the unelected, that is, between His “chosen” few and everyone else (mostly Democrats) deserving of eternal damnation. That’s why what he writes resonates so well with Trumpsters and especially his Christian Zionist true-believers. This is why he totally supports what the Ashkenazim are doing in Palestine, that 9/11 was done by Osama bin Laden and his merry band of 19 Arabs, and now the Trumpster notion that COVID-19 is all a big hoax. This is a faith-based belief system if there ever was one.

  3. “….They succeeded and made Prime Minister Boris Johnson look like a fool…”

    Boris can do that by himself, he doesn’t need help from anyone to look like a fool

  4. As I was going to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives. No wait, that was the G7, but they looked like wives. The riddle makes more sense than these guys.

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