An expert assessment of the threat provided by intelligence and law enforcement, a summary of which was released in March, found that its two most deadly elements are white supremacists and anti-government violent extremists.

MOSCOW – The US Department of State will assess whether foreign entities suspected of having links to domestic terrorism could be described as terrorist organisations, the White House announced on Tuesday.

“The Department of State will continue to assess whether additional foreign entities linked to domestic terrorism can be designated as Foreign Terrorist Organizations or Specially Designated Global Terrorists under relevant statutory criteria,” the White House said in a press release.

The new National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism is set to consider “the most urgent terrorism threat the United States faces today.”

After the Biden administration began to review its domestic counterterrorism policy, the unclassified version of intelligence assessment was released in March. It showed that the two most lethal elements of US domestic terrorism have been racially and ethnically motivated extremists.

The new policy has four pillars or goals which are to realise, prevent, disrupt and solve the roots of domestic terrorism. This requires more thorough research into what Americans say and share on social media so that the government can fight extremism and misleading information.

Guardian: The White House has published its first ever national strategy for countering domestic terrorism five months after a violent mob stormed the US Capitol in Washington.

The framework released on Tuesday by the national security council describes the threat as now more serious than potential attacks from overseas but emphasises the need to protect civil liberties.

Anticipating Republican objections that Joe Biden could use counterterrorism tools to persecute supporters of Donald Trump, the strategy is also careful to state that domestic terrorism must be tackled in an “ideologically neutral” manner.

FBI chief calls Capitol attack domestic terrorism and rejects Trump’s fraud claims

It cites examples such as “an anti-authority extremist” ambushing, shooting and killing five police officers in Dallas In 2016; a lone gunman (and leftwing activist) wounding four people at a congressional baseball practice in 2017; and an “unprecedented attack” on Congress on 6 January.

“They come across the political spectrum,” a senior administration said on a media conference call. “We acknowledge the shooting at the congressional baseball, the attack on police officers in Dallas, just as we acknowledge the attack in Charlottesville and the attack on the Capitol on January 6.

“So it’s not motivating politics or ideology that matters for us or, more importantly for the strategy and its implementation. It’s when political grievances become acts of violence and we remain laser focused on that.”  read more..


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  1. Having spent most of my life roaming around the world I notice one thing all dysfunctional cultures have in common. That is they lack critical thinking skills among the unwashed. VT might have many issues, but what they do well is create critical thinking minds by pissing (some) people off. Thus VT kick starts the critical thinking process in many dead brains.

  2. White Supremacists as described by the DOS are a myth. Unless, of course, you want to count those who control Banking, who are white skinned, who are responsible for every war, who have their cohorts of every color in high government positions in every country; they have the means and motive to throw their weight around; to rule supreme, not my friend Billy Bob from Missouri. Stop spreading the lies. Oh by the way most of the VT editors are white. What should we do with them?

  3. If an entity known as the Roman Catholic church is found to have engaged in mass child sex abuse and covered it up with clear evidence found that it was institutional in scope, is this domestic terrorism ? If the US is going to return Pollard , then label the US people terrorists , are we still a government of and by the people ? If police and government officials are protected by blanket immunity, what of the people ? Is voter restriction, domestic terrorism ? There is no indication, that the use of this label benefits the people in any way. This is a cloistering of Oligarchy. In proper justice, the laws are applied to those in positions of responsibility at a proportion equal to that responsibility. Be honest, and show us the terrorist.

    • ….are we still a government of and by the people ? are you sure once were that?? The originaly redacted constitution was a copy of britain monarchy but replacing the King with your own new America oligarchs. That’s why later was included the Bill of Rights when many complained.

    • Yes Adrian , I am sure that with the modernization of the police state and forever wars , we have declined sharply as an informed citizenry and the ability to govern ourselves.
      By denying this , people affirm that they feel they have no power, but usually it is just that they do not wish to spend the time and effort to understand what is going on.
      Nobody goes to the meetings. Nobody goes to be public witness in court. Authoritarianism is rampant in small town governments. We need to bring them to heel.

    • David, July 21th, 1945, Patton presciently warned : …”Gentlemen, I have come this morning to the inexcusable conclusion that we have fought on the wrong side……. I fear the perhaps in fifty years America will pay a dear price and become a land of corruption ad degenerate morals…”

    • Adrian, surely your own town needs to hear it more than me, I’m the choir on that..

      I encourage everyone to go to the meetings. relieve your selves

    • David, I believe Patton did a mistake in its appreciation of what one the enemy was, he was referring about the Soviet Union instead of germans as enemy, but what he could not see was that real one enemy of the world always were UK and their putative sons in Palestine

  4. Firstly, the insurrection was incited by sitting employees and elected officials of our government. Secondly, the most dangerous element of domestic terrorism (if such a thing exists) is the police. So, ushering in a new label to put on the people with the word terrorism in it, is only warranted if these two basic points are the top concern. The people are not shooting each other for taillights, and the people are not working toward voter restriction. The people do not declare war, and the people do not want war or violence. It has always been the government that does this. Compared to the government, the people are fluffy kittens. We are not terrorists. This very short sighted labeling, is neither sustainable nor clear in its intention.
    The obvious target is legal protest.

    • Multiple police from multiple states and private security contractors at Standing Rock used, attack dogs on women and children, freezing water, targeting heads of people and journalists with gas canisters and rubber bullets etc.., using dog pens as holding cages, writing numbers on arms of people, arbitrary charges and illegal charges, and even deployed a rocket launcher while committing the most egregious act of environmental racism in the modern era. All against unarmed peaceful protestors. Is this domestic terrorism ? Minnesota state police randomly fired at people on their porches while clearing streets in Minneapolis, is this domestic terrorism ? We need a lot of clarification about equality of this designation. Is BP guilty of domestic terrorism in the BP oil spill that destroyed our fishing waters ?

  5. “…more thorough research into what Americans say and share on social media….”

    That sentence look and sound too bad and disquieting. Look like government is a dad watching the childrens that they cannot see porn, but somebody forget that citizens are not childrens which need to be watched

  6. “The Department of State will continue to assess whether additional foreign entities linked to domestic terrorism can be designated as Foreign Terrorist Organizations or Specially Designated Global Terrorists under relevant statutory criteria.”

    How about that “foreign entity” called Israel? They nuked us on 9/11 and got away with it. The only real investigation of that event was the Sandia Labs/DOE investigation that Gordon wrote about recently. Is it going to take a redo of 9/11, this time blamed on Iran, to awaken us from our slumber?

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