Biden: The Next Pandemic is Going to Happen…Press Conference Excerpts

Rights groups say Mustafa bin Hashim bin Isa al-Darwish was a minor when alleged offences committed


Our take this far:

  • Putin has never made an ass of himself as he did with his press conference today.  The FBI’s secret assertion that Putin and his puppetmaster Netanyahu are running right wing fake media in the US is coming into focus…clear as day.
  • It is very clear that Biden is enraged at Russia for more than cyber-blackmail.  Their continued hand in orchestrating extremism in partnership with the GOP and Kosher Nostra is evident every day for anyone who opens their eyes

Though Biden rattles on over Syrian chemical weapons, one of many Israeli fabrications the US treats as fact…and other issues that indicate US intelligence failures as well…at least an American president isn’t bombing Syria while kissing Putin’s balls at the same time like Diaper Don.



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  1. The number one threat to humanity is biological and will remain that way into the foreseeable future for a large variety of reasons of which, human ability to alter or create biological changes is only one. Pollution and extinction of mass numbers of species, depleted water and soil and complete removal of natural forest around the world, is by far the leading potential cause of future pandemics. We have soiled our own nest, and refuse to clean it up due to elevated levels of comfort and expectation. Disease is nearly certain to follow, and the potential for one that is no where near as easy to mitigate as covid 19 is highly likely. It is not a conspiracy, it is simple gluttony and bad behavior of our species. Non-sentient.

  2. Critical infrastructure: we destroyed Syrias.
    Human Rights:Palestinians aren’t human.
    The sanctions must be stopped: Duh

    Nothing has been right “Since JFK”

    It’s time to feed the chickens and walk the dog around the neighborhood

  3. Biden did great…. Foreign interference in USA election is a redline. BUT, he forgot USA interference in other nations’ elections!

  4. Russians play chess, Americans play Russian roulette. The whole tone of the Mighty Wurlitzer (MSM) is confrontational. Throw something out there, no matter how absurd, and maybe some of it will stick. Remember, this is the same press that pushed the 9/11 fable on us. This is the same press that continues to give Israel a pass on its project of ethnic cleansing in Palestine. This is the same press that has pushed the notion that the coup in Ukraine was somehow justified, and that NATO is a “defensive” alliance.

    • There wasn’t a Russian ever born that could beat Booby Fischer. Besides, if Netanyahu is Putin’s puppet master, it’s more like they’re playing “Follow the leader”, not chess.

    • Edward , don’t you forget that also US government at 1992 issued a warrant for his arrest and later him had to live in Iceland until his death in 2008.

    • It was just a metaphor, Edward, don’t beat it to death. The point is, Putin came across as cool and calculated while Biden had to do the little dance that all US presidents have to do to justify the Zionist project: the racist notion that some Europeans are destined by God to range around the planet, displacing the indigenous, stealing their land and resources, and eventually bring mere humanity to an end in an apocalyptic final battle between “good” (them) and “evil” (everyone else). If you don’t agree with me just ask any Native American or any Palestinian.

  5. I haven’t heard it brought up, nor do I expect to, but I hope those agents, or forces, of the US are no longer burning Syrian wheat, or stealing Syrian oil. Neither leader broached the subject when touching on human rights in their respective press conferences. Foreign relations analyst and journalist, Julia Ioffe said Putin wins just by showing up, was unprepared, and hasn’t cared since 2014. I thought the two black female reporters both gave Putin a good going over. Overall, a very good week for Joe Biden.

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