Breaking: FBI/DOJ Investigating GOP House and Senate Members for Aiding Insurrection

This is the first concrete information that shows the Department of Justice is actively investigating the possible complicity of members of Congress in the insurrection


from Glenn Kirschner, …and Justice Matters

[ Editor’s Note: This is an educational story in that we can all get exasperated with the slow pace of some of these major investigations. But when you are going after big fish, you only have one good shot at them and that is your first one.

You want to have nailed every which way possible to keep your conviction rate high and unblemished. But there is another reason. If you want to get someone to flip on others, the first step is to convince them and their attorney that you have them nailed to the wall to encourage them to roll over on others.

We see this happening in the New York investigation into the Trump mob family. We can already see that they have tons of paper evidence to probably convict him, but the prosecutors still want live witnesses to turn state’s evidence.

Prosecuting a former president, and convicting them, needs to demonstrate absolute certainty of their guilt, as they have a huge political constituency primed and ready to claim that it all was a political lynching.

Not only does the target need to be nailed, but all of his followers who, out of embarrassment for their childish fealty to the mob boss, will be desperate to save themselves from being tagged as fools for the rest of their lives.

There is bigger goal here, other than convicting the Trump mob. Public support is essential to enact new constitutional legislation to protect us from the acts of a criminal president while his acts are in progress, rather than long after the damage has been done.

Step number one is to end the stillness of any Tom, Dick, and Harry, or Jane, running for public office that wants to, without even a security check that mid level security people go through. For politics, especially, this should be a no brainer.

One can certainly understand why the political class would prefer the Wild, Wild, West scenario we have now, that everyone has a right to run for office. We have absolute garbage in a lot of elected positions now, and they do a lot of damage.

One could even suggest that politics is a highly sought after mobster occupation, which Donald Trump has certainly put on display. He could not pass a security check to run a neighborhood ice cream truck, yet look where he ended up, and whose fault is that?

Thus ends my cheery missive for todayJim W. Dean ]

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First aired … June 19, 2021

Washington DC NBC News Reporter Scott MacFarlane broke some really consequential news this evening: FBI agent’s are interrogating defendants in the January 6 attack on the US Capitol abut their contacts/relationships with members of Congress.

This is perhaps the first concrete information that shows the Department of Justice is actively investigating the possible complicity of members of congress in the insurrection. This video discusses the important implications of this new development.


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  1. The Faith & Freedom Coalition’s annual Road to Majority conference being held in Orlando, Florida this weekend still believes the 2020 presidential election results will be miraculously overturned and Donald Trump will once again ascend to the Oval Office. This is why the Likudniks and Zionists who still surround Trump are fully on board with a 9/11-style false-flag attack on the USA that will happen by August.

    • This will not only save Trump’s ass, but Netanyahu’s as well. It will be the pretext for a Dominionist coup that will end all legal proceedings like what Kirschner refers to. This will not only save Trump’s ass, but Netanyahu’s as well. Crazy Zionist Pastor, John Hagee is meeting with Netanyahu this weekend to plan the details. My Heaven preserve us all from the wrath of the Christian Zionists and the chosenites.

  2. I bet nothing will happen with Trump, I believe there is in the political class, an implicit agreement not written, a open secret., some kind of red line between them, you do not send to jail a former president. That’s for the politicians like some shame for themself, a very bad precedent, let happen something like that.

    • Senaca, yeah, I like be play devil’s advocate role and is good someone do it in any discussion so it doesn’t turn into a crowd just doing a lynch. About Ehud Olmert I think he was sent into jail as punishment to be an asshold which was defeated by Hezbollah in 2006 and make embarrassed the zionists

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