It’s Monday and No Name…Color Us Angry



    VT: 28 hours ago, a terrorist attacked a group of bicyclists in Show Low, Arizona, sending 6 to intensive care as he veered his Ford F150 truck into them at a high rate of speed.

    Police chased the suspect, shooting him for some reason.  He is hospitalized under police protection, protecting his life, his property and his name.


    We understand the truck had a license plate and was photographed by many but none of the footage was ever uploaded to Twitter, Facebook or other social media.

    No one in the press at any level has asked the identity of the terrorist.

    We are told “white/35 years old.”

    If only Lee Harvey Oswald had been cared for like this.

    With media reporting the fake vote audit in Arizona on a minute by minute basis, its funny nothing is said here.

    Police and city officials are stalling, based on calls they got from “fixers.”

    Now we wait for the theatre to begin, the bushels of horse shit we are expected to believe based on what is being fabricated as we write this.

    What is likely being hidden?  Normally we go “Mormon church” on things like this, with internal strife and infighting often going violent, bombings and assassinations.

    But then, we don’t even know the victims either?  No photos, no names, nothing reported, nothing on the bike race, no witnesses being interviewed when we know dozens were there, with tons of video.

    All of it is being censored.

    This is a 3 hour drive from Phoenix.

    Imagine being a journalist.  Would you go there?  Would you take video?  Would you scan social media?  There was one police update over 24 hours ago and now nothing but silence.

    Why has it taken so long for social media scrubbing and for associates of the “Caucasian male” to cover their tracks, which may well lead, which inexorably lead to ties to political figures and militia organizations which flourish in and around Show Low, Arizona.

    What we are measuring now is how long it takes Google Corporation to clean the internet of comments, posts and online threats that would bring down Federal attention on Arizona at a time when state officials are being openly threatened by armed white supremacist groups drowning in big pharma and coal/polluter cash that underwrites remaining “ever-Trumper” plots.

    Let’s see how long it takes the FBI to respond.






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    1. The guy who drove the fuel truck onto the highway last year, …
      “Bogdan Vechirko, 36, had been charged with felony threats of violence and criminal vehicular operation over the incident. But on Friday, his attorneys reached a deal for both those charges to be dropped,..”
      They are encouraging and protecting people who drive into crowds…so, vigilance is warranted

    2. HoHo @ Sho Lo!

      SL has a few high end @ homes.. not a Mo bastion by any strech… lot of native and mex buiss resort people..

      Sho up from St George is a Hard Pull Thru w a 5th – nice grade down… exit thru phoneix is up thru kingman..

      there is simply not much there – just another Gallop on Rt 66..

      as to Mo Mafia’s and Militias i haven’t seen any actions out here since Bundy; and they did come out for that ! –> dragging bundies wives down the dirt roads by their hair – kicking the kids and ripping livestok water iines..

      guess U could say they reall meant buizz when they sho’ed up w their Chevy Taks neked on Roky GIbbs Cases..

    3. UPDATE: President of the Ft Lauderdale Gay Men’s Chorus says they believe this was a tragic accident and confirm the driver was a member of their group. @WPLGLocal10

    4. Follow up . A gay, drunk driver at a Pride parade ran over fellow attendees and everyone on the left jumped to call it a TERROR ATTACK.
      This is from the Fort Lauderdale Gay Chorus The driver is a member.

    5. “threatened by armed white supremacist groups drowning in big pharma and coal/polluter cash that underwrites remaining “ever-Trumper” plots.”
      For once, no forever, I have been asking and waiting for VT, anyone, any news agency, to name even 1 armed white supremacist group. Just one. And, while at it, give us some proof of all the big pharma and coal/polluter cash. Evidence please? And if and when you do it should be easy to trace that same, non-existent, evidence to it’s source: the FBI.
      Geeze can it be any simpler?

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