‘Warning Shot-Don’t Hit Target’ Fire!: Britain Lies About Black Sea Incursion as FSB Releases Video


VT: The video above shows the contact between Russian vessels and Britain’s destroyer allegedly violating Russian territorial waters this week.  It clearly shows orders to turn around and when Britain fails to comply, 4 warning shots fired, not “bombs” and certainly not “fireworks.”

This is naval artillery.

Britain claims this was a Russian military exercise.  Somebody is lying.  Russia’s statement released today:

“We call on the Pentagon and the command of Britain’s naval forces, which are sending their warships to the Black Sea, not to tempt fate and be led on a string by Ukraine’s ‘mosquito fleet admirals’, but to be guided by reason…

The compulsive attempts by London and by Pentagon spokesman John Kirby to deny the obvious and call everything ‘disinformation’, even after Russia published footage of the warning shots, and despite the direct evidence by the destroyer’s crew, are not surprising.

“Who, if not former Rear Admiral Kirby, knows better that the Russian armed forces reliably protecting Crimea’s security see the HMS Defender only as a fat target for the Black Sea Fleet’s anti-ship missiles anywhere in the Black Sea.” 

MoD spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said in a briefing Friday


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  1. @redditchrachel Woke Communitarian UK Member of Parliament

    Would you care to explain why Communitarian WEF puppet Boris has endangered the crew of HMS Defender by ordering what was clearly a act of provocation in Russian waters.

    The British government signed off on a plan to sail a battleship through disputed waters off the coast of Crimea, over the objections of its foreign policy chief, according to bombshell new claims in London’s Telegraph newspaper.RT

    But speaking to reporters at a barracks in Aldershot, Hampshire, Mr Johnson sidestepped a question on whether he had personally authorised HMS Defender’s voyage.The prime minister said: ‘These are a matter for the MoD (Ministry of Defence) but if you want my view I think it was wholly appropriate to use international waters, and by the way the important point is that we don’t recognise the Russian annexation of Crimea, this is part of a sovereign Ukrainian territory, it was entirely right that we should indicate the law and pursue freedom of navigation in the way that we did, take the shortest route between two points, and that’s what we did.

    Russia’s deputy foreign minister, Sergei Ryabkov, said ‘the inviolability of the Russian borders is an absolute imperative’, adding that it will be protected ‘by all means, diplomatic, political and military if needed’.

    • email correction __https://www.veteranstoday.com/2021/06/02/brits-in-coverup-of-us-tactical-nuke-use-in-iraq/

  2. Well, obviously VT doesn’t know anything about naval artillery because that definitely wasn’t ‘naval artillery’. It was, in fact, three short bursts fired by an AK-630 30mm rotary cannon, a CIWS that has been in service over 40 years and is instantly recognisable to anyone who knows anything about the Russian navy, which VT clearly doesn’t.

    • an gun over 20mm is ‘naval artillery’
      thanks for the update, Ian. You could always have written the article yourself.

  3. The proper amount of Russian humor, to tell us, the Brits are not very good navigators, thats why they prefer the US do all this business.
    Excuse me, why are we allies with Britain again ? The Monarchy should step down…

  4. You have to wonder why the Brits are poking the Russian bear now? Is it because Germany is on the verge of becoming a part of the new Belt and Road Initiative with Russia and China? It makes all the sense in the world for Germany to do this and it makes those punitive sanctions the US has imposed on Russia obsolete. The AngloZionist Empire was always based on domination and exploitation. Maybe Eurasia is ready for trading arrangements based on mutual respect and cooperation. It can’t happen soon enough.

  5. The British had their own task, the Russians had theirs. Nothing. Nobody was hurt, but conclusions have been drawn. We wish the British sailors good health. Take care of yourself 👍

    • Always remember, Andy, the AngloZIONIST Empire had its roots in what is now Ukraine and southern Russia, the old Khazar stomping ground. The antipathy the present-day Ashkenazim have for Russia goes way back to 965 when Sviatoslav I destroyed the Khazar city of Sarkel and its capital of Atil in the Caspian Expeditions of the Rus’. The Khazars eventually became the Ashkenazim, who migrated to the UK and the USA, and became the neocons, the very same folks who brought us 9/11 and all the wars of this century, all for Israel.

  6. Classic – the Brits got ran off like a schoolyard bully, but are lying about it to save face. Funny in my lifetime that I have seen the Russians turn into the good guys, while the UK and US are the increasingly obvious villains.

    • I don’t think Russia is the “good guys”. Their support for Bashar al Assad comes with one implicit condition; Netanyahu and Israel could bomb anything in Syria with impunity as long as it wasn’t Russian. What the hell kind of ally is that? Also, Putin is in bed with Kosher Nostra oligarchs, and calling Trump “extraordinary” and “talented” in that interview with Keir Simmons made him look really foolish on the world stage.

  7. Those navy admirals must not have too great a memory.
    Looks like they’re being set up as Liberty was.

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