Hitler’s Hillbillies: Klan Affiliated ‘Confederate’ Group Includes Pentagon Officials, Top GOP

Dedicated to setting up a "church at gunpoint" Anglo-Celtic theocrazy ruled by Hitler's Hillbillies


Leaked data shows other high-profile members including a dozen US Senators and over 70 members of the House of Representatives have overlapping membership in more explicitly racist or violent groups

Leaked membership data from the neo-Confederate Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) organization has revealed that the organization’s members include serving military officers, elected officials, public employees, and a national security expert whose CV boasts of “Department of Defense Secret Security Clearance”.

But alongside these members are others who participated in and committed acts of violence at the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and others who hold overlapping membership in violent neo-Confederate groups such as the League of the South (LOS).

The group, organized as a federation of state chapters, has recently made news for increasingly aggressive campaigns against the removal of Confederate monuments. This has included legal action against states and cities, the flying of giant Confederate battle flags near public roadways, and Confederate flag flyovers at Nascar races.

Last Monday, the Georgia division of SCV commenced legal action against the majority-black city of Decatur with the aim of restoring a Confederate memorial obelisk which was removed in June 2020, and later replaced with a statue of the late congressman and civil rights activist John Lewis.

Last year, in a widely criticized move, the University of North Carolina’s board of governors proposed creating a $2.5m charitable trust which would pay the state’s SCV organization to maintain a Confederate “Silent Sam” statue which had been removed from the campus.


  1. The photo of the Sgt. Shultz lookalike is funny. Johann Banner the actor emigrated from Austria and served in the USArmy AirCorps. I laugh every time I see this photograph. But insist that Mr Banner be honored for both his craft and his service. Anyway they are both good for a laugh. Mr Banner for his work and the mystery man for being himself.

  2. The Sons of Confederate Veterans has nothing to do with these groups. They treat the Klan like lepers, and they and the US communist party are the only people who even if they have Confederate ancestors, cannot be members. US media, of course, ignores all of this. The SVC for many years was a sleepy historical org with 5000 members, meeting once a month to attend an historical lecture. But when the Klan was dying off, down to 3000 members, with 1000 being informants, it needed to be revived as a bogeyman threat. Hence Morris Dees Southern Poverty Law center quickly spotted a fundraising grift situation and immediately began the SCV was NeoKlan. What made the SCV grow to 35,000 was the jihadi to tear down all Confederat heritage symbols, knowing it would be resisted and hence giving the NAACP crowd, who faced declining members at the time a new jihad, which liberal media also jumped on, as their version of ‘click bait’ at the time. Things had been somewhat stable until George Floyd, and then the barbarian hoards were unleashed, the age old divide and conquer game. The League of the South was a totally separate organization, who I have heard nothing about in a decade.

    • Barbarian hordes? You are the slavers and pillagers who want to sip sweet tea while others slave away for your material gain. You Southerners are the EVIL ONES. What do you call what you did to blacks under the guise of the drug war if not barbarism? You Republiklans are the ones in bed with the satanist bankers, the ones who go around theworld enslaving and destroying and then have the gall to complain about a wave of refugees fleeing your mess. You will be held accountable. The only justice is divine justice, from which you will not escape. God was on the side of the ancient Hebrews in Egypt because they were the ones enslaved and despised in their time. Same thing with blacks now. God is on their side, NOT YOURS. How dare you think yourself a good or decent man???

    • goodANDevil, I think you’re in the wrong complaints counter and the ancient Hebrews they were never in Egypt and far less enslaved, that’s a myth.

    • Back in highschool a bunch of us cut grass at Louden Park cemetery in Baltimore. The Confederate grave section would get a big makeover prior to a memorial by some group. We spruced the section. There is nothing wrong with honoring the dead. But something is insanely wrong with a bunch of folks dishonoring the dead. De mortuis, decendum est, nil nici bonum. I think that it might have been the Daughters of the Confederacy, but I truly can’t remember. It was fifty years ago. Those that fought for the confederacy were given Veteran benefits. My people did not have a doggie in that fight. Ireland, Norway, Poland/Germany post Civil War. But hindsight is always sharper than foresight unless clouded by historical disinformation. I’ll leave that to the better informed. Let’s not have another Civil War, eh!

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