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[ Editor’s Note: The Trump glow is dulling as we move further past January 6, and the contrast between his administration and Biden’s widens by the week in terms of competence.

While Trump still has a large base of followers, the impression that he would like to have of all the state parties in his pocket is his attempting to spin something as a given, which these Wisconsin Republicans do not accept.

Mob boss Donald has been putting political ‘hit notices’ out on any Republican leader who will not lick his boots with enough gusto. The Wisconsin Repubs are focused more on their own fortunes than his.

They do not want to go down with the Trump ship, when they typically out performed him in their state races. The age old political saying of “all politics is local” seems to be alive.

As more Trump scandals are unveiled and the indictments and prosecutions begin, the shine will quickly dim on the orange buffoon. I predict that in the end he will be revealed as an empty hat, that full blood carnival barker that he is, and always wanted to be.

The momentum is reversing. The Arizona recount circus keeps dragging out, apparently due to not really finding enough to make a brouhaha over, and the grifters involved do not want the party to end. The Rudy suspension of his law license detailed the total fraud of the Big Steal. Other courts will be following suit.

The Georgia recount has been stopped by a Federal judge, and I suspect other attempts to keep the recount circus going will be stopped. This will kill Trump’s plan to keep the hype going on his being reinstated in August. The date will come quickly and turn out to be a nothing burger.

The New York State Rico case will trigger his banks calling in their loans, as they can not do business with a company under indictment. The Trump ship will be bankrupt with the banks taking over his properties. He might find himself looting his campaign funds to pay lawyers.

Trump’s first rally was a fizzler. Attempts by OAN and Fox News to keep him propped up will fizzle also, as even the Trump audience will get bored with the Donald as he sinks.

Trump replacements are already lining up to fill the void when Trump farts himself out of political relevance and existence. His people will then look for something else to latch onto, and a mob of Republican office seekers will be trying to lasso them, trying to be a smarter, slicker Trump… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published … June 28, 2021

But in a rare setback for his post-presidential interventions in the GOP, Trump in Wisconsin appeared to shoot a blank. When Vos and Devin LeMahieu, the state’s Senate majority leader, took the stage on Saturday in front of some of the party’s most fervent pro-Trump activists, it was as though Trump had said nothing at all.

There were no boos. Vos drew applause. Convention-goers dismissed an effort to censure him. Worse for him, despite the former president’s harsh personal criticism, there were signs his comments were dismissed with a roll of the eyes.

“I just think it’s been going on for so long that people are kind of tired of it,” said Tony Kurtz, a GOP assemblyman from rural Juneau County, which went for Trump last year by nearly 30 percentage points.
“That’s Wisconsin for you,” said Helmut Fritz, a delegate from Milwaukee who sits on the state party’s credentials committee. “Trump isn’t the dictator.”
…“The stuff that’s going on nationally, we’ve experienced it longer,” said Jennie Frederick, president of the Wisconsin Federation of Republican Women. “I feel like we know who the enemy is, and it’s not us.”

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  1. I live in Wisconsin. This article is hogwash, not to insult the bathing hogs!

    It’s not about Trump but about an out of control government via lock downs and a destroyed economy that the Republican party restored as things are booming and wages are rapidly rising!

    I would invite you to our local bar called the Knuckleheads. You can run your mouth as I shall watch the show.

    They will run you out of town and tell you to either go west to Dane county or east to Milwaukee County as they “politely” ask you to leave.

    • “They will run you out of town and tell you to either go west to Dane county or east to Milwaukee County as they ‘politely’ ask you to leave.”

      That just happens to be where most of the people in Wisconsin live. Mail-in voting made it possible for Black folks in Milwaukee to vote, rather than stand in line for hours at the pitifully-few poling stations. This overwhelmed to traditional Republican method of voter suppression in Wisconsin. ReTrumplicans like you still can’t believe that this happened. They still look to their fearless leader to pull something out of a hat and be reinstated as president. The crazy MyPillow guy thinks this will happen by August and is planning a big celebration. It promises to be an interesting summer…

    • Dane county has the city of Madison which is still locked down with a population full off “woke” retards surrounded by rural conservatives in the rural areas.
      Milwaukee County has 19 suburbs that are mostly republican with a few suburbs that are home to a large Jewish community and the city of Milwaukee is 40% black and 40% Hispanic that votes Democratic.

      Many Milwaukee neighborhoods are simply no go zones because of street crime as the more “woke” it gets the more folks move.
      Republican areas are wealthiest and have zero crime as we don’t want you bringing your ideas with you to ruin what we have built.

      The Democrat party is full of Bulsheviks and street crime benifits them not peaceful communities as Isuggest you read Jack Heart and get educated properly,

    • Like I said below, ReTrumplicans have given up on democracy. That’s why they can only win elections by suppressing the vote in major cities like Milwaukee, Detroit, and Atlanta. That’s why they look for some extralegal way of putting the likes of Trump back into power, like a military coup. Gordon has written extensively about the dominionists in the military who want the USA to become a theocracy. Thankfully, we still have the US Constitution which specifically prohibits this kind of ziofascist nonsense.

    • It’s obvious that ReTrumplicans have given up on democracy, not just in Wisconsin but in much of the South as well. The only way they can win elections in the USA anymore is to suppress the Black vote. They know that demographics are against them, as is the US Constitution. This is why they look to their fearless leader to pull something out of a hat and magically be reinstated President. The Zionists amongst them pray for WWIII. Their last hope is for an apocalyptic conflict that will upend the US Constitution and turn the USA into some kind of Zionist theocracy. May Heaven preserve us all from the wrath of the Christian Zionists and the chosenites.

    • If the Republicans are going to hang on to Donnie, then the whole crew will go down with the ship.

  2. I usually regret doing this, (commenting only after reading only a few sentences) but Trump must be desparate.
    He’s like a “magician” whose tricks the audience have all figured out, but he thinks he can go back on stage and fool them one more time.
    That is truly a sad state of affairs.
    Only insanity, or a last gasp at survival could explain his thinking he has a ghost of chance.

    • The evenly split Congress has set off an intense battle for the Repubs to win it back in 2022, hence they don’t give a crap about investigating Jan 6th as they knew that would hurt their chances. They have to keep Trump in play to keep his people in play. They will not be embarrassed at groveling to keep them in the fold. If they can get control of Congress again they could not care less if Trump gets life in prison. They would then pitch ‘we need a Republican Prez to spring Trump with a pardon’, to keep the Trumpers in line.

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