Have We Murdered Old Glory?


    The Senior Editor

    Anyone want to defend that flag?  Takers?  What are they hiding, behind Trump’s criminal empire?  4 generations of child sex trafficking, more than 4, going back to the Gold Rush in California, then the Yukon and later the brothels of New York under a family whose history includes Fred Trump as Grand Dragon on the Klan.

    But it gets worse still, not just the diarrhea spewn from Trump’s enormous filthy ass.

    People are pasting anything on the flag, publicly hiding behind the sacrifice of others to peddle  their private obsessions with sexual orientation and mutilation, with “cop sucking” or BLM.

    None of it belongs on the flag.

    Worse still… we are hardly a democracy.  The whole thing was a con from day one, states with no people getting two senators, a supreme court of special interest lawyers overruling elections, voting away the constitution which was a piece of shit like a ‘Trump flag’ from day one as well.

    The Bill of Rights was an afterthought and dozens of amendments have still left a nation where 1% control half the nation’s wealth and 100% of its government.

    Then we have the fucking civil war and the shit eaters from the South who like to dream about the nigger hating Confederacy. (Oh, I’ve earned the right to use that word a thousand times over)

    Cotton was king in the South.  Cotton fed mills in Britain financed by London’s banks, who also controlled Wall Street and its banks from Day One.

    Britain used the US as a colony and still is, not “real Britain” but London’s bankers, the place the RKM/KN settled in after Amsterdam, after Warburg and Frankfurt, after Venice and Genoa, after being kicked out of Iberia and before polluting Islam through their control of Salonica and their Ottoman Empire, reborn under the Young Turks, ISIS, al Qaeda, the Saudi Royals and Likud.

    Learn some real history someday.

    Here in the US…the money families of the Northeast ran opium from Turkey to China for Britain when it became illegal there.  Britain cleaned its own image but, working with its Dutch partners and the precursor of today’s Kosher Nostra, enslaved the world.

    They still do, aided by the US military and hiding behind Old Glory, now covered with freakish graphics and odd colored stripes.  That flag just went down at Bagram Air Force Base yesterday where the US raped Aafia Siddiqui for 5 years and murdered her children.

    Find out who that is.

    VT’s folks put in the roads and sidewalks there, we know everything about America’s Auschwitz in Afghanistan and there are more of them around the world, we know each of them and what goes on there, hidden nukes, hidden prisons, hidden stockpiles of bio-weapons.

    Ah, back to America’s South…

    Slavery in the US was at the behest of Britain with the South a British colony ruled on behalf of the mill owners of Manchester, England (and Manchester, New Hampshire) where 6 year olds worked 16 hour days for a cup of flour made from diseased wheat.

    America emptied West Africa, aided by the Kosher Nostra Dutch and their London partners so that Britain could build a society described aptly by Len Deighton of inbred fake aristocrats and royals while maintaining a sub-standard…sub-survival life for their inhabitants and something far worse for the Irish or colonials.

    Speak up and you were sent to Australia, an entire continent used as a concentration camp.

    Do you think the US slaughtered the Indians on their own?  Who do you think owned the huge cattle ranches and railroads?  Not Americans, that was London cash that bought the extermination of native Americans.

    Why do you think Lincoln probably said that “thing” about “fooling all of the people?”

    Think of barefoot ignorant hillbillies dying to preserve slavery for the London banks?

    Imagine their great great grandsons today, Trump boat parades….

    and so it goes…


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    1. …sovereign islands of iron chasing their owners illusions, rolling down asphalt trade winds into the present, stopping at and interacting at places where definition deprives reality, while in other places with no cars people are dying like the Indians for the betterment of freedom democracy and the pursuit of cheap labor, guns backing banker’s laws, justice slain by technologies jaws while god watches, peoples minds in turmoil world ’round, fearless leaders, old and guided by the dollar bill, buying plastic peace with big guns while brainwashing the blind to get ready to war for freedom, dead people breeding death everyday, while the last dance boils in the blood and breath of the young, will they ever bloom or will their fat fathers lower the final boom, nobody knows the tapestry the threads of time are weaving on this old earths loom…….words from 35 years ago

    2. ol glory is headed’ 4 trouble !

      we are entering the Kuomintang… look bak a little in time

      tooo many factions… not just here in the US – globally.. even the canuks are tearing down their general lee statues or worship sceduels..

      look at chicago… the bangers’ are using fully automatic’s machine guns at stop lites; cops are nothng more than mop up squads! by Xmass it will B happy santa and cartel RPG’s…

    3. About patriotism and bussines, Jim Davies and New Balance shoes company has a interesting story, at 1989 they were almost the only one which didn’t move their production facilities to Asia and remain manufacture in US until today

    4. So, Banking and finance are their tools.
      Ellen Brown and the Public Banking Institute is the alternative that I know off.
      Does anyone have another idea to create American Banking?

      • US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has proposed a global minimum corporate tax as a disincentive for corporations to park their profits offshore. In that same vein, how about a global minimum wage? Not exactly like the Reuther brothers, who wanted to unionize the whole world, but it’s a start.

    5. We live in desperate times, Gordon. Fully one-quarter of Americans think the Sun goes around the Earth. If you don’t believe me, Google it and see for yourself. Sadly, these folks are taken in by any charlatan who comes along promising them that he will bring their jobs back from China and protect them from the rapists and drug dealers who come up from Mexico. Their pastors tell them that the Earth was created exactly 6025 years ago because someone counted up the “begats” in the Scofield Reference Bible. They also tell them that Jesus is coming back to smite all the unbelievers (Democrats mostly) while they’ll be Raptured up to Heaven.

      • Remember that old Marx Brother’s line, “Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?” All of this harkens back to a pre-scientific, pre-logical mindset that never went away after the Dark Ages and has now returned to the USA with a vengeance.

    6. Why has Liberal , become a bad word to the loyalists ? Liberty is not their goal. Tyranny is.
      1 – Willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas.
      2- Relating to or denoting a political and social philosophy that promotes individual rights, civil liberties, democracy, and free enterprise.

      • Loyalists….
        “When their cause was defeated, about 15 percent of the Loyalists (65,000–70,000 people) fled to other parts of the British Empire, to Britain itself, or to British North America (now Canada). The southern Loyalists moved mostly to Florida, which had remained loyal to the Crown, and to British Caribbean possessions.” So when Farage stumped for Trump in the South after the Brexit win, it was a wife swap. And here the nest of vile idiots remain, making a career of malfeasance, debauchery and blind loyalism. July 4 2021. Was Florida less affected by the pandemic, and if so why ?

    7. The British and the US are no more natural allies than the Cheetahs and Gazelles.
      There is history in my family, (before the revolution) of 2 lone riders going from the east side of the Hudson to Canada above the falls to retrieve a young girl taken in a case of mistaken identity after a native man was murdered in the town. They crossed unmolested through multiple territories, (not sneaking, but carrying wampum) and retrieved the girl completely unharmed. The British made a concerted effort to turn tribes against peaceful colonists by making false promises and controlling trade. The skinners and cowboys and loyalists are still here, and still up to the same mischief. The Jesuits also were operating in the south. They stop at nothing. If we actually do end up gaining full independence, it will be the spirit of the Indigenous and the descendants of the slaves that will get us there. We declared independence, and removed the army, but then left the door wide open. The divorce was never finalized. That is the next step.

    8. May the winds of change freshen, and blow upon us. In ways unexpected, Trump gave sight to the blind. Even the fake royals are ditching the fake royals.

    9. Mr. Duff a Pollyanna you ain’t! However putting faces on insane criminality controlling politicians, the press and the banks is dangerous business. I hope this Fourth of July finds you and yours well. You have a sharp quill as well as a sharp sword; much to the delight of VT fans. Thanks.

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